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Southampton v Brentford Your Report added at 11:52:12
Well played lads. Everyone put in a shift and we got a well deserved result.

Disappointing to read in some reports that Brentford had an off-day, but let's be honest and not give Saints a dis-service, we played them off the park and totally controlled the whole game apart from a few brief flurries in the first half and a crazy 5 minute spell towards the end of the 2nd half. It was great to see us passing it around and cruising at 4-1 up, so credit to all the players and for RH for making the changes when he did.

My only criticisms would be that we still switch off and ball watch a bit - like for the Brentford equaliser - and still lack that bit of organisation at the back - hence that frantic 5 mins at the end and the pinball in our box.

The players clearly grew in confidence as the game went on and the further in front we got. Both Diallo and Romeu were showing off all kinds of skills and turns in the middle of the park and if Perraud could learn to cross after beating his man, we would have a top notch left back.

Glad we shared the goals out, as it shows we are not reliant on a single player and that has been the case over the last few games. Enforced, or not, RH has used a lot of the squad in recent matches and the results have been superb, so no reason why they should not continue at Wolves on Saturday.
Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur Your Report added at 13:00:54
Felt Like A Win

With a weakened side we were up against everything - the ref, the odds, cheating, diving, screaming, whinging, the lot !!

Well done all - dug in and ground out a well deserved result

Let's follow this up with a win against Newcastle - which will hopefully go ahead. We were forced to play the kids last January, so why shouldn't they. The FA should tell them to play it, because technically they can sign and register a load of players on 1st Jan and have sufficient numbers, regardless of injuries and covid.
West Ham United v Southampton Your Report added at 01:29:20
Great win and didn't throw the lead away at the end this time !!

Good that the goals were spread out, but perhaps Broja deserved a goal with his performance and contribution. Wondered if Dawson should have seen red, as he tripped with his I itial challenge on Broja and then as he went down, took Broja out, not even trying to get the ball. Oh well, who cares, we won and took 4 points off WHU this season.

Hopefully we follow this up with a similarly gutsy performance and result on Tuesday.
Crystal Palace v Southampton Your Report added at 18:02:55
After the initial panic, we dug in and put in quite a good performance.
2 excellent goals and created plenty of other chances.
If only we could find our strikers with our cut backs or make better decisions in and around the box, we would easily be 10 points better off this season.
That goes for the defence too. We always look like we will concede or gift chances through errors and I don't think anyone has any confidence in the keeper. Dare I say I hope FF and AMcC recover quickly !!

That said, we were a little weakened last night, so did well in the circumstances, but we need to follow this well earned point with a win on Saturday.

BTW You missed Benteke off the list of Palace players - he definitely came on last night.
Southampton v Leicester City Your Report added at 11:32:36
2 more howlers to add to the ever increasing catalogue of McCarthy errors. I really do despair for the team and the points he is costing us. If you just take the 3 v Norwich and 2 from last night, see what difference those 5 points would make to our league position. The whole complexion of the team and manager would be totally different.

Bottom line is though, we don't score enough and we always gift the opposition a goal or 2 and last night we even tried to gift them a winner a few times too !!

We were so poor in the 2nd half. The early goal took the stuffing out of us and despite a lot of huffing and puffing, we created little.

A Armstrong is out of his depth. He cannot even control the ball. Unless we play to his strengths (his pace) there is no point in him being on the pitch.

Tino had a quiet game, but Leicester did a job on him - in fact they did a job on the ref. They went down at every opportunity and he bought it every time, almost encouraging it !! Yet when we tried to stay on our feet, he didn't pull it back for the original foul and was pedantic about where we took thrown ons and free kicks, but didn't care where Leicester took theirs from. Blatant favouritism.

Still, I perhaps would have taken a 2-2 before hand, but it was disappointing to throw away a lead twice.

On to Brighton then and here's hoping the team in the first half show up for the whole game. Could do with Stu Armstrong back as well.
Southampton v Aston Villa Your Report added at 22:51:00
1dt half again promised so much but delivered so little. Just like v Leeds, Burnley and Watford, we dominated the first half, but failed to take our chances and subsequently made it difficult.

Typical game of 2 halves though. It was like we had a 3 course meal at HT and took 20 mins to run it off.

Still, some good performances and a few under performers too.

Officials got lots wrong too including a definite red, apparently a Villa penalty, but then a pen of our own near the end and a blatant kick to the chest by Mings on Adams.

