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A football thread ...
at 11:30 12 May 2020

So yeah ... I know no one cares about football at the moment, but this is a football forum ;)

So thought I'd start a transfer thread.

Will there even be a transfer window? What happens to expiring contracts? Does anyone care?
Missing football?
at 23:28 19 Apr 2020

I've said I'm not missing football, but what I actually think is that I'm not missing modern premier league football.

I've now watched a couple of the Match of the Day specials with Linekar, Shearer and Wright in their houses talking about top 10s. They talk a LOT about 90s players, football and events. I miss 90s football, for me it was the last of proper football.

Any thoughts?
Summer transfer window
at 08:00 8 Mar 2020

Perfect timing, now the club is "up for sale", there will be no transfers in the window while things are up in the air / settling down / whatever the status is. Well played Gao, well played.
Mourinho speaking sense
at 07:19 5 Mar 2020

Agree with him on corporates and that we'd all do what Dier did;
Don't talk about football at work
at 12:10 27 Jan 2020

actually they missed a trick with this one, it should be "don't talk about football at work if you support Liverpool or Manchester United and don't have roots there, because you know nothing".
Premier League 19/20 - rubbish or better than last year?
at 22:19 22 Jan 2020

"The fact there are only 11 points between 5th and 19th places in the Premier League is pretty extraordinary. At the same stage of last season that gap was 30 points."

Quote from Bruce Millington on Twitter - food for thought.

I'm undecided.
at 19:27 14 Dec 2019

Just all I ca say ... FFS

Young squad
at 09:00 9 Dec 2019

Reading this about Arsenal;

A lot of teams seem to be preferring younger players over older ones and copying the "Les Reed way", or trying to.

I think most of us have said that the Saints of the 80s/90s was a great balance of young players with the occasional older head in the team and that, the team should go back to that. I still maintain someone like Cahill would've been a good signing as an older pro.

But now we see Ljunberg coming out and saying similar. Whether he's right or not, we shall see.

There is nothing wrong with a pathway to the first team for young players obviously.
Newcastle v Saints
at 13:02 8 Dec 2019

Team sheet;

Ex-Saints players
at 10:14 27 Nov 2019

I don't like banging the ex-Saints player drum, but.

Morgan Schneiderlin; is not playing much, or playing well. I think he would be an astute January signing to help out in defensive midfield. If he's even half the player he was, he's still better than what Saints currently have and I feel that he's exactly the sort of player who would thrive under Hasenhüttl ...

Just a thought.
Home form
at 09:12 21 Oct 2019

I see people moaning on the other forum and Twitter about Saints' home form being poor. It is. But maybe it's not the Manager's fault, maybe it's the myriad of knobhead fans sat around moaning, groaning and shouting at the players rather than supporting them? Away support is generally better and there seems to be more appreciation between players and fans.

Just a thought.
RH "out"
at 19:00 6 Oct 2019

Anyone saying this, of which I've seen a few is an utter c**t. The guy has a duff hand with players, a duff hand with staff and a duff hand with investors. He's the one shining light in the club.
[Post edited 6 Oct 2019 19:13]
Saints league position
at 22:28 15 Sep 2019

So ... I know I know, it's early, but people were w*nking themselves silly about Palace last week, being 4th. If Saints beat Bournemouth on Friday, they'll (temporarily) be 3rd?? Mental, given the fact that the defence is bollocks.

F**k it, what a season this could be ...

Wolves, everyone's pick for the top 6/7 are floundering. Watford are dreadful, Bournemouth not much better, Palace the same. West Ham and Everton are two unknowns really, but the whole league outside Liverpool and Man City is wide open this year. Much better than expected.
January signings thread
at 09:04 9 Sep 2019

A post just for Saint22 to list some names ...

But seriously, what positions do you want Saints to strengthen in January, I still think we're lacking some defensive talent. Maybe the defensive midfielder position is the big one still.
Anyone going to St Mary's tomorrow night?
at 09:02 9 Sep 2019

As per the subject. Anyone on here off to watch England tomorrow at St Mary's? I completely forgot they were playing there - should actually be interesting as Kosovo are no pushovers.

at 22:58 31 Aug 2019

I absolutely love this guy as a player. He's apparently a decent guy and that hattrick against Villa will live with me forever.

He's gone form strength to strength and surely is now a properly world class player. Maybe £30m was good for Saints at the time, but it really does feel like he went too cheaply.

I hate Liverpool and most of our ex-players, but Mane ... top top class. Sorry ... claaaaaaaass.
The media; ref Lampard
at 11:42 15 Jun 2019

This sums up what is wrong with football and the media.

Media report that Sarri is off to Italy, fair enough. They they realise that Chelsea have a vacancy for a new manager.

Frank Lampard's Derby County did okay last season.

Suddenly the media are all over this, talking about Lampard going back to Chelsea. What the release fee is. What he can do. Who he wants on his team.

F**k all respect shown to Derby and no real evidence that the Chelsea board want a manager who has won nothing. Just the media almost trying to force it to happen.

Or is it just me??
FAO Wints76
at 19:14 13 May 2019

You may or may not have a Whatsapp message
Ralph wants his own staff
at 14:29 8 May 2019

According to an interview in the Echo. Interesting.

I wonder who he has identified as not being good enough on his coaching team? It's obvious in that interview he's spotted some glaring holes where he feels he can bring better coaches in.


Will be an interesting summer ...
Saints managers this season
at 13:57 21 Jan 2019

Matches 1-16 (Hughes + the Kelvin match) - 1 win, 6 draws, 9 losses - 9 points (from 16 matches and 19th in the form table) - equates to 21 points over a whole season

Matches 17-24 (Hassenhüttle) - 4 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses - 13 points (from 7 matches and 5th in the form table) - that equates to a 70 point season over a whole season

What a MASSIVE difference, AND the football is decent to watch, AND the players now look like they care.

RH is pretty damn amazing!
[Post edited 22 Jan 2019 7:48]
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