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Breaking News !!! Southampton Referee Request Submitted
Wednesday, 3rd Feb 2021 09:09

Southampton Football Club have taken drastic action after two games of VAR chaos and according to Adam Blackmore of the BBC have sent in a request to the footballing authorities.

Adam Blackmore has tweeted the following

"Southampton have requested that Mike Dean and Lee Mason don't referee them in the near future.

"The request comes after both were involved in contentious moments this week versus Villa and Man Utd"

Being perhaps the closest journalist to the club, Blackmore's information usually comes from reliable sources from the club itself.

Clearly Saints feel that they have not been treated fairly by either referee and although this is stopping some way short of accusing them of cheating, it is a statement that they feel that neither official is competent and they have no confidence in their ability to do their job in a professional manner.

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Centurion added 09:14 - Feb 3
We must therefore be appealing the Bednarek red card.

dirk_doone added 09:15 - Feb 3
Good news if true. Dean in particular shouldn't be allowed to continue his personal vendetta against the club. We knew what he was going to do and before the game we were already discussing what red cards he was going to give to Saints' players and what penalties he was going to give to Man United.

halftimeorange added 09:16 - Feb 3
In my experience, if the club gives a referee or his team a poor mark the league will send them back to officiate until such time as they get a good one. Expect to see more or Dean and Mason in the near future.

dirk_doone added 09:25 - Feb 3
If there was any justice, both Mike Dean and Lee Mason should be fined and charged with bringing the game into disrepute.

froggysaint added 09:33 - Feb 3
I can't help wondering if Mike Dean hasn't got a bet on about how far he can push Hassenhuttl before Ralph's entirely admirable principle of not whining about the refereeing cracks.

The sending off of Bednarek was an utter disgrace. Martial should be ashamed of himself; it says a lot about you as a person that you are prepared to cheat in this way when your side is 6-0 up, and damage a fellow professional in the process. What a tosser. The worst thing is that Mike Dean was called over to look at it on the monitor and STILL persisted with his ridiculous penalty decision AND got his red card out.

The Adams disallowed goal was the most ridiculous VAR offside decision to date; even worse than the one on Ingsy's goal against Villa.

saintmark1976 added 09:33 - Feb 3
Was Mason the V A R referee yesterday? According to the Southampton Echo the official was Graham Scott.

Boris1977 added 09:34 - Feb 3
Good news and hopefully this also reflects the appeal over the rd card too.

As someone mentioned yesterday which I was unaware of Dean was the VAR man who sent Bertie off and back in season 2018-19?? the same parasite was in charge of the game when we lost 3-2 to Chelsea. Not only did he miss Long being studded down his achilles 8 yards from where he was standing but he also allowed them to take a free kick from where they wanted to which lead to their wining goal. The man has a problem.

WestSussexSaint added 09:37 - Feb 3
A good move by Saints. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

I think the standard of referees at the top level needs addressing. VAR was brought in to correct poor decisions but all it has done has highlighted the issue and it goes unchecked on some occasions. Why? It’s because referees themselves manage the VAR decision so they have self interest in closing ranks.

In my experience of refs at grass roots football the vast majority are brilliant at what they do but their job is made so much harder by some past it, self interested refs at the top level which fans see on Sky or MOTD and assume all refs are the same.

dirk_doone added 09:39 - Feb 3

NewburySaint added 09:49 - Feb 3
Pretty pointless exercise-I would imagine most/all clubs (except the big clubs who they favour) have put in this request previously yet, here we are, with those 2 buffoons still “refereeing” at the top level of our game.

stmichael added 10:15 - Feb 3
if nothing comes of it at least Saints have stood up to these cretins.

LordDZLucan added 10:27 - Feb 3
I'm not sure that's a wise move. The powers that be at the Premier League will just close ranks and that will make it more difficult to get the Bednarek red card overturned which has to be out priority.

LordDZLucan added 10:34 - Feb 3
What has become clear in all of this is that whoever presides over VAR must be independent of the Premier League referees body. VAR referees are currently using VAR to rubber stamp the decisions of their mate on the pitch refereeing the game and that just wouldn't wash in any other walk of life.

ElijahK added 10:58 - Feb 3

SanMarco added 11:15 - Feb 3
Thanks for that link Dirk Doone.

I, like saintmark76 saw that Mason wasn't listed as Vid Ref. Dean is the issue though. Mason is simply incompetent whereas Dean sees himself as the star of the show. I bet he has photo montages of himself raising red cards on the wall at home.

