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Danny Ings Nominated For Premier League Player Of The Year ! Vote Now
at 06:22:58

Hopefully ...NOT winning the Golden Boot may deter some clubs from trying to poach Danny least for another season, although I'm sure some journos will run the story until the end of this window.
Reed Hints His Future Lies With Fulham
at 06:20:06

I think Saints ought to include a " sell-on " clause in every transfer, especially those for developing talents - like Reed. Why oh why didn't we have that in the deal for Gareth Bale?
*Stop Press* Breaking News About More Hojbjerg Breaking News
at 06:16:36

well said San Marco..!
and by the way ..I think "the poet" you named based his lines on Jesus ' parable of talents
(see Matthew chapter 25 v. 28).
*Stop Press* Breaking News About More Hojbjerg Breaking News
at 15:24:53

I agree with most of the assorted comments above... and although I don't feel PEH is as "irreplaceable" as VvD has proven to be,but I still feel a bit miffed that Spurs didn't cough up the reported £25 million that Saints were asking for.
When you see the (purported) terms that PEH will get at Spurs - one can see why he was so insistent on his choice of move. £100K / week on a 5 year deal PLUS a hefty signing-on fee comes out to around £30 million... PLUS the £15 million they will pay to Saints means that Spurs have committed to a deal that will eventually cost them £45 million.
(No wonder Levy was so stingy over the fee).
IMHO will be interesting to see if he is "considerably better" with Spurs than he has been with Saints. Time will tell. You can bet that his first goal for Spurs (whichever year that will be) ...will make headlines on Match of the Day.

When the ink in dry on the various contract(s), I think I will be happier to think that we will (eventually) sign KWP ...than I would that we will be " losing " PEH.
Watt View - Can Home Form Concerns Be Put To Bed ?
at 17:43:06

perhaps ..the knowledge that Saints have picked up points in added time on several occasions may help those fans who boo and complain after we concede the first goal to have a little more patience until after the final whistle has gone.

Our recent away form has been fantastic and the best I recall in over 60 years as a fan. In those days it was "Fortress Dell" when we rarely lost at home, but there were street parties anytime we got any away points.
If we can retain the same momentum playing away, perhaps we can see some of that good fortune rub off when playing at SMS.
Slow Start To Transfer Window For All Clubs
at 17:28:57

highfield49.. so I wasn't the only one with that thought ....
Slow Start To Transfer Window For All Clubs
at 09:48:20

There are a few more issues now regarding transfers.
After BREXIT, the issue of work permits may not be quite so straightforward for foreign players and in addition to the delays because of COVID quarantine, clubs maybe a bit cautious about announcing deals without having good media coverage for new signings.

In Saints case seems that the Hojbjerg / KWP deals are far from settled, despite Spurs TV 's big enthusiastic splash about the deals, Adam Blackmore (perhaps our most reliable media contact) has implied that the transfers are not yet agreed.
The plot thickens........
Spurs Daylight Robbery Offer About To Be Accepted
at 07:39:23

Talk about fake news. I've always maintained that a lot of these "so-called " news sites are merely covers for agents /clubs to stir up the waters and create an atmosphere of fear/ indecision /anger / shame between "selling clubs" and their fans.
Fortunately we do not have to deal with Daniel Levy so often , but this is typical of the handling of many Spurs deals. They may call him a good businessman at THFC, but not many others would not agree, so let's leave it at that.

If / when this eventually pans out, we will get £ess for Hojbjerg than we ought to - and pay far more for KWP than his "unproven worth" to date deserves, but despite of that ,
in the final analysis, I would be happy to see them both make these moves.
Reed Hints His Future Lies With Fulham
at 07:22:03

I agree totally with Sandy Welsh, and it'll be good for Reed to get regular first team football.
He had more apps. with Saints than a lot of the other players from his Academy generation, but never quite made his mark , and as Nick pointed out there would be too much competition if he were merely to return to the Saints bench. Good luck Harrison.
Saints & Spurs Fans Getting Frustrated With Levy's Failure To Close Hojbjerg Deal.
at 08:33:20

Ever since Saints (reluctantly) sold Martin Chivers to Spurs in 1967 for £125K (a British record at the time) Spurs have scre*ed Saints at every opportunity in transfer deals.
Even the Chivers deal included an exchange with Frank Saul (for a scandalous £45K) and though a very likeable fellow, Saul did nothing to improve the Saints side and soon left to return to London and left Saints with a big loss on the deal..

Later deals with the North London club did nothing to improve matters for Saints.
The notorious deal that took Gareth Bale to Spurs (for a pittance) saw them unload Tommy Forecast on an unsuspecting Saints with a transfer big fee, a 4 year deal and huge salary which we stuck with forever.
Spurs (allegedly) claimed that Forecast might... one day - play for England . The truth was that in time he couldn't get to play a game ..IN England, as his frightful Reserve team performances might have rated him as (the Goalkeepers Ali Dia) and fans quickly re-named him ..Tommy Fourpast" and at the end of his long tenure, Forecast couldn't even get a regular place in any of the non-League sides who loaned him.

More recently Spurs lured away Alderweireld and Wanyama and we were the losers once again. Now we have another example of a typical Spurs-transfer saga.
I for one hope that we stand out for " a real deal " that we can really benefit from.
Justice is long overdue.

Forster Shuns Celtic To Fight For Saints Place
at 16:49:21

We are paying this man (FF) a lot of money and he owes it to himself AND the club to show us his best. If he stays and "fights for his place" we'll all know the truth by mid-season and can expect Angus Gunn to go out on loan and get himself pencilled in as "one for the Future" when McCarthy and Forster have aged a bit more.
2019/20 Season Review - The Full Backs
at 16:45:27

Looking back a few years, it sounds odd to see the RB role so uncertain - even dodgy.
Cedric wanted away, and finally got himself a good contract with Arsenal, but he had few friends on this site. Yan Valery looked promising after last seasons good displays, but (as Nick diplomatically noted) his off-the-field activities have caused more concern than his fitness issues. KWP 's displays have improved with every game, and if we can avoid any weird exchange deals with Spurs and Hojbjerg - he would IMHO - be a v. good signing.

Ryan Bertrand has had the LB spot nailed down since he arrived and even in his absence Matt Targett didn't do enough to take over that role when he had the chance. The age factor comes into play and even if Bertrand is still OK his best by date is surely close.

One name missing from this equation is Sam McQueen, who DAJFU even in the Euro League games and came out of the Milan game with good reports. Successive managers loaned him out and last heard he was back recovering from a bad leg injury. He is still under contract till 2021 and if he can recover form, would be another viable option.

Jake Vokins looked good as a 15 year old (when he was drafted into the U23 side) but he has a way to go before he can take over the LB shirt for 38 games a season, although he does seem to have impressed Ralph very positively of late.

There are so many rumours over this role and a few of them look to be "agent-inspired Fake News" reports to get their man into the limelight. I'd be happy to leave this decision to Ralph and The Board.

2019/20 Season Review _ The Goalkeepers
at 15:28:23

I'm happy with McCarthy as first choice, but no-one knows if Forster would be able to replicate his Celtic heroics were he to stay with Saints and only have the occasional game.

If he is sold (or goes back to Celtic on loan) at least we would get a small return for our investment, but his contract / salary is prohibitive for someone NOT playing in the Prem.

I agree with the "nicer" comments (above) on Angus Gunn, but clearly he needs more experience at a good level before we can consider him to become a future first choice. Sitting on our bench (or someone else') is not a viable option if he is to progress in the short term.

Short term Prediction ? ..McCarthy stays first choice, Forster finally moves on, Gunn goes out on loan to a club as their first choice.. and Saints bring in "someone else " from a good level European club as our no.2 as cover.... for 1-2 years.
Premier League Season Ends ! Silly Season Opens
at 19:08:11

for the sake of the club's financial stability, I'd be much happier to see all "the misfits" depart permanently than I would be getting excited seeing more unproven newcomers.

Saints rarely buy someone without doing their homework on the player, (perhaps Carrillo was an exception) but the likes of Lemina, Elyonoussi, Vestergaard and Hoedt must have impressed "someone" in order for us to buy them, but outcome hasn't produced anything of consequence, and those five players alone have cost the club around £80 million ...PLUS salaries. Not a good situation.

The bottom line is that " the Prem." is like no other league in the World, and no matter how good a player may look in another team, in another country it takes time to adjust and thankfully Che Adams has belatedly found his way, in what might otherwise have been a wasted season.

Let's hope " the new batch" of incoming players will be worth the outlay.

With Danny Ings Walking It ! Who Is Your Runner Up For Player Of The Year.
at 08:46:59

I 'd think that Jack Stephens would be the obvious candidate (for the many reasons posted above) , but that Armstrong's encouraging recent form also puts him in the frame.
Next season will be the real test of JWP's ability as a team captain, but if McCarthy is still first choice keeper next season he will deserve another shot at the award ..if Danny Ings doesn't get it again.
Lallana Linked With A St Mary's Return
at 08:30:35

Unlike some on this site, I do not bear Lallana any ill will (because of the manner of his departure), however, he was not the only player to panic and want away after Pochettino had jumped ship, and I think all the rancour was a tad unfair towards a player who'd given 12 years to the club and had a desire and ability to play "at a higher level".
Also unlike some others .. I do not think that "ambition" is a dirty word, but the old adage " never go back" is good advice - and in Lallana's case it is probably the best advice.

At 32 , he is not Steven Davis - who gave much to the Saints side and played week in and week out - AND clocked up 100+ international games - all with the minimum of injuries.
Like Jay Rod and Danny Ings, AL has had his injury problems but it does not mean that he can't regain full fitness and contribute something positive to another Prem. side.

Finally I do agree that it maybe unsuitable for him to return - if for no other reason than it would block the path of Smallbone and other youngsters who are on the way up.
Saints Closing In On Salisu But Youth Is Not The Solution In The Centre Of Defence
at 19:38:38

we seem to return to this topic almost every week, and (sorry Nick) but you can't blame Yoshida for any more mistakes, or claim that Hoedt would solve the problems either.

I think it correct to say that the toughest team positions to fill are.. goalies and centre-backs, and these are not roles that can be given to "young players". Looking back over 60 years, the best CB's we had have been hard as nails, and did the job well enough without getting yellow cards every week.
Buying in players who are part of a good set-up in Europe only hides their faults when they come face to face with a good Prem. striker. ANY player coming into the Prem. has taken on more than they can ever imagine, and even tall players like Hoedt and Vestergaard found that their stature did little to improve their task, and probably even hampers them somewhat.
My take on our situation is that Bednarek is probably good enough to take the last man role, but we need someone who is mobile, and is built like a brick outhouse and capable of tackling without conceding free-kicks every time.
I don't discount Jack Stephens efforts and I would use him in MF to replace PEH .
Jack can give as a good as he gets, tackles with meaning and looks good going forward , as has made a few good assists AND found the goal on occasions (more than can be said for the other candidates for that role).

We are unlikely to finds another VvD so easily and "a more experienced head " with international experience would be a better choice.
Saints At Everton The Verdict
at 10:38:19

Not every goal is preventable, or can be blamed on poor defending.
Although Prowsie didn't put away the penalty that shouldn't have been, his free-kicks (like Le Tissier's haul) weren't preventable either ,and it would be very unfair to blame opposition defences /goalies because he scored from unstoppable shots.
However, one point from an Everton game is very creditable when you consider our past failures at Goodison.

Ralph's recent comments reflect the views of some fans who are disappointed in some of Nathan Redmond's recent performances. Although he can turn it on (when he wants) he does have long spells when he simply "goes missing" - or just isn't in the right place to help. I recall similar statements from Ralph in the pas , and it needs a metaphorical "kick-up the pants " to get Nathan firing on all cylinders..maybe a bench place to start the United game may be the jolt he needs.
For any player (especially youngsters) a game v. MU is something they'd normally watch on TV, but the likes of Smallbone and Ferry may eventually get minutes on Monday, and a chance to prove themselves against some of the best internationals in the Prem.

Saints Release 2020/21 Home Kit
at 11:09:31

As a 60 year fan, I still think of Reeves, Paine, O'Brien, Davies, Chivers, Channon, Le Tissier and Beattie all scoring dozens of goal for Saints - in Red and White stripes.

There are no Saints' fans alive who remember the 19th century sash model, and even if it was a novelty for the 125th anniversary - it really is a design of the distant past.
Perhaps the next time we create a new shirt, have a fans competition for decent design.
Saints At Everton The Verdict
at 10:57:38

We played all our best football in the first half and that was worth 3 points in itself.
Luck always plays a part of course, and although Prowsie's penalty miss was based on a wrong decision, we were unlucky with Armstrong's good effort being ruled out and a chance that hit the post leaving Jordan Pickford glad he hadn't cut his fingernails before the game.

Danny Ings really is a handful when you consider he was surrounded by 5 defenders when scoring against Watford, and last night saw him playing hop-scotch with the Everton defence before rolling the ball over the line.

Richarlison's goal was an excellent first time effort, but his off-the-ball behaviour leaves a lot to be desired. Saints look an attractive side going forward, but we still need Adams (or A.N. OTHER goal scorer) to get some in alongside Ings.
In the end one point was a better return than we usually get on most visits to Goodison, but disappointing after the thrills of the first 44 minutes.

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