Who cares, we won. Always love beating Villa, as got a good mate who supports them - and to be fair, we beat them more often than not.
West Ham United v Southampton Your Report added at 00:41:30
Saints defence - the gift that keeps on giving.

Same shit, different game. All West Ham had to do was make sure we squandered our early chances, then wait for our defensive mistakes and punish us.

1-0 stupid throw given away, poor marking allowing Bowen to shoot, Bed turning his back and AMc partying it to the scorer.

2-0 Redmond screwed his clearance and Vest didn't pick up his man.

3-0 Bednarek with the gift

No wonder we have the 2nd worse away defence in the Prem !!

I really don't know why so many poor performers get repeatedly selected.

Why was Tella dropped to the bench ?

Wholesale changes are required this summer, otherwise it will be more of this year's form again next season.
Southampton v Leeds United Your Report added at 11:31:58
Same old predictable Saints.
We actually started off really well and had Leeds rattled. For a change it was the opposition who were conceding chances, mis-passing and Bamford didn't get a sniff. However we failed to take those chances and didn't get the HT lead we really deserved.
2nd half Leeds changed it a bit. They took off Head Case Llorente who was on a mission for a red card and waited for Saints to make more mistakes. Our defence just keeps on giving. Not satisfied with Stephens going on his sorties and giving the ball away and being out of position when Leeds countered, not satisfied with Vest misplaced passes gifting breaks, not satisfied with Stephens poor headers at both ends and AMcC not heeding the warning of Bamford running through when he nearly gave away a penalty - everyone stopped as the ball was played over to Bamford. Perhaps they thought it was off side, but you still play on. How McCarthy was beaten (again) at his near post is just a absolute joke. He should have been off his line and grabbing it, or at least narrowing the angle - instead he got nut megged !!
Then the 2nd was a gift too. The defence were slow to get back after a break from our own attack where JS should have scored, McCarthy parried the initial shot, but was so slow to react to the 2nd it was laughable. We had to be in the ground for 5pm, so we saw the Keepers going through their warm up routines of diving one way, getting up quickly and diving the other - why practice, when you can't do it in a match !!

We all too easily allowed them to out-muscle us in the 2nd half. They kicked us a lot and dived even more (Ayling - WTF ?) and yet again and despite the changes from the bench, we got done the same we as we did at Elland Road.
Southampton v Fulham Your Report added at 21:03:21
* LAZY. Not last. Damned predictive text !!
Southampton v Fulham Your Report added at 20:55:57
A good win in a typically end of season game with nothing at stake.

Lots of disappointment and frustration early on and we were particularly let down by outside men. Reddy didn't look interested and was last, Minny wanted extra touches and was too light weight.

JWP showed them how to put in a cross, when setting up Adams for the opener. Then KWP showed them too, setting up Tella. Then Sub Walcott showed them both where the goal is with our 3rd.

A shame we conceded, but then again, we usually do. It was another gift, with slack work from the midfield and Stephens switching off and getting wrong side. Wasn't impressed with McCarthy either. He only had 1 ball to catch in the first half, but dropped it and was then very hesitant in the 2nd half.

A win but we need to be more energetic and enthusiastic for the fans v Leeds on Tuesday evening.
Southampton v Crystal Palace Your Report added at 11:07:27
Great win in the end, but typical of Saints to do it the hard way.

Palace were off to a flyer thanks to some shocking defending from Bed, Red and Ings.
After that, we settled into the game, pulled level with a good turn and finish from Ings and then went on to create plenty of chances.
The problem was, we always seemed to take an extra touch or delay shooting or crossing by that split second, that enabled a block or easier save.
The good work was undone close to HT, when Zaha left his leg in, waiting for contact, then went down easier than a $5 whore.
Great save from the spot kick from FF, although VAR did their upmost to find something wrong, like foot off the line or encroachment.
2nd Half was an unusually good and unexpected performance. We usually slow later in the game, but an early Adams goal from close range after a neatly worked corner and a cool Ings finish with his last kick before being subbed, saw us well on top and deserved winners.
My concerns were that particularly in the 2nd half, Palace seemed to be able to make one or 2 passes and then open us up far too easily. Perhaps Romeu will stop this play against us next season.
Our defence gave the usual weekly gifts we are accustomed to - Stephens not looking at the ball and letting Benteke in and FF with a flap and a miss.
Our wide men needed replacing. Redmond was not interested in the 2nd half. Minny gave the ball away so often in the 2nd half, when he could have set up a few more chances with the right pass. Instead he either gave it away or was too light weight.

