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Team for today
at 11:45 23 Nov 2019


I do mean playing Valery from mid field position and not from back. I think he could add much needed pace to link up with Redmond and Ings a lot quicker then if he played from back.
Got to have some hope but a big ask!
at 14:04 19 Oct 2019


Would have preferred McCarthy to start.
Team for tomorrow
at 18:39 5 Oct 2019

Mc Carthy
Cédric (if available) or Vestergarrd
Valery (think his pace would work wide here)
Ward Prowse

Mc Carthy because he has something to prove!
Adams and Long last 20 minutes.
Adams needs kids gloves for a while until he adapts to premier league.
Credit to 22 post just 5 minutes into match
at 00:28 21 Sep 2019

BBC review of match best bits:

The Austrian mysteriously played Soares, a Portugal right-back, at left-back and a central defender in Kevin Danso at right-back - with an England left-back in Ryan Bertrand on the bench.

Hasenhuttl made the predictable adjustments at half-time, sending on Bertrand for Danso and putting Soares on the right, where he performed admirably.

Sadly for Southampton, the damage had been done and Hasenhuttl must take his share of responsibility for this disappointing defeat.?!!

Love Ralph and think he is potentially our best manager but still waiting for him to adapt to premier league tactics!!

Proof that Premier League Officials are worst in Europe
at 20:16 10 Mar 2019

Numbers don’t lie and if ever there was any clear evidence of officials favouring the the top 6 in the Premier league then here we go,

Premier League:
At this point in time the points difference between 6th and 7th place is 13 points and for last season 17/18 points difference was 9 by end of season.
Player value difference between Arsenal and supposed best of rest ‘Everton’ is 184m

To date the points difference between 5th and 6th is 1 and and for 17/18 season it was 2 points.
Player value difference between 5th and best of rest was 245m last season but 113m now.
(There are only 18 teams in this league so using 5th and 6th place instead)
Regardless the difference between 5th and 7th is only 3 points!!

La Liga:
Up to now the points difference between 6th and 7th place is 2 points and for 17/18 season it was 2 points. The difference between 5th and 8th is only 2 points.
Player value difference between 6th and best of rest 99m. Huge player value variations (higher/lower) through out this league unlike the Premier League.

Ligue :
Can’t be asked but points difference between 6th and 7th is 1 point!!

If you take the Bundesliga and Premier League ‘well what can I say’ there appears to be clear evidence of bias towards the top 6 in the Premier league. No wonder UEFA take referees from anywhere but Premier League for top European matches. As clear as daylight there is a serious problem with officials here.

13 point difference in Premier league as opposed to average of between 1 & 2 for the other big European leagues is a disgrace!! Shame on them!!
Long please!
at 20:41 27 Dec 2018

West Ham (Pellegrini) has the measure tactically wise. Long would put spanner in works + change in formation! Please!!!
It is all good not bad!!
at 21:26 13 May 2018

Disagree with most of you on this one for one reason - we have incrementally improved over last 8 games under Hughes and yes we conceded late yet again but it was a ball watching thing rather then a cumulative combination of poor management resulting in issues relating to confidence, pace and fitness.
I am opting out on this forum now with a positive outlook. The only lass posting a bit regularly on here!! I will continue to look in on you all hopefully with little being posted regarding politics etc!!
Look forward to all your wit regarding football hopesfully!!

Pat - So look forward to your posts, they are always a welcome
site especially as they are football related.

Saint68 - very practical poster and a lot of truth in what you say!

Matt - your real assessment of matters/facts on hand are great to read.

Stoke - passionate emotional fan. You draw a lot of reactions.

Saint22 - you take a lot of criticism but you bounce back every time.

Dirk Doone - your passion for Saints extends far and wide but glad you decided to come back on forum to express your views regarding depletion of team. Think you have to agree
we still have reminisce of mid table team that still can be salvaged!!

Squid - love your outlook on life - positive all day long and no time for negative thoughts. Do try and keep posting even though you are disillusioned. If you are not involved you have no influence!!

New - Leslie, Jordan and Charming very much like most of your posts so good luck and all the best!!

Saint 74 - well what can I say, the no surrender man and a rebel all day long. Go get them!!

Nick - you challenge all of us posters and we still don’t know if you are a blue collar or white collar Saints higher management rep. Do keep us guessing!! Most will agree that we appreciate the work you put into this forum. Long may it continue.

Wiz - Look forward to your pre match pubs, breakfast and team score prediction.

Docks, Grumps and Boris - the ones who take on the old, the new, the forgotten and the ones who have lost their way, coupled with scepticism and promise you challenge all!!

