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Southampton 0 v 0 Burnley
Barclays Premier League
Sunday, 12th August 2018 Kick-off 13:30
Saints At West Brom The Preview
Friday, 2nd Feb 2018 16:31

A massive game for Saints at the Hawthorns, we need all the luck we can get and then some, but we can go there and win and that is crucial.

The fans have lost faith with the manager, if there was any doubt about that then it was confirmed on Wednesday evening, this is not a poor squad, it is not one not paying for the manager, but it is one that is rudderless, against Brighton the players played as individuals and not a team, they appeared unsure just what formation to play and although Mauricio Pellegrino did for one try something out of the box, it didn't pay off.

The fans are asking why the four biggest signings were on the bench and in the case of Lemina barely plays at all these days despite being clearly a class act when he does.

Who can second guess what Pellegrino will put out tommorrow ?

There is almost no point in writing a report, we can all predict what the manager is going to do and what the result of that will be, a squad like this doesn't go to pot for good reason, if we don't change the manager then the only thing we can change is our luck and we could really do with some of that for once instead of incompetent referees and cheating opposition players who con them.

On a plus point we are now five games unbeaten and three in the League we have showed that we have nothing to fear from other tams except fear itself, perhaps luck will change and the players will find it in themselves to start playing with a bit of freedom rather than the stifling tctics of a manager who is slowly losing the plot as was evidenced by his rambling "handsome" comment yesterday.

This game will either get us out of the bottom five or perhaps make the board realise that they cannot let things continue.

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the_saint added 17:33 - Feb 2
Mp is useless so it’s up to reed to sort but he does nothing so then it’s up to Ralph to have a chat to reed to have a word with mp but he does nothing so then it’s down to the owner to have a chat to Ralph to have a chat to reed to have a word with mp and guess what he does nothing. So in summary it’s rotten to the core. Never have I seen such incompetence from a business.

SanMarco added 17:37 - Feb 2
A poor showing and a defeat will be the end for MP. In truth, he would usually have been gone long ago but the Board are already regretting one sacking and have been very slow to hit the on switch on MP's electric chair.

Anyone else fearing a JRod goal or two? I would be 'happy' with a point but I am not sure that a draw is good enough. There is an argument to be made that Brighton, Huddersfield and Saints are the worst 3 sides in the league at the moment. Saints need to prove me wrong tomorrow. If they don't then I don't think the comments on here on Sunday will be fun to read...

rjh added 17:56 - Feb 2
Waste of time. We are already down. The whole thing is a joke. Puel's sacking and this was written in the stars.

LordDZLucan added 18:04 - Feb 2
I don't think Pellegrino will get sacked before the end of the season. Relegation is something that Saints actively plans for unlike some other clubs so relegation to Saints is not something to be feared. The club has been squirreling money away for the last few seasons just in case relegation happens. It certainly hasn't been spending it on players as evidenced by the last transfer window, and the one before, and the one before......... As unpalatable as that may sound this is the reality!

AmericanSaint added 18:17 - Feb 2
I know I have been in the minority of not wanting to sack MP, but I will say that if we do not win tomorrow (unless the loss is a bs one like the handball at watford) then that is what is needed. While there is still time and looking at the schedule and the few points that separates 10th from 201th, if the board wants to stay up then he will have to go. I agree with a lot of comment that there is something going on in the background that we are not seeing. I think another problem is that some of the players are just showing up and there is no true obviously leader in the team (Davis is not it). This is MP's last chance and he better go all out and play all the top players - Lineup should be:
Soares, Yoshi, Hoedt, Bertrand
Tadic, Lemina, Romeu, Boufal
Long Carillo

Keep it simple stupid (KISS).

the_saint added 18:40 - Feb 2
I like the team AmericanSaint but no place for Hojbjerg? He has been one of our best players and the only midfielder that passes forwards

saintmark1976 added 19:12 - Feb 2
If my memory serves me correctly before a ball was kicked we were being offered by the bookmakers at 80/1 against being relegated this season. The same bet is now offered at 100/30 and if we lose tomorrow the price will be even tighter. Has there ever previously been such a difference in the odds for any club over such a relatively short space of time? Anybody who took the 80/1 must be feeling quite chuffed at the moment. I wonder if there were many who did?


AmericanSaint added 19:29 - Feb 2
@theSaint - I agree, I like PEH ALOT, but in this case we need the ability of Lemina to move forward with the ball while Romeu holds back to protect the CBs. If we are ahead in the 2nd period, I would bring PEH on for Lemina and then offer more protection with the ability to move forward if needed.