Why do so many teams have so many cheats these days. Palace are full of them. Zaha is the worst, so it was good that he got wound up and booked - shame he didn't clap the ref again !! Great to see him get so riled by JWP and Stephens. He'd have been sent off if the game had another 10 mins to go !! ;-)

A good win. Another winnable game on Saturday and then a game that the fans can help lift the team. Unbeaten til the end of the season should now be the aim.
Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton Your Report added at 00:36:25
A great performance until Ings went off, apart from perhaps not capitalising on our superiority with more goals.

Then the whole game changed with probably our last shot of the game. Ings got injured and Ralph went defensive. WTF ? Why change a winning formula. He could have swapped like for like, or shuffled to put Theo up front, but no, he went all defensive and played right into Tottenham's hands.

Diallo thought we were still at Wembley passing to those in white FFS !! We conceded a very avoidable goal, poor keeping and defending and then our heads dropped. Ralph tried to change it back with 2 up top, but it was too little too late and the subs hindered us to the extent that we ultimately lost the game.

We didn't heed the warning with the offside goal and lost the game with a dodgy pen. Toby used his arms to control the ball, but somehow that bit was overlooked by VAR,. Djenny slid in to block the shot and got kicked in the follow through, but the foul went Spurs way and VAR did the rest.

I really am at a loss to explain the difference between the first and second half showings. Ralph royally fvcked his tactics up and we paid the ultimate price. The subs only changed the game for us in a negative way.

It's only Leicester up next. What are the odds on us finishing the season on 36 points, because it is looking more and more likely !!

Leicester City v Southampton Your Report added at 00:18:11
Good at passing it around on the half way line, but ultimately created little and had zero shots on target in a lacklustre pedestrian performance that followed on from wba. We even gifted Leicester most of their chances with awful passing (Red, Djenny, Diallo).

An extremely frustrating evening. We were more worried about stopping Leicester than creating anything ourselves. We carried 4 players and in a game of that magnitude and against that opposition, we simply can't afford that and ultimately got punished.

The goal was littered with errors from start to finish. 2 chances to get the ball under control in the Leicester half, Bed not cutting out the pass to Vardy, Vest not tracking 'nacho, Vest blocking a shot going well wide and deflecting it straight back for 'nacho to score.

We at least went for it a bit after that, but Adams yet again needed 2 extra touches to get it onto his right foot allowing his shot to be blocked and Diallo of all players had our best chance !! Think it means that Ings and Bert will be off now, but based on their performances today, I'd rather the likes of Vokins and Tella or Walcott were played instead.

The ref bottled that (2nd) bookable foul on Ings by Soyuncu, but it wouldn't have mattered. JWP was awful today, so wouldn't have scored from the free kick and we can't score against 9, so we wouldn't have scored against 10 either !!

Season is done now. Spurs away on Weds - it doesn't matter about the result - pick a team of players who actually want to play for us. Drop Bed, Djenepo, Red etc and give the likes of Salisu, Minamino and Tella a run of games.
Southampton v Burnley Your Report added at 03:25:44
Great turn around after an awful first 20 mins.
KWP was perhaps pulled back before giving away the pen, but, like Vest, was nowhere near Vydra for the 2nd. Why FF decided to try to save it with his feet was also questionable.
A greatly worked goal for Arms got us back into it and Ings was sublime with the equaliser.

2nd half it was mostly Saints and we should have been more clinical and added to a fine Redmond volley, which turned out to be a worthy and deserved winner.

We still sat too deep and gifted a few chances, but that is expected of Saints when they are in front. It is just a shame that our decision making let us down again - we need to either run it into the corners and run the clock down, or (Adams, Walcott et al) need to kill the game off.

Hopefully this has given us renewed confidence. At least Redmond seems to be back to running at defenders and taking people on. Our next 2 games are crucial for our season, so we need a full confident squad.

Southampton v Burnley Your Report added at 16:29:40
Great turn around after an awful first 20 mins.
KWP was perhaps pulled back before giving away the pen, but, like Vest, was nowhere near Vydra for the 2nd. Why FF decided to try to save it with his feet was also questionable.
A greatly worked goal for Arms got us back into it and Ings was sublime with the equaliser.