Patfrompool - noticed you have accurately predicted a few scores so keep the faith and carry on!!

Heisenberg - very practical poster who tries to be objective and when you are not then love the truth you try to portray (with non objective purpose).

Freq1 You are a bit of 73, a bit of Heisenberg very much will say it as it is. Don’t stop and have no fear, continue with what you have to say!!

Chaps- The one who is no longer able to post - hope you are well
Somebody!! Please a proper football thread!!
at 00:16 14 Apr 2018

Am off now on Camino thing so probably won’t be able to view match tomorrow. Somebody do something and put this forum back on track!! When I can view, it would be great to read football stuff.

Ok to have a break from discussions regarding the Saints problems but this forum has now turned into a non football blog!!
Your team and score!!
at 10:13 8 Apr 2018

Firstly, sorry wiz wanted to add to your thread but you did not ask for this stuff and hope you have a good day!! Matt and 22 normally start this but understandably have lost faith in team.

My 2 pence worth, probably diamond shape.

Hughes may go more conservative today and with experience so:

Foster. (no better then McCarthy but worth a chance)

Bertrand, Yoshida, Stephens, Cedric (Think Stephens works better with Yosh)

Davis, Romeu, Hojbjerg, Ward Prowse

Long, Sims

(Austin, Gabi, Boufal or Redmond after half time. It is probably too soon for Austin to have a full game.
(Long playing feeder to Sims)

Draw 1:1
Looks like Hughes!!
at 22:55 12 Mar 2018

According to Sky Hughes looks most likely to be next manager.

Wenger to Everton?
at 09:53 5 Mar 2018

Everton think they can coax Wenger from Arsenal. Wonder if by some extreme luck we avoid relegation can we try capture him too!!

Think he probably has had enough stick from Arsenal fans and Everton fans and management are not know for patience with managers when it comes to barren patches.

A chance for a more calmer few years with Southampton perhaps?
Super computer now predicts Saints relegation
at 21:26 14 Feb 2018

While a lot of these predictions should be taken with a pinch of salt I beleive the predictions at this time of year are more realistic. These are not stats based on simple projections they are based on current manager performance (amongst other indicators) and genuine assessments of probability of whether a win rate of 20% can jump to the 40% needed to keep Saints up (that includes draws). While our team is better then most around tenth place that does not matter it is leadership that counts.

It predicts a draw with Burnley, a win against Stoke, loss to Newcastle but ultimately a loss to Man City will take us down!!

Sorry but I do believe this to be realistic!!
Only the Fan Base and Players can keep Saints in Premiership!!
at 11:29 13 Feb 2018

Forget about Krueger as his dealings with Premiership started in 2014. He has no experience of coping with danger when it comes knocking on the door and if he did he would have seen it at least in December. Also 95% of his Wikipedia page relates to Ice hockey!!

Reed, well ....................... enough said!!!!
MP, well........,,,,,..........enough said!!!!!

Other board members, they rely on above!!

While MP throws out random team selections and tactics we are left exasperated and perplex and I for one will now try and support team as much as possible as it is now down to fans to step in because all the above have failed. It is an enormous ask of fans as we should not be in this mess but can’t see any other way to save team.

It is almost like being a parent to a small child!!
We are supporters who should be enjoying a game win or loose and should not be responsible for saving our team from relegation.

Practically comical if it were not for the great expense on supporters shoulders.
Liverpool’s trip to St Mary’s now like going to Goodison Park!!
at 10:14 11 Feb 2018

The Liverpool Echo on why it is just as intimidating for Liverhampton to go to St Marys.

Hopefully they will not be as geared up to beat us as much as Everton!!

Football cartoon characters and we are:
at 23:42 1 Feb 2018

Many of you may have come across the Simpson’s over the years especially if you have young adults or teenagers. Interesting to see how other people see us through the eyes of cartoon characters!!

If every Premiership team was a Simpson character:

Chrystal Palace, Everton, Huddersfield, Leicester and Liverpool:

Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle, Southampton and Stoke:

Like the fact he viewed Southampton as the most sensible and mature one!!
Football related but a bit of fun nonetheless!!
Arguably one of the most difficult days today!!
at 00:40 31 Jan 2018

We loose and then one of the most difficult days for a Saints fan in this decade. We win then perhaps some hope. But why O’ why have we been so undervalued and overlooked as a fan base regards to our view point since at least early December!! Overwhelmingly we could all see so many faults with management from top to bottom and were completely concidered irrelevant to our club!! Confirms theory that club is detached from fan base!!
Significant day today!!
Club is officially in ‘Gambling mode’
at 12:38 11 Jan 2018

Many of you posters noticed early on in the season that Pellegrino was not up to the job. I on the other hand cannot claim to be able to spot such deficiency in management skills but could see from early December that numbers were not right for Saints.

