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Pompey Lose At Bottom Club Swindon
at 01:26 21 Apr 2021

They have everything on a plate for them yet again.

Last year they had Oxford in the play offs, followed by Wycombe or Fleetwood in the final. They fell at the 1st hurdle.

Then they had the EFL Trophy final against the weakest possible opposition in 4th tier Salford, but got out played and eventually lost on penalties.

Now they have waited until the difficult games are out of the way, before appointing the new manager. All their remaining fixtures were against teams from the lower half of the table and surely maximum points and automatic promotion awaited. The first 4 games were all wins, but since then, a run of 1 point from a possible 12 has meant that an automatic spot is not now reachable. With only 4 games left, even a play off spot is out of their hands and they are reliant on others slipping up to get there.
Spurs sack Mourinho
at 11:26 19 Apr 2021

Expect that cvnt Rogers is already on the M1 heading South !! :-)

Jose to Celtic ?
Lampard to Leicester ?
Redknapp to Spurs to end of season ?
Leicester FA Cup Semi Final Matchday Thread
at 20:56 18 Apr 2021

Far too many didn't turn up, or were suffering from stage fright !!

We were good at passing it around in no man's land but created nothing and even helped Leicester with most of their chancres by giving them the ball.

You would have thought that they would have gone for it, especially in the second half and after conceding, but nobody took control of the game or was willing to take that man in, cross it or shoot. In fact we carried 4 players at least today - which I'm afraid is just a continuation from the WBA game.

We were all told to enjoy it, but you could tell from the early stages that it would be far from and enjoyable game. We went out at a wimper and that is our season over. The only saving grace was we didn't have to buy expensive tickets to watch that shitshow.

Spurs away next, so lets see what type of team we pick for that one !!
Who Will Be The Hero At Wembley
at 11:56 18 Apr 2021

at 00:16 18 Apr 2021

We need some major reconstruction work in the GK dept.

Neither FF or AMcC are good enough and Gunn is not fulfilling the early potential he showed and is rumoured to be going back to Stoke for another season long loan next term.

We therefore need to off 2 and get 1 first choice in.

Ramsdale is good enough to be our first choice, but even if we could get him cheaply, can we really trust a youngster who has just suffered back to back relegations ?
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In Ralph We Should Trust
at 11:58 15 Apr 2021

Just a thought.....

We hired Strachan after he was relegated with Coventry. He did pretty well with us, getting us up to 8th, the FA Cup final and a (mini) European Tour. I seem to remember he left us a year or so before we got relegated.

Maybe he learnt from what happened at Cov ?
Maybe Howe has learnt from what happened at Bournemouth ?

Oh and on the subject of Lemina etc, don't forget Hoedt, plus all those others we have, that are considered to be nowhere near the first team, or surplus to requirements.......

Gunn, Valery, Vokins, Hesketh, Sims (18k a week !!), The 3 at Gillingham, Long and McQueen. (that's a whole team with Lemina, Hoedt and Elyounoussi !!)

All bang average, not good enough for us, earn too much, can't sell them, so loan them out in an attempt to get a small loan fee and a small proportion of their wages covered.

Hopefully this summer, we will have the long overdue clear out that we have been talking about for the last 2/3/4 years !!
Semi final match ..who would you start with ?
at 12:02 14 Apr 2021

Redmond will be dining off his 2 goals at Bournemouth and the winner v Burnley for the rest of the season. He was one of Ralph's favourites, so I doubt he will be dropped.

3 at the back is a possibility, but usually when that happens, we play with a back 5, as the wing-backs usually drift back and play they way they are used to - ie as full-backs. Salisu looks to be our fastest CB, so up against the pace of the Leicester attack, he probably should start.

In all honesty, I am expecting RH to announce the same starting XI as the one v WBA and Ralph hoping we perform as he knows we occasionally can !!
Southampton At West Browmwich Albion The Verdict
at 12:34 13 Apr 2021

Looking at things in perspective, as you put it....

We finished 11th last season
We were top of the league after 8 games this season
Not so long ago, You were talking about taking games in groups of 3 and taking 5 points from these groups
Now a few months later, 14th is Par for us ?