2nd half it was mostly Saints and we should have been more clinical and added to a fine Redmond volley, which turned out to be a worthy and deserved winner.

We still sat too deep and gifted a few chances, but that is expected of Saints when they are in front. It is just a shame that our decision making let us down again - we need to either run it into the corners and run the clock down, or (Adams, Walcott et al) need to kill the game off.

Hopefully this has given us renewed confidence. At least Redmond seems to be back to running at defenders and taking people on. Our next 2 games are crucial for our season, so we need a full confident squad.

AFC Bournemouth v Southampton Your Report added at 16:57:31
With all the pre-match (non) rivalry and build up, I wasn't sure what to expect, especially with Cooke calling it a revenge match after we apparently got them relegated last season.

Both teams were missing a few, but to be honest, we controlled the game throughout, only giving them chances when we needlessly gave possession away, or when the referee ignored their strong arm tactics.

Despite being on top, we still lacked that cutting edge, no thanks to VAR, but that run and pass by Redmond and cool finish from Djenepo, really changed the game. You could see the confidence return and Redmond became more direct and duly notched our 2nd on the stroke of HT.

2nd half was much of the same with us on top. VAR again denied us a goal after offside in the build up to a great Adams strike, but it didn't stop us and after Armstrong's shot came back off the post, Redmond followed up.

Good to see us use our subs well and see the game out. Bournemouth rarely threatened apart from a late header and you could see them get frustrated. So much so that Surridge decided to give out some GBH to Salisu with a terribly late challenge, which really deserved a red, not yellow.

So we march on into the Semis and hopefully we get a good draw !!

Shame the commentators said we got an easy draw for our game today. They must have forgotten we beat cup holders Arsenal in the 4th round and Wolves away in the 5th !!

Now we have 2 weeks to prepare for our next league game, so hopefully we can carry this cup form over into the league.

Manchester City v Southampton Your Report added at 23:03:13
We were the better side for much of the 1st half, but as is often the case, we were once again punished for our mistakes and we were our own worst enemies.

Some strange team selections and again a few playing out of position, but all things considered, it wasn't the huge defeat we were all expecting, we scored a couple and hopefully rested a few up for our season defining, all important next 3 games.
Everton v Southampton Your Report added at 02:17:24
We were awful tonight, apart from the last 10 mins or so.
We just couldn't get our passing game going, consistently gave the ball away, tried silly flicks that handed possession back, turned into trouble with the ball, gave away silly fouls, stood their as zonal statues for free kicks, played too many out of position, rarely threatened to get in their box - let alone generate a chance and when we finally managed a few shots near the end, we failed to test the keeper apart from a Vest effort.

At times it was like we were content to accept a small defeat and were continually content to pass backwards than drive towards goal. At least that changed with the subs and we actually created a few chances, but unfortunately we were off target or the chances fell to the wrong players. Everton won at a canter and could have gone up another couple of gears. We only threatened at the end.

Hopefully we will have Diallo and KWP available this weekend, meaning that we can regain some shape and play people like Armstrong in their proper positions and go for that much needed win.
Southampton v Chelsea Your Report added at 03:07:16
A great battling performance to restrict Chelsea to just a handful of decent chances.
Brilliant move for or goal and really enjoyed the fact that Mini put both keeper and defender on their arses, before calmly slotting home.
Shame we gifted them the opportunity to equalise from the spot. It's time we were due a penalty ourselves !!
Vest could have won it with the header that hit the bar, but happy with a point, the for has been stopped and we go to Leeds on Tuesday with a bit more confidence - and hopefully another return of two from injury !!
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Your Report added at 01:38:54
Just what the doctor ordered - a much needed win, clean sheet, passage to the QFs and a nice draw as well !!

Thoroughly deserved win and a decent team performance - apart from us scoring another goal or 2 that we merited, such was our creative dominance.

FF new nickname is Clean Sheet
Salisu looked a little nervous, but did well apart from one cross.
Great to have KWP back and we have a much better shape when he plays
Arms - best player in the pitch. Made up for his early miss by sealing it at the end. His shot for the goal reminded me of MLT 's goal v Man U in our 3-1 win against the grey shirts.
Redmond needs to really really work on his finishing.

Well done lads, more of the same on Sunday please.
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