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Ings Rejects New Southampton Contract But Nothing Changes
Monday, 5th Jul 2021 15:58

Danny Ings has rejected a new contract with Saints but the truth is that little has changed in terms of where he stands and now Saints have to consider what they do next.

The Danny Ings contract situation had dragged on without a new deal being signed, the stumbling block was around a sell on clause with Saints understandably unwilling to put in any set fee which could see him leave.

As it stands Ings would be worth at least £20 million given his age and a year left on his contract and Saints would be loathe to put in a deal less than that.

From this perspective anything lower and we would be better holding on to him for the final year of his contract and then letting him leave for nothing, simply put one season of Ings is worth £10 million to us in league placings and far more in what he will do to keep us up.

So this is the impasse Saints have reached, Ings understandably wants to leave himself able to take the options open to him and he also knows that the 4 year deal offered by Saints would reduce down the money he could get if the buying club had to pay a hefty contract.

So today's stories in the media are presented as something new, but the reality is nothing has changed for Ings or Saints in the past few months.

Both will now wait and see what offers come in, on the down side for Ings he will turn 29 soon and his resale value will be non existent in 3-4 years and this is a gamble for him and potentially any club buying.

Truth is that there are few who will be willing to splurge out and Saints will demand a hefty fee to let him go, Everton perhaps, Spurs if they sell Ings, but few in the top six will come a calling.

But truth is players come and go, Ings has had one good season at Saints and two injury hit ones, he scored 12 goals in the Premier League, but dropped away in the second half of the season, yes we want to hang on to Ings, but we have to replace him sometime, is this the time to do it, certainly if we could get £25 million for him or more then that is a good chunk to get a replacement and some would say Che Adams with 9 Premier League goals is ready to step up to the plate.

So the news today is neither here nor there the status quo is maintained for the minute, whatever happens Saints will move on.

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Sanguin added 16:30 - Jul 5
I completely agree. I worry we'll be relegated without him, but I feel strangely relaxed about the situation. I don't begrudge Ings his desire to have a final shot playing for a top club and I'd rather we had players at the club who want to be here.

If we get a decent offer then we accept. Otherwise he stays for another year. If he performs really well then he gets the move he wants. If he doesn't perform well then we probably end up offering him a new contract anyway, but on reduced terms. Adams looks like he's on the verge of becoming the player we hoped he'd become when we signed him, his experience with Scotland will help him.

Onward and upward, COYS.

saintmark1976 added 16:38 - Jul 5
Let him go now whilst he still has some value left. The suggestion being that he has turned down a four year contract at one hundred thousand pounds a week. If that’s not good enough for him then I for one will be very happy to see the back of him as quickly as possible. He is massively injury prone and is a perfect example of the old adage, “ it doesn’t matter how good a player is because he can’t score goals from the treatment table”.

ElijahK added 16:59 - Jul 5
I personally say we should sell him now whilst we’ve got the chance to get some money from him, as he’s going to go so won’t really care too much about what happens to us next season. As if we can sell him we don’t have to worry about playing him and can get in a suitable replacement in time.

I think that Jim leaving us is a big mistake for him as wherever he goes he just won’t get played and will get injured but then will be forgotten and will spend the rest of his career on a bench, whilst if he stayed with us he could’ve been a saints legend and gotten played every week! Still if he does ever come to St Marys with whoever he joins I certainly won’t be applauding him but I won’t boo him either as he’s going to a team with ambition (or at least should be) which until Gao BUGGERS OFF won’t be us! But at the same time if he leaves for the likes of Villa or West ham then I’ll be very surprised seeing how these clubs are basically the same as us, yet we’re his childhood team and his family are from here, but at the same time that’s worth bugger all in today’s footballing world!

LordDZLucan added 17:43 - Jul 5
My guess is he's now been made an offer by a club that he wants to go to and which is acceptable to him and he's now trying to force Saints to sell. Could get very messy if the prospective transfer fee is not one we're prepared to accept. I fear that this might backfire for Danny bigtine. What if we don't let him go and he the does his cruciate ligament again?! He then becomes a free agent with limited earning capacity.

cornishsaint added 17:54 - Jul 5
I get wanting to cash in on him but if he goes we are down simple as that with the new transfer policy in place and a poor owner doing nothing as usual, we are in a mess sadly again

highfield49 added 18:03 - Jul 5
I really don't get this stuff from supporters saying we're already relegated if he leaves. A sulky injury prone Ings isn't going to be of much help to the team. Let him go and get someone in who actually wants to play for the club.

wrathoftazz added 18:47 - Jul 5
I get the whole "he will get us more money next season and then go for free" but the truth is this... yes he is a great player but only when he isn't injured.. also, just because he could score goals and get further income from placing higher in the league, doesn't mean he will want to... the entire CBA routine could easily happen... so then it's a freebie transfer in a year and 100.000pw till then.

He has had 1 in 3 decent seasons for us... so that's 66% of the time he has been injured or crud...

If he doesn't want to sign... cash him in... he will go somewhere else for a year and then retire because no big team will go near him.

Let's not repeat the VVD nonsense, with disgruntled players, causing animosity in the changing room.

allsaint54 added 19:26 - Jul 5
Sell him now & get the most money we can. Pointless keeping a player who doesn't want to stay. Just remember the negative effect VVD had when we wouldn't let him go.

Crispinmumbles added 19:38 - Jul 5
Anyone questioning Ings' attitude hasn't been watching Saints play for the last two years. We won't be able to replace him.

amsterdamsaint added 19:49 - Jul 5
How can Villa spend so much money ? What happened to financial fair play ?

IanRC added 20:12 - Jul 5
Ungrateful so and so, we rescued him from going nowhere when he was at Liverpool and this is how he repays us. If he had signed a contract he still could have left the way things are nowadays but at least he might of commanded a higher price. Unfortunately the hypocritical Southgate share some of the blame for this too. Just hope the rumours about JWP are just newspaper nonsense.

DellBoyWally added 20:23 - Jul 5
Get £55-£60M from Spuds for Ings and Vesta, goalscorer and left side wide man in who are game ready and future star 2-footed defender.
And those that continue to ignorantly blame Gao, the explanations from Nick and others are clearly beyond your comprehension.
Money can't just be given as a gift. That's illegal! All money has to be shown as a future liability which increases the debtor figures in the accounts which makes it harder to pay large sums for players. Aston Villa had a low debtor ratio to begin with so have more moveability. But watch that space.
Those who will say that Gao doesn't want debtors to rise and hinder any possible sale would be right to some extent but a poor debtor ratio also hinders the club in day-to-day trading. All the TV ads about watching ones personal credit rating also applies to businesses. A bad rating affects many more things for a business than an individual. And much depends on earnings (potential and actual) which is why the big 6 and the likes of Everton and Villa have a huge benefit set against Saints' ability to earn

wrathoftazz added 20:57 - Jul 5
Crispin... no one is questioning his attitude over the past seasons... however, telling someone to stay and play when they don't want to, is exactly what happened with VVD... and we all know how that played out.

I'd rather have an EX player instead of a disgruntled one causing havoc for 12 months

perazi added 23:13 - Jul 5
But the status quo is not maintained. The report of negotiations ending means there is now closure on the prospect of an extension, where before there was a window of possibility. Saints now have to try and engineer a sale and a replacement in a time frame which suits SFC, not Danny, his agent or most worryingly Clubs likely to come in with last minute August offers when they haven't got their first targets.

ElijahK added 23:50 - Jul 5
Well actually dell boy Wally it’s not illegal it’s just “more difficult” than how it would usually be, and just isn’t recommended, as West Brom’s owner is also Chinese and yet they get investment (which certainly isn’t loads, but is still investment) and even then why he bought us/hasn’t sold us already. And even when he could invest (aka when he first bought us) he invested nothing whatsoever. As well as saying nothing for the club and barely ever turning up for anything (as he just doesn’t care)

So whether you wanna blame him or not, we are almost certain to get relegated over the next two seasons unless we get investment, which is only going to come if Gao leaves.

redwight added 14:58 - Jul 6
I'm surprised by the comments that CA is ready to step up to replace DI. Hard working - yes, brings other's into the game - yes, but as a finisher he is a million miles away and that will not change. So, if Ings goes he will have to be replaced, no question. However, I still do not see him going to a top club as anything other than back up. His injury record guarantees that.

sandywelsh added 21:23 - Jul 6
Sell him but it must be for £40M if spurs want £150M for Kane.

ElijahK added 22:24 - Jul 6
Wow, well Adam Blackmores just announced that Ings hasn’t rejected his contract, and that what’s been going around the media is a lot of BS, as supposedly if a big team doesn’t come knocking over this transfer market (as he’s said that Ings does wanna join a big team, but more a champions league rather than a European conference league) then he could sign a contract extension! I sure do hope this is true!…

dirk_doone added 10:49 - Jul 7
The article opens with the clear statement that "Danny Ings has rejected a new contract with Saints." What was the source of this information?

dirk_doone added 10:53 - Jul 7
If the rumour that he has rejected a contract offer comes from someone inside the club, it indicates they really want to sell him, but don't want the fans to know that, as does the fact that they have already put in a bid for a Blackburn striker.

That's the way Les Reed used to operate when he wanted to sell a player.

underweststand added 16:04 - Jul 8
The age old question ; if he goes - who will replace Lambert?.. or who will replace Pelle ?
well ..... time moves on and there's always someone else to replace them.

Danny had more than his share of bad luck with injuries, but it was fun whilst it lasted, and now he has the chance to make up for lost time. He deserves a last throw of the dice and I don't think any Saints fan would deny him that.
Looking at the " top sides " who might sign him it's obvious that a likely transfer fee wouldn't break the bank for any of them, and they would get a sure-fire 100% trier who is capable of playing at the highest level. His goal-scoring record with Saints looks even better when you consider that he did so DESPITE playing in " a mid-table side " and not because of it. What he may have achieved in a top four side can only be guessed at.

Despite our history with Liverpool always signing "our best", surely Klopp wouldn't baulk at the chance to have Danny back at Anfield, and the Kop would welcome him with open arms. It might also help smooth in the transfer of Minamino (?) ...who seems to have convinced Ralph that he can DAJFU. Time will tell.

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