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65 years a Rochdale fan
at 19:36 13 Aug 2021

Am I right in thinking that if you do not have a mobile phone you cannot go watch the team you have watched for decades anymore? Now living 20 miles away, I do not want to travel just to buy a ticket on a Friday, I just want to drive to the ground arrive there about 2.30 pm and watch the match. I do not have, or want a mobile phone. maybe elderly people are not welcomed anymore.
So hope Rochdale join these clubs so i can like soccer again...
at 01:14 5 Dec 2020

at 04:39 11 Mar 2020

Lets hope Tranmere beat Lincoln, then we have a hell of an interesting game.
2 Huge home games for Dale v Tranmere then Wimbledon.
We didn't want it easy, we wanted excitement, and good attendance in our 2 important home matches....End of season excitement, better than suffering from some virus.
Must win Match
at 00:54 15 Dec 2018

Good luck the Dale against Plymouth, surely this is a must win match to keep us positive as a team who can stay in this division...I think we have the players in depth, to see us well into the New Year.
at 00:06 26 Nov 2018

It is estimated in Portsmouth that will sell over 1700 tickets.
Thats a decent following , how far away is Portsmouth?
Rochdale v Hull.
at 17:18 21 Jul 2018

Need the away team ti get any information.
The off season
at 23:56 20 May 2018

Three things i would like to happen during the summer.
Get in early to find ideal crowd pleasing friendlies at home.
Burnley and Man City would be my choice guaranteed full house , exciting start.
Scrap the idea of taking players out of their comfort zone pre season.
July is the best month in the UK, why fly to exotic over-heated locations?
It has never worked, players start season hot bothered and exhausted.
If they deserve it, take them in Dec/Jan/Feb,.. to warm and pleasant training facilities.
And most important lets employ some 3rd level Roy Hodgson type person to keep players happy.
The manager Hill is an excellent coach, but seems to treat players in a military style way.
Not all players have the same personalities, some need an arm around them not sent to the glasshouse.
Spend 100 grand on a player at this level, it has to work.
Not a rant...just personal observations.
Another big financial income.
at 01:29 22 Mar 2018

Must have a big cut on this possible deal.
FA Cup Draw
at 05:44 7 Jan 2018

Any home game which is 50% is a bonas in the 4th round draw.
As for away draw, 8 teams will be top class maybe on TV.
14 draws away will be average, OK but not really exciting.
And 8 away games will be typically disappointing..
Guess the betting is 5/4 a great draw..9/4 OK draw ..and 6/4 disappointing. like Yeovil away.
We have a fair chance of a good draw.
Missing in action
at 20:25 4 Nov 2017

What has happened to last years star player Keith Keane?
Who hasn't been seen since signing a new contract.
So glad we signed this guy for an extra 18 months.
at 01:55 16 Oct 2017

The transfer window has opened and already we have good news with the announcement that Keith Keane has signed an eighteen month deal with the club.
It was a loan move that will go down as one of the best in recent history. Signing a player considered not good enough to get into Cambridge's side who then became a mainstay in a Rochdale side challenging for promotion to the Championship.

Boro thread
at 17:25 21 Jul 2017

Possible loan signing
at 02:48 20 May 2017

Last Game
at 01:51 25 Apr 2017

What will be the interest in the game with Bradford?
If we pulled off a win at Oldham, it would be huge..result to play-offs in our hands.
Now we rely on other results...might still be interesting.
Bradford will bring only 2000...We could have had 5500. been massive.
but now I guess...only 5434 fans altogether..relying on a miracle to qualify.
Maybe the officials are not bothered, why i dont know..
Unless the money they earn are only from, sales of well trained and pimped out to bigger clubs.
They will be rolling it in from the hogan deal...Now pushing Camps and Allen to be the new money spinners.
Joel Taylor
at 07:07 26 Jan 2017

Rochdale have a great new prospect to replace Joe Bunney for the rest of the season.
Highly rated Joe Taylor, from Stoke city, will be able to play against Huddersfield.
Top prospect, we are very lucky to have this natural left back.
Deserve on of these draws.
at 02:55 9 Jan 2017

Home or away to any of these....Man Utd---Man City--Arsenal---Chelsea--Spurs--Liverpool. Leicester Burnley==8 top games. either home or away

Will be good games if at Home to..Accrington-Newcastle-Blackburn-Leeds-Huddersfield-Derby--Midlesboro--Burnley-- Derby--Barnsley--Wolves--+= 11 interesting games

Anything else will be disappointed....so that means we will probably get Wycombe or Oxford away.
at 16:13 10 Dec 2016

2-0 Rathbone, how does Keith keep producing these home results?
Its going to be a fantastic test at Carlisle..
at 03:51 30 Nov 2016

This should be the match of round 2 in the FA cup..
Top of the league Division 2 at home to top 6 team from league 1....
There will be a very good following from Rochdale, home fans will be near maximum turnout.
All to play for, Hope Keith Hill can get the right formula to progress from this round.
I think the atmosphere will be real cup tie expectations...
I guess a draw will suit the Dale, and a great replay at Spotland or the crown oil arena..
Massive match really wit maybe big profits for the winner...
Best players ever for Rochdale
at 04:06 6 Oct 2016

Marcus Hahnemann

Stan Milburn---Craig Dawson----Alan Reeves---Tom Kennedy

Norman Whitehead----Billy Rudd----Vinny Leech----Rickie Lambert

Grant Holt------Reg Jenkins.

Maybe i go back a bit more than most fans, but @ their peak..this side is the best i ever seen play for Rochdale.
Rochdale v Chesterfield
at 15:38 9 Jan 2016

Oh no... 0=1 sounds like we are getting hammered
Taken Rose off...Kennedy on.
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