Owen_Ther added 19:46 - Feb 2
MP appears a dismal uninspiring chap who is full of excuses and out of his depth. The die is set for relegation unless the board wakes up. It is way overdue to drop Tadic, start with Boufal in the centre for a change. Bring back Lemina. Bring in Sam McQueen, bring back Redmond, Go 433. Go 442. Go 352. Go anything but MP's tedious dogged draw ridden 4231. Bring back Forster - he was dropped just as he had come back to form! Bring back Yoshi. Bring back Sam Gallagher from Birmingham. Use Josh Sims. Above all let's find a manager with a can do attitude who does not whine all the time about how "difficult" it all is. However when I look at the Promes shambles it seems all round like a case of Nero fiddling whilst Rome burns!

brownk added 22:16 - Feb 2
Why on earth would you bring back Forster. That's one decision he got right after keeping faith with him for too long. Sides only need to get a shot on target and it ended in a goal. McCarthy has done ok and at least he comes for crosses to release pressure. Side should be:
McCarthy, Cedric, Stephens, Hoedt, Bertrand, Hojberg, Romeu, Lemina, Tadic, Cariilo, Gabbi

Gabby and Carillo up top & Tadic in the hole.

However, don't expect MP will play a team that makes any sense as per usual!

rebelsaint57 added 22:54 - Feb 2
saintmark 80/1 was some price,, i have money on us to go down at 25/1 hope i am wrong,, Bookies still fancy us to stay up but i am losing hope fast with this manager

DorsetIan added 23:18 - Feb 2
It speaks volumes that 25 games into the season, not only can anyone guess what MP’s starting 11 will be but I also don’t think anyone would claim to know who are best 11 are.

At the back he’s got to keep it the same: McCarthy, Cedric, Stephens, Hoedt, Betrand, Romeu, PEH

He’s got to play Carillo and he needs JWP to provide some crosses and set pieces for him.

The other two?? This is the problem, isn’t it. Boufal, Tadic, Davies, Lemina, Redmond, Long, Gabbiadini?? Seven players each able to disappoint in their own particular way...

amsterdamsaint added 00:10 - Feb 3
Boufal and Lemina

perazi added 01:34 - Feb 3
Your points about the inept Manager and the non-selection of players like Lemina and Boufal only confirm the puzzling decision not to replace him 6 weeks ago - after the Leicester debacle.

A_Saint_in_Stoke added 03:59 - Feb 3
From Mauricio Pellegrino pre match video - " Carrillo looks alive "

Well, hurrah ........................... we apparently have bought a striker who is alive!!!! makes a change I suppose.
So let's put him in goal so he can direct the others in "how to score " but he can't speak any English? ,,,, oh well he'll have to wave his arms about, shove Foster up to centre - striker ( he can be out target man ) put the other name in the hat ( but leave Lamina's name out - that will teach him for not kissing MP GOOD-NIGHT ) and lets for a change play 1-9-1 - that should fool them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SaintBrock added 09:14 - Feb 3
This is almost certainly another 0-0 game which will be excuse enough for Reed to bottle the sacking of The Clown once again. Undoubtedly we will have passed the point of no return tomorrow so you could ague it won't matter much if he is here or not. We'll be down so might as well get used to it.

What gets me is that constantly picking Ward Prowse as starter is a surely a dismissible offence

petedoors1 added 10:51 - Feb 3
I would go for the same team as brownk. McCarthy, Cedric, Stephens, Hoedt, Bertrand, Hojberg, Romeu, Lemina, Tadic, Cariilo, Gabbi we need fighters today and I think these would be best. Davis is to slow now and Ward Prowse is to light weight, cant tackle and his corners are shite.

warrens76 added 11:40 - Feb 3
Well the daily Echo are doing there best to help the club, so many fans are now feeling conned by Ralph's statements, Les's Over promotion and the dregs we have ended up with as result of 2014 total reversal of Marcus and NC policy that they have banned all comments on 3 different threads, pity they are so quick to shut the fans up and so slow to ask serious about every article sitting on the fence.

Anyway I know Nick and others have supported the club long before this debacle and given it every get out of jail card known to man, however the PLAYING side is totally a result of a disconnected board and although capable in some areas a DoF who is massively over promoted and in thrall to his own power within the club.

We should be debating the strengths and weaknesses of individual players and lauding obvious heroes and regrettably picking on some poor Guly type, but no the team is a result of actions much higher up the food chain, the manager is hopeless, genuinely clueless with the talent in certain areas at his disposal, the players play a monotonous stop, pass, receive, control, stop, pass, receive, control in a never ending touch is an eon ago, but players play that negative mindset for a reason, no plan, no direction, no understanding or reading the game, no inter player 6th sense (impossible if you do not know whether you are going to play nor who with) no drive, no on field leadership NONE and absolutely none off it, add in that all the above leads to a speed of play that Leeds could defend, the Leeds players of the 70's in their 70's today I mean and what have you got.

You want a recipe for failure well you just read it..

All of the above though has come about by an absolute failure to prioritise football success and advancement, with the current management heirarchy who refuse to seize our potential over selling the components for it we will be in this situation for a long time to come...

I am actually preparing to visit some old stamping grounds next season, in a way at least we can compete in the Championship...we have the wrong owners and that is who everyone in the club is subservient to for any success in the PL.......the most embarrassing thing though is how the incompetence and selling club tag have stripped us of any dignity the media quite frankly despise us and it shows.


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