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at 19:17 11 Jan 2021

Let's blast the gunners ---- providing we get past The Shrews ........ Come on you SAINTS!
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at 17:41 11 Jan 2021

WHY? Should I be FORCED to watch TV adverts with - small children being beaten & abused - the horrible images filmed by RSPCA of how others treat their "so called pets " - Animals being caught in snair traps - Donkeys being whipped to carry large loads uphills when the state of their poor legs anyone can see their in pain?  why do I have to watch When the advert messages are so upsetting and very CLEAR?

......... COVID-19 !   I have been SCREAMING  For months - for the powers that be - To fill our screens FOR EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY  ---  24/7 with images of a variety of patient on Ventilators  - Gasping to breath ... With small children in distress - Grandparents warning - this could be you! 

In my opinion - this is the only way - to get across how serious this really is!
Can you imagine How ANGRY I am to learn that apparently some thicko organization - Has prevented from this happening ---- and the only few images that we have seen - Have all been smuggled out undercover -- Can anyone verify that this is correct please?
Would Ozzie101 contact ASIS Please! (n/t)
at 02:06 9 Jan 2021

at 19:53 17 Dec 2020

It should be that - EVERYTHING should be done to help/shield our fantastic NHS Staff & Careers ...... Knowing that 3 weeks after Thanksgiving Day (Very similar to our Christmas festivities were whole Families in America meet up for a family meal !) there was A MASSIVE INCREASE in COVID-19 cases -- which lead to all medical staff being overstretched with staff ending totally exhausted leading on to record deaths numbers . Taking all the wishy-washy messages from our leaders - It doesn't take a mastermind to KNOW - That exactly the same WILL HAPPEN TO OUR HOSPITALS & NHS staff  here in January & February - SO we will have more positive COVID-19 cases .... leading to record dead counts and an exhausted overstretched NHS. The whole situation isn't easy juggling Health versus Economy matters and NOBODY likes giving out bad news - but where lives are at risks . Why not just say!  There HAS TO BE TOTAL LOCKDOWN - have the balls say forget Christmas just for this year - one exception is the elderly who may not see 2022! let's wait for when the antidotes kick in? Generally I am very positive - but can only be positive of the Anger/Confusion & mayhem that will erupt throughout our NHS - And I would love to be proved wrong please!
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at 23:46 14 Dec 2020

O.M.G what ever are we going to do? Are we going to starve to death / or will we not have enough money to afford alcohol? FACT - In January  we import from the EU. - -  90% of Lettuce. 85% 0f Tomatoes. 70% of Soft Fruit.
FACT -  we import from the EU. - -  Deal or no-deal prices of these products prices WILL INCREASE.
Cheeses - feta/haloumi/Gorgonzola will rise Up to 55%
Meats - Proscictto / Bratwurst.  will rise Up to31%Olive oil  - will rise Up to 32%
Most people with an once of intelligence - will either change their diets for a few months OR source a cheaper alternative OR better still BUY UK PRODUCTS! if that is possible - lets face it 20/30 years ago - we didn't have any choice - as there was not any markets here in the UK .... and these produces - were not readily available.

My personal experience ( which I will probably will be lambasted for )-- I love my cuppa - and used to purchase 160 Twinnings English Breakfast teabags costing on offer at£2.79. 
I was asked by my daughter to pop into Aldi -  and happened to noticed  Diplomate Gold Blend 80 tea bags for £1.05 - bought a box - And found they had a much better flavor & MORE enjoyable THAN the more expensive TWINNINGS.
Then shocks of shocks my local Aldi has not had any stock of Blend for a few weeks now - but yesterday noticed Diplomat Gold Label 80 tea bags for £0.95 PENCE ... just as enjoyable with me saving money -- a result !
So " Come on folks " let us be more positive - you could discover better deals/save money - and I admit the next few years is bound to be bumpy .... but we will all be better off in the end, as we will be motivated to look for better more cost-effective products, and save you money!
So you would agree with the E.U. then?
at 11:17 12 Dec 2020

At Present - What the EU are insisting -- is for instance ..... If the EU has to increase Their V.A.T rate to 22% to cover their OWN budget shortfall - Due to their overpaid unelected bureaucrats needing extra monies to cover their PRIVATE air transport (As they need to hire private jets - for their meeting jollies - look at their history on this!) ....... THEN if the UK did not increase our VAT by 2% ....... The EU have the rights to punish us by imposing sanctions --- if we do not fall in line with them - as we would have an unfair advantage!

So you would like to agree with that then?
The first of many benefits NOW to come our way!
at 02:58 8 Dec 2020

EU nations are fighting over whose citizens should get the Covid vaccine first with France and Germany 'trying to out-muscle smaller countries - they are so caring of the other E.U. partners - don't you think?

The EU's determination to agree a block-wide vaccination program across all 27 member states allowed US here in the U.K.to be the first ........ THIS IS WHY we won the race to be the first to approve the vaccine - which will be launch later TO-DAY.

SO BY BEING OUT OF THE CLUTCHES OF E.U WE are free to do as WE WISH .............. without the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels telling us what we can or can't do? Like they have imposed on us for over 44 years -- and we have been paying for the pleasure?

I feel our government has been awful with regard to the virus with lies and cock - ups a plenty so far - and am disgusted with test & trace........ but love him or not Boris IS carrying out the wishes of the British electorate, 2% is close but it's called democracy.

Hopefully we end up with a satisfactory deal for US - but I can't really see this happening - as THE E.U.BULLY BOYS - have at last met their match ! The road will be extremely bumpy for the next few years - but we WILL be much better off in later years.

And talking about matches .... our beloved Saints fully deserved the bit of luck in - the win at Brighton last night. ... Well done boys.

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Is anyone as concerned as I am?
at 07:58 11 Sep 2020

Aug 2020 - The spasm of vigilante violence takes place at the intersection of several Towns & Cities in American. Sales of guns have gone through the roof - even if you are able to buy one it is so very easy! I feel that very - very soon they will .... BOUND TO END IN A BLOODBATH S SHOOTINGS? Never mind black lifes matters --- surly ---- ALL LIVES MATTER?
Well - What a surprize?
at 05:30 5 Sep 2020

Our board has started legal proceedings against LD Sports for breach of contract ?

It just seemed to me - that who thought this was a "good idea! In the first place" To choose such a company ... Needs their head read!!!!! From what I can gather we got paid for the 1st year of 3 from a company who didn't seem to trade? Surly this should have rung alarms bells? Could this not be a sneaky way by our underhanded Chinese friends to involve our club in "Money Laundering ?" let alone us fans having to view that horrible logo, every time our team played! Would anyone have more information or comments please?
CRISIS At Germany's Deutsche Bank!
at 14:18 3 Feb 2020

Germany is now in recession and BILLIONS Of Dollars are being LOST As Bank Continues To CRASH: -

I feel that this is the beginning of the end and the E.U. will break up... and will end within 10 years! Thank god we are OUT!

If you picked up over the weekend - the most thing the E.U. is fearing is - that other countries may want to follow the U.K. in getting out!
[Post edited 3 Feb 2020 14:19]
A gamechanger - the EU must get real.
at 08:12 3 Jan 2020

The EU - up till the December UK election ....... "Let's face it - with the considerable help of our MP's in our own parliament " the EU have Just pushed the UK