Yes it has been a strange season for every team and most have had their fair share of injuries, but honestly, the way we have nosedived since Xmas is utterly ridiculous and totally unacceptable. Nobody expect us to finish in the top 6, but the more optimistic thought we had a chance of building from last season and pushing on to maybe 8th or even7th, especially after we beat Liverpool.

I seriously question the motivation of our players and why they are allowed to under perform so often. Then I realised that our squad is so weak that even if you are not on your game, there is no real competition for places, (apart from perhaps the 2 wide slots) so you get picked regardless.

I very much doubt we will continually flourish under RH (the odd game excepted), until he has 'HIS' players playing 'HIS' way, but in order to do this, we will need a few more transfer windows and a transfer budget that we simply don't have. Let's see what the summer window brings.
West Brom Game Matchday Thread
at 19:53 12 Apr 2021

This performance is on a par with the Man U 9-0 defeat.

Everyone is awful - Ings has lost his mojo, we can't string 3 passes together, can't control the ball and constantly look to pass it backwards despite being 3 down. We also don't track back and give away stupid unnecessary free kicks.

I hope this is a wake up call we need (once again) in time for the next biggest game of the season. We miss a pen as I type FFS !! Sums us up tonight.
West Brom Game Matchday Thread
at 11:35 12 Apr 2021

Start at Full Strength - so pretty much the same as Burnley - then make changes after an hour or so, when all being well, we are 2 or 3 goals to the good !!

They already do their best to sell our players, so we can't have the Sky pundits accusing us of fielding a weakened side ahead of our semi and giving WBA an unfair advantage / not helping the other sides at the bottom.

We are more than capable of getting a result there - as we have in previous seasons, so as long as we weather the initial storm and get our passing game going, we should be fine. They had a one off result last weekend and despite the man advantage, still surrendered 66% possession to Chelsea. So with 11 men, we will definitely out play them.

Saint to win by 2 goals. A nice confidence boosting performance to take us into the semi.
Big Day Of Football
at 11:25 12 Apr 2021

Biggest joke decision of the weekend - Both VAR and the Ref looked at McTominay touching Son's face and decided it was a free kick - so the Utd goal was disallowed.

What an absolute farce that was. Son has so much previous in the theatrics and diving department, surely officials should be wise to it by now, but evidently not.

He went down quicker that a five dollar whore in our Cup match at the Lane last year - after 'contact' that would not have knocked a 3 year old over.

Perhaps the FA could intervene and retrospectively book him or fine him ? They won't obviously, because VAR and Ref have given it, but it is getting beyond a joke and something really needs to be done about it.

Perhaps all the Man Utd players should have crowded around him and all laughed at him - just like Allardyce famously did to that Swansea player.

.....and whilst the FA are at it, they can investigate and suspend all those rule breaking Leicester players. Otherwise it gives any player the excuse to break the rules, knowing they will get away with it, simply by issuing an apology.
Great Games Against West Brom
at 12:26 11 Apr 2021

Been away to WBA many times and we've done quite well up there when I've been.

We've won the my last 3 - the 3-2 Lemina league game, the 2-1 FA Cup game and the 1-0 Clasie.

The Clasie game was also Grand National day and we went back to the Vine pub to watch it after the game. I not only had the winner One For Arthur (Granddad's name), but was also on Saints Are who got a place - like many other Saints fans in the pub that day !!

SRL last min penalty in about 2013 for a 1-0 win. I remember my mate who didn't go saying he was listening to the radio and they announced 'penalty at the Hawthorns', so as a typical Saints fan, he feared the worst. As they went live to the game for commentary on the pen, SRL was stepping up, so delight that it was a Saints pen, then cheers as it was dispatched.

Also saw Paul Jones let in a howler and Beattie miss a sitter in a 1-0 defeat, which I think was the excuse needed to drop Jones for Niemi

Boufal scored his wonder goal v WBA, but that was obviously at St Mary's.
[Post edited 11 Apr 12:44]
at 11:49 11 Apr 2021

He is right up there with some of the biggest mistake signings we have ever made.