The club is officially in ‘Gambling mode’ because if they do not get any points or just a draw from next 3 games (one of which is Spurs) then we are in need of a 46% win rate to avoid relegation (get min of 38 points). Forget draws as there is no point in those due to the little impact a point will have on what is needed to survive relegation. How can a supposed great model like Southampton FC come to this and who can provide such a win rate!! Pellegrino? For goodness sake!!

Cannot blame the supporters ‘though feels like the club appear to be trying to place some blame on us for not getting behind team’ what a load of bull. In a way also you can’t blame Pellegrino because if the ‘saints model’ worked properly they would have seen at least a month ago Pellegrino had to go. So I do not agree with negativity towards him or the players because it is Southampton’s board fault.

Quite simply the ‘Southampton way’ upper management has put the club in grave danger through their very poor ability to read real danger when it comes knocking on the door. They can’t blame VVD for that, if he was having such a negative influence then they should have sent him to play full time with the under 23 and maybe VVD was imposed back on MP and that is why the club is backing Pellegrino. The board are coming across as very weak.

A Car Crashing in Slow Motion!! and we supporters have to stand helplessly by and watch it happen. Unless Pellegrino has been hiding some magical tactical ability that only Southampton management can see!! Dream on as a 46% win rate is only something the top 4 teams can achieve. At the moment the best of the rest managers Sam, Puel and Dyche are on 40% win rates and how on Earth is MP going to match that. He is currently on 20% win rate.

It has come down to the wire, if we do not get 6 points from next 3 games we need a 46% win rate after that. Pellegrino cannot achieve that and we will go down. While I don’t mind the Championship (more entertaining and far less greed) I like many others am in complete despair with how the club has been run this season.
Premiership? - perhaps we should let it go!!
at 23:40 27 Dec 2017

For my husband’s 30th birthday in 1999 he received £100 shares in Southampton FC from 5 of his friends. He could not have been happier. Those shares clearly became worthless when the club went into administration. The best year was in 2010-11 season when Nigel Atkins was manager and Ricky Lambert was on fire.
I really do not mind if we go back into the Championship due to the dullness of the Premiership but the behaviour of some of our (now former) players has absolutely put into context and reality of the greed and egotistical behaviour evident in football today.

To spite of the likes of VVD and Fonte I hope we do not get relegated because:

Clearly that is what they both want despite their former team mates (Southampton) allegiance to them.

They could not give a fiddlers about Southampton fans because they became so fixated on big money clubs being interested in them, alliance to a club that payed them extremely well became irrelevant.

To them Southampton being relegated will make life easier for them in the Premiership because they will not be embarrassed by booing!!

Worse is that they inevitably will turn round and say Southampton Fc got so much money for them we should be cheering them and not booing. Oh for goodness sake give us a break from all of this crap!!

Perhaps I have changed my mind and lets leave this behind, go back to the Championship and start over again. Maybe the current owner will sell fast to cut his losses!!
Should we park the bus against Huddersfield?
at 23:53 20 Dec 2017

I only saw a bit of MOTD2 on Monday morning but what I did see was David Wagner responding to question ‘why has his team exceeded expectations in the Premiership so far’ and he responded by saying he has the best 2 number nine counter attacking players in the best of the rest and are therefore able to get results based on that (more or less what he said)

Question - should we do what Man United did to us ‘ park the bus because we can contain them and dismantle their defence by pulling them out of position and increasing our chances of getting a result, therefore containing their number nines!!. In other words we are not sharp enough yet and need to play the numbers game to get a result.

Jose Mourinho news article - why he parked the bus agains Southampton:
Statistically we are in trouble!!
at 17:47 16 Dec 2017

I don’t want to admit it but I am one of those boring numbers person and have worked in projection statistics in the past.
With regret here we go we have 18 points and need about 40 to be safe:
20 games left
Worst case scenario:
6 = top teams - City, United, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool = 0 points
4 = teams improving - Everton, Leister, Burnley and West Ham. = 0 points
10 games left and if we average based on performance so far then = 15 points

So 18+15 = 34

Best case and a lot of luck:
6 top teams with a win and Draw = 4 points
4 improving teams. = 4 points
10 games with bit better rate = 17 points

So 18+4+4+17 = 43

Wondering where the massive shift in form is going to come from but always hopeful!!

O’ Dear!!!
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