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8 games to go... 08:29 - Apr 9 with 1778 viewsDorsetIan

We’ve averaged approx 0.75 per game this season - that would be another 6 points.

Last 8, we’ve got 8 points.

Very best 8 game run this season netted 10.

12 points gets us to 35 and prob not enough.

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8 games to go... on 09:19 - Apr 9 with 1656 viewsTripleNiemi

When we departed the league last time around we managed to scrape 32 points, this time we will be lucky to reach 30

Ready and waiting to mop up those European places......

8 games to go... on 09:34 - Apr 9 with 1630 viewsdirk_doone

Anybody who saw the way the group of Saints players (you couldn't really call them a team) didn't play in the last quarter of Saturday's games, could tell you they're already down.

I think one of the main things that's gone wrong this season is that instead of developing our existing team, we've brought in a load of youngsters from all over the place who really haven't had time to bond and build team spirit. They are strangers to each other. It's why so many of their passes go astray. Instead of spending so much on so many unproven youngsters all we really needed to do was spend the same amount on a proven striker.

So many times this season, like yesterday, I've seen Saints start well and look as though they believe that they can get something out of the game and then because they know there's nobody who's going to score a goal at the end of any of their moves realize the pointlessness of it all.

Our main tactic this season in nearly every game, seems to have been to play/pray for a scoreless draw. When a 0-0 result is still possible, they keep going but when the other team scores, they know the game is up. Even when we were 1-4 down yesterday, our players looked like they were on automatic pilot still programmed to play for a 0-0 draw only with considerably less conviction.
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8 games to go... on 15:32 - Apr 9 with 1442 views1ASIN12

We were saying in the pub after the game - how many points we were going to get this season and do some teams who on paper are our relegation rivals allready have more points then we will get in total .

As has been said we are currently averaging 0.76 points per game so on “ target” to get 29 points. Which would meen Bournemouth, West Ham , Wolves and Palace all out of reach . Leeds would only need a point. (Depending on their result today they too might have more) are all out of reach .

Even if we kept up Selles form of a point a game we still would only get to 31.

I can’t belive according to some on Facebook, Twitter , Saitsweb think we are going to survive .
8 games to go... on 15:40 - Apr 9 with 1434 viewssledger

i am struggling to see where 10 points come from.
8 games to go... on 16:16 - Apr 9 with 1404 views1885_SFC

We're going down because the 3 sh1ttest teams in the PL get relegated... and we are definitely one of those 3 sh1ttest teams. We've been bottom since Boxing Day and there we will finish. Selles is out of his depth - and we have a very, very mediocre squad who aren't capable of winning anywhere near enough points to save us from the drop. The few players that do have a bit of class/quality about them are already thinking about where they'll be playing next season & won't bust a gut/put a foot in for fear of injury & f@cking up that big money move to wherever in the Summer.

That's it in a nutshell - as painful and as miserable as it is to say.

Old School is Cool

8 games to go... on 16:23 - Apr 9 with 1391 viewsSouthamptonfan

8 games to go... on 15:40 - Apr 9 by sledger

i am struggling to see where 10 points come from.

If we were to perform a miracle great escape, we would have to beat Palace, Bournemouth, Fulham and Forest. That still probably wouldn't be enough (35 points) and we would need another win at Brighton or on the final day or another draw for 36 points. Possible, we arn't down yet, but we are with our team. We don't score enough goals so it's not gonna happen.
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8 games to go... on 18:21 - Apr 9 with 1336 viewsDorsetIan

I think one of the problems is the ‚same old same old‘ under Selles. The team are doing some things right but there’s just not enough ‚umph‘.

Looking at the next 8 games, if we continue doing what we’ve been doing looking for incremental improvement each game, it’s just not going to be enough.

A proper survival strategy would have us build a team around our 6ft 7 striker for the final games.

JWP can supposedly cross a ball ffs. And, apparently, Paul has some practice in getting on the end of crosses.

Let’s cause some panic and go down fighting!...

Poll: Should we try to replace Selles for the final seven games?

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