£16m fee and allegedly £60k a week, on a 5 year deal from summer 2018.

He and the likes of Lemina and Hoedt, are the reason we are haemorrhaging money - players that don't play for us, but we have paid big transfer fees for them and pay at least 75% of their wages - so they can benefit other clubs !!

Moi has made just 16 appearances for Saints.

To suggest he is now flourishing in Scotland and could come back to Saints is bizarre. We bought him as an established player with Champions League experience and goals and he should have slotted straight into our team. He should most certainly not have needed 2 years in a weak Scottish League with goals against the likes of Livingstone, in order to prove himself.

Let's see what happens in the summer. If he is as good as suggested, he will come back to Saints and get straight back into the squad. If not, we will be forced to sell him cheaply - due to his transfer value dropping and high wages, or we will be forced to loan him out again for the remaining 2 years of his contract, in an attempt to recoup £10k a week on his £60k a week wages. Then once his contract is up, he'll be after his loyalty bonus !! I think we all know what path will be taken.
Burnley Game Matchday Thread
at 11:50 4 Apr 2021

With plenty of options from the bench !!

We are at our strongest since Xmas.
38 v 16
at 11:03 30 Mar 2021

Oh yes - his famous terminologies for the City of Portsmouth and it's surrounding areas, coupled with a player born in South London apparently coming from Portsmouth and that other well known fact that Camberley is in Hampshire !! Some real classics !! :-)
I don’t see the old girl listed here...
at 13:24 24 Mar 2021

......and the nicknames of all 92 !!

.....but even some of those have changed now. Didn't Sunderland have a fans vote to determine their Black Cats nickname ?
Things I Noticed From The Bournemouth Game
at 18:12 22 Mar 2021

1. FF is now the established first choice keeper, although some will argue that he been played in mostly 'easy' games. I feel more confident with him in goal than AMcC, but in all honesty, I think we have 3 mediocre keepers and could do with getting shot of 2 (which 2 I'm not sure of yet) and replacing them with a first choice keeper.

2. In his cameo, JS made a massive error that nearly led to a goal, slipping at the crucial moment to allow a header that FF saved literally right on the line. Back up at best and definitely not a midfielder. Not sure he is worth keeping if we are to believe he is on £40+k a week.

3. Red frustrated early but the assist and goal gave him a new lease of life. He even questioned himself in the post match interview, asking why he was not direct enough or ran at defenders any more. Here's hoping this can be his turning point and he can really kick on now, but we have had so many false dawns before -so I will need a bit more convincing !!

4. Che is often as frustrating as Redmond. Even against Bournemouth he wasn't very good. His touch and control were too often poor and as we have said before, he always seems to need an extra touch, which is ill afforded at Prem level. Granted he has had a few chalked off, but then we have as a team had many dodgy VAR decisions this term, perhaps a lot more than most. A good finish for his disallowed goal, so hopefully when the Prem resumes, he can continue with his scoring streak. Hopefully we will have Ings and Walcott back as attacking options for the next game too.

5. Our stability at the back has kind of returned, ever since KWP has returned. We look much more balanced and confident with him in the team. I still don't think Vest is back to how he was before his injury, but is getting there slowly and Bednarek can blow hot and cold. Salisu is still getting used to the Prem, but will be fine. We just seem to struggle at full back when we have an injury and have to shuffle the pack.
Please don't hide the fact that we lost heavily to Man City. Yes we changed things around, but this was the manager's plan and it back-fired not only on that night, but also for Brighton debacle that followed.
Saints in blue.
at 12:52 17 Mar 2021

Where did he go ? :-)
Saints in blue.
at 12:47 17 Mar 2021

The Admiral, Draper Tools, Blue 'Flames' shirt was also available in Yellow !!
Bournemouth Game
at 15:21 16 Mar 2021

For me, it's got to the stage where I am hoping that Bournemouth will have a really energy sapping game v Swansea tonight AND pick up further injuries and suspensions !!

Will take any win on Saturday, followed by a team and tactics reboot during the international break, get a few more players back from injury and really kick on in both the league and Cup for the last 2 months of the season.
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