VAR needs radical reform, not tinkering round the edges. Digital technology has its uses of course but in the end human decisions are still central + human relationships/hierarchy. Is a more 'junior' ref going to overturn a Michael Oliver decision? If the ref and the video man are friends or enemies will also have an impact. Easiest thing in the world to think that your mate has got it wrong and let him off the hook - reverse for enemies.

These two offside lines across the pitch decisions (the first 'toenail' decisions we have suffered) have brought home just how stupid it is. I thought that video review meant a guy looking across the line and saying 'offside' or 'level' not loads of technological flim flam that is still subject to human error. Even goal-line technology was shown up in that Villa-Sheffield game. We are shown that nice diagram showing that the ball was 1 mm away from a goal and we all coo about how close it was rather than asking about how they generate that visual and is it accurate to a high enough level.

Finally, we musn't let the VAR questions, important as they are, distract from the question as to why last night happened. No other club is losing players like flies to muscle/hamstring etc injuries. Ralph admitted that his style was contributing to this and more or less said it was a price worth paying. We paid the price last night.

warrens76 added 14:47 - Feb 3
Dean has a serios issue with us, why?

mattthelegend added 15:09 - Feb 3
I knew this would happen with that megalomaniac, all week OGS has been crying that referee decisions go against Man U and lo and behold what happens Mike Dean screws us over, royally. The bloke is an utter disgrace and I am still really angry about it now, woke up at 5.30 this morning just wanting to smack him.

SanMarco added 15:14 - Feb 3
To be fair he didn't intervene until we were 6-0 down. And believe me I do not want to be fair to the little ****er

underweststand added 15:25 - Feb 3
This is not necessarily related to last night's debacle, bit in all honesty I've always felt that referee Dean had a grudge against us. Previous games where he booked our player after one foul whilst opposing defenders " break legs" without so much of a caution.

Regardless of his sometime dubious on-field decisions, this man's sycophantic body-language is undeniable. He loves refereeing " big teams " and getting the glad-hand from the "top managers" who he addresses by their first name, but they have all sussed him out and make the best of the relationship. He is the worst example of a "home" referee.

Fair's fair and all that, but anyone who can relate the history of this man cannot deny he shows an obvious "bias" towards certain teams - and not just Saints.
AND to referees in general - Have they abolished the rule about a booking for "diving "?. I've watched dozens of games this season and not once has anyone been cautioned.

SanMarco added 16:24 - Feb 3
That's a really interesting point underweststand. I don't remember them changing the rule but no one is ever booked for diving now.

darthvader added 16:37 - Feb 3
The bloke needs to be sacked and the the last goal chalked off at least and adams good goal stand . A more respectible 8-1 result .

I joke ofcourse that would never happen . Not to a club like ours .

The fact that he can continue to ref games is criminal, he was desperate to give that penalty and was quick as a flash getting out the red card for the first one and the dramatic way he delt with the second red was just hilarious .

I still cannot see how adams was given as offside it wasnt even marginal , not even close ffs .

I absolutly agree that the club needs to make a point on this ,at the very least that cheat doesnt ref us again and our games are looked at more closely now .

Boris1977 added 17:02 - Feb 3
darthvader - even Mark Lawrenson on the BBC's live text update said 'Dean couldnt wait to point to the spot.' Mark blOOdy Lawrenson.


saint22 added 17:48 - Feb 3
Dean couldn't wait to point to the spot in the first half and he got that wrong too! Its all about him, he is the Jeff Winter of now

underweststand added 10:13 - Feb 5
There are more than a few changes needed in the interpretation of VAR picture.
Bertrand's red card in the Leicester game was a clumsy tackle, on a very wet pitch in pouring rain and was not seen by the ref. at the time but later called back by VAR. We can see "off -the-ball " incidents/fouls in every game that go unpunished - WHY?

One of the worst examples nowadays is the " late offside flag " allowing play to continue when clearly the game should be stopped. The infamous Pickford tackle (on VvD ) could never be called "accidental " but was totally disregarded by VAR - because of a previous offside decision suggesting that anyone can commit such an offence - provided it can be shown to be offside.
The now-ridiculous offside decisions based on shirt sleeves, "diverse body parts" and, the size of a tall player's feet must be addressed properly and common sense applied.

dirk_doone added 18:39 - Feb 5
How on earth could they let him continue refereeing after this?



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