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Leicester City v Southampton Your Report added at 09:12:11
Best game of the season ? An away win against the second -best team in the best League in the World ?
Especially good after the memory of the October massacre, that will remain in the record books this was just another away win. Why can't we play like this at St.Marys.?

YES Ralph- VAR does make it fair - even if it did cost us a legitimate penalty. Without VAR we'd have lost that match, and in "Leicester's 2-2 equaliser" incident they had two players in offside positions and the assistant was in line with them - but didn't flag at all.
Southampton v Watford Your Report added at 11:30:55
IMPORTANT NOTE to Ralph Hasenhuttl...when we attack we CAN score goals ...and even gain valuable points.
When we defend we can't score goals and it only ends in tears.

Hopeful advice for the rest of the season.
Southampton v Leicester City Your Report added at 10:39:14
Totally exploited by a team that didn't mind getting their heads wet, and further highlighting the unsolved problems from last season. Ineffective defence, weak/ lightweight MF with no "muscle or bite " , and too many players being forced into formations that don't suit (whatever is)... their best position.
It's pointless to push JWP to wingback at every sub. change, he is not a defender and Redmond is only a shadow of his showing last season terrorising defences and scoring goals. Danny Ings is a lone striker.

Many fans can recite team line-ups from memorable games (even from decades ago), but those who played in last night's debacle will bear the shame of being mentioned in the same breath as.... the 0-9 game.
Sad is too mild a word to describe feelings today.
Southampton v Manchester United Your Report added at 21:19:44
Some good saves from Angus Gunn....Cedric turning in a shift again despite obvious shortcomings... Bednarek and Vestergaard beginning to look like the best CB and one year on Vestergaard seems to have finally " come of age " -a very good performance.
Danso looked good before his red card, but like Djenepo he has to adapt to the pace of the Prem. and stop diving. Is Romeu really getting better ? ..he seems to be everywhere and is still our midfield hard man.
Hjobjerg looks a little out of place at the back but still does a captain's job all over the pitch.
Prowsie still hasn't found the form he had in the Spring, but puts himself about and shows creativity. Boufal already showing up as a most-improved player and made an excellent sub.for Redmond.
It just needs Adams to get his first goal and Ings to remember how to smile and start finding the net again.

A good result YES. Man Utd always complain about their absentees, and inconsistancy but with their resources they really ought to have done better in the last quarter against our 10 tired men.
Manchester United v Southampton Your Report added at 09:49:30
The ratings above surely confirm that we had excellent performances all round.
A crying shame about the result, but then again we were playing United - weren't we Ref?
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Your Report added at 15:52:05
Took the game to Wolves after their initial 10 minute charge , we looked good (at times) but it didn't get a result as happened in Palace game.

MH has still not found the right combination for the backline...but the strikers are the same bunch (on or off the bench) but none of them scored - yet again. we must move on. NEXT PLEASE...Oh No that's Chelsea!
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Your Report added at 20:51:02
Great win and good semi final draw v.Chelsea

I don't want United... until the Final ....and get revenge.
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Your Report added at 08:57:07
A very disappointing start, but Saints hel don and moved up a gear after the first 20 minutes.
All the goals were excellent in their own way. Lemina looked like a class act(at last). Jack Stephens must be the cheapest CB we've ever bought, and his two loan seasons away really have benefited him greatly.
Prowsie doing what he does best , and can it be he's actually found a role in the team - at last?
An excellent performance - and at the right time.

Can't say that West Brom. were a bad side, they looked good at times but (as we know ourselves) when things aren't going well - everything seems to be against you.
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Your Report added at 11:53:00
no comment.
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Your Report added at 14:59:05
Although we didn't score the goal, but were well worth the point, and with better luck (where have I heard that before?)..might have had all 3.

Bertrand, JWP and Hjobjerg all quite outstanding, as were Cedric and Tadic (for once). Cb's Stephens and Hoedt held Spurs front line to only one goal, and that was an improvement on Boxing Day.

Encouraging, but the next 2-3 games will be vital to a rise in the table..wait and see.

Hope for a continuation of this new-found formation v. Watford , as a good Cup-run would be some sort of compensation for an otherwise disppointing seasons start.
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Your Report added at 15:39:15
If justice was seen to be be done..we had the game won 2-1 after 90 minutes.

If justice was seen to be done, then the goal shouldn't have stood and the player involved should be suspended. IF we fail to survive at the end of the season , we can all look back at this game as recall it.

IF one good thing came out of the whole fiasco, it is that 5 years after his Prem. debut, JWP has finally found a role he can function in . As a player who can make a good pass and shoot on sight. he deserves a real chance in that position, whilst Shane Long " deserves " a goal a game - just for sheer effort.
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Your Report added at 21:25:59
it seems that the line-ups we play away are almost more positive than those at home. We didn't play badly at Man City, or Chelsea and the latest performance was certainly well worth the Point.
Tbf ..McCarthy didn't have a lot to do, but what he did do ..he did well. Good performances from Stepehens and Mc Queen and best viewing of JWP for a while (three Academy graduates , eh ?)
MOM def. Hojbjerg ..who really looks the part and Hoedt is finding his feet, too.

Don't know what changes MP will make for Tuesdsay, but we need someone else up front to help Long, who still runs his heart out - (when is he going to score ?)
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Your Report added at 17:46:44
We looked distinctly unimpressive against a rather-ordinary looking Huddersfield outfit. Very nervy in the first 20 mins. yet gave everyone a chance to draw breath after Charlie Austin's stooping header.
There's really no defence for his foot-up challenge on the keeper. Although I'm glad we have cameras available and retrospective punishments. Saints have had their 's now and we can only hope that everyone learns from this, but to victimise Charlie may only be a forerunner to what is seen from Andy Carroll when he gets back into the WHam line-up, and some of those " tough guys" at Watford and Stoke.

As for Saints' lack of goals ...Words escape me. £50 million worth of "talent " - is that the word ? Whatever Redmond did well last season had deserted him now, and Gabbiadini seems to have lost it , whilst Boufals wonderful skills would be better used inside the box, and not on the halfway line.

IF the VvD deal comes off, then let's hope we sign , at least TWO strikers who can actually score. The only real question who will be manager come 31st January and have the chance to play them. MP's reign may be shorter than that if we don't have at least 2- 3 more points on the board come January 2nd. 2nd. It maybe a tough call, but that's the Premie League for you.
Don't bother having a competition about the line-up on Boxing Day..without Cedric, Bertrand and Austin
..the side practicallty picks itself. Everyone says we must turn the corner soon..but it looks like a long road until then.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Your Report added at 08:04:32
Putting aside the Leicester debacle, most of the changes worked. Jack Stephens is OK as a CB, but ...(like Yoshida) ...looks distinctly unhappy as a full back at this level. Hojbjerg , Hoedt and Lemina still haven't been introduced to the rest of the squad (!). The main problem i still a group of strikers who can't score.

For all the good of his "Pep talk", Nathan Redmond still plays like an enthusiastic schoolboy with lots of impressive-looking runs, but then either runs out of space, or ideas. Although he didn't get in the game, VvD looks only a former shadow of his former self since returning, so the sooner he goes - the better . We won't get another chance to sell a player for £70 million. That sort of money will go a long way - considering the way we normally buy in players.

I have some sympathy for MP, who had a good 95 minute plan against City, and did well to keep Chelsea down to only one goal´, but we lack creativity in midfield and strikers who can score. (Austin an exception).

NOTE: Our U18 squad looks good, but there is no Walcott or Bale there... yet.
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