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Are Liverpool At It Again?
Tuesday, 20th Jun 2017 13:36

After a very public climb down and apology it seems Liverpool are back briefing the press about their interest in Virgil Van Dijk.

Liverpool climbed down pretty swiftly when Saints reported them to the Premier League about an illegal approach for Virgil Van Dijk, whilst it is common knowledge that clubs speak to players regarding their interest in a possible transfer long before they contact the club, Liverpool made the mistake of getting caught, or more to the point they virtually handed themselves in to the authorities by briefing trusted members of the press that the deal was in the bag.

This was a major own goal and one that could have cost the Anfield club dearly given their recent history of illegal tapping up of players even before the Van Dijk saga.

But now it seems that after waiting a few weeks for it all to calm down, Liverpool are already briefing the press that the deal for Van Dijk may not be dead and I am sure that this will not please Saints.

Headlines like "Liverpool to ask if Saints Van Dijk stance has softened" "Virgil Van Dijk saga not over" and "Liverpool could still sign Virgil Van Dijk" all stories which have suddenly started to appear in the press over the last day, that seem to be a concerted campaign by Liverpool to unsettle the player.

The tactic seems to be very much the same as last time, a few well placed leaks to trusted journalists who put up stories, those stories are then taken up not just by other news outlets keen to be seen to have their fingers on the pulse, but fans sites and social media, all meaning that it will once again look like Van Dijk wants to go and indeed to try and stir the player up into digging his heels in and demanding a move.

Of course Liverpool will hold up their hands and feign innocence but it seems they haven't learn't their lesson. They will say they no nothing of this information, but if they don't know then who does ? certainly not Saints who would not be trying to force their own player out of the door and doing Liverpool's dirty work for them.

Last time someone in their PR department seemed to think that it would help persuade Saints to sell Van Dijk if they put it in the press that he wanted to go to Anfield, but it had the opposite affect, it backed Saints into a corner where they had to make a stand and it backfired on Liverpool who if they had kept quiet could possibly have twisted Saints arm into selling at a hefty price.

Now that hefty price has gone up and the latest headlines are only likely to make it go up even more, but more to the point it means that Saints will dig their heels in even harder a decision that might cost Liverpool dearly come next May, Virgil Van Dijk is the best central defender in the Premier League, he would have made the difference between Liverpool winning their first title in nearly 30 years or being also rans.

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1885_SFC added 13:55 - Jun 20
Liverpool are determined to get their man - at any cost - and will try every dirty, underhand trick in the book in order to obtain the services of Virgil van Dijk. The likes of Gerrard, Jamie Redknapp, and that bloated scouse horse-abusing gobsh1te Mick Quinn are all still urging van Dijk to throw his toys out of the pram and demand a move to Merseyside saying it's up to van Dijk to make the next move. The national Press never has a day go by without some ex-Liverpool tit urging him to kick up a fuss and demand a move North.

Hopefully, by now, Saints have told Vigil that he won't be sold this summer and perhaps they'll think about it next year. He's got 5-years left on his (recently-signed) contract, and many feel he owes us another year having missed half the season with injury with regards to which Saints have treated him extremely well all through his rehabilitation.

I really hope that Saints turn down that class-less Merseyside shower of shíte... even if they were to offer the full £75million.

darthvader added 14:51 - Jun 20
Tell them to go phuck themselves

SonicBoom added 15:02 - Jun 20
Take 75 and get rid of him. We can blame Liverpool all we like but Van Dyke still sneaked up to Blackpool to meet them.

mapleridgesaint added 15:05 - Jun 20
You can add the idiot Stan Collymore to that list ! He recently suggested VVD go on strike to force a move ! That's rich coming from him . Check out his CV and his sordid past . What do these so-called expert pundits think they are doing . Yes understandable they have got a soft spot for their old clubs like MLT has but come on are they not supposed to be unbiased ? They act like paid child-like cheer leaders for Scouserpool and their dirty tricks tactics . I dislike most of them . Carragher and the Nevilles are the worst of a sorry lot . They ruin the broadcasts for me with their " dumbing down " comments . Recently one of them , might have been Prutton , said to the affect --- "Oh the early injury and forced substitution will limit their manager's substitution options later in the game " . Thanks for pointing that out Mr Pundit , I would never have known ! Rambling rant over PS who bet on Craig David to be Saints next Manager . Number 73 out of 74 potential candidates on Odds Checker . Gave me and others a laugh !

SanMarco added 15:06 - Jun 20
Sonic hits the nail on the head - if the guy wants to go to Liverpool then he will go to Liverpool. I am surprised he isn't aiming higher mind...

aceofthebase added 15:52 - Jun 20
80 million, nothing less.

saintsnutcase added 16:02 - Jun 20
Liverpool will continue to remove our players whenever they like, until we say no and make someone play in the reserves for a year rather than sell him. Every time we take the money and run, we make it inevitable it will happen again.

SaintBrock added 19:09 - Jun 20
We finished above them last year. That's how we stop the tapping up and poaching, make sure the grass over the hill is brown through neglect.

mattthelegend added 19:25 - Jun 20
Still can't believe we have left it at an apology, take it further with the FA.

LeicesterSaint added 12:15 - Jun 21
John Aldridge is doing the same to add to the ever increasing list of ex Liverhampton players putting their 2p's worth in! Hi is suggesting VVD goes on strike to force a move - an absolute disgrace.

Abbosaint added 17:46 - Jun 21
For Aldridge, and any other ex pro, to 'encourage a professional to 'go on strike' is despicable and shows how unprincipled and morally corrupt they are. I do hope that VVD can rise above this, whatever his future holds, by conducting himself with real professionalism and integrity. Morgan Schneiderlin, for example, certainly showed the right way to respond after being denied a transfer for a year.

I live in hope that Liverpool are punished by the FA for their behaviour (a transfer ban would seem appropriate and very pleasing!) but I doubt if they have the courage to impose any meaningful sanctions.

montecristo added 18:13 - Jun 21
Pepe is leaving Real this summer dont know if they have replaced him but if not would be ideal move for VVD and Saints will pickup at least 80 million for him

mapleridgesaint added 19:20 - Jun 21
Saints should issue law suits against Collymore and Aldridge . Need to gag these borderline personality disorder types and their reckless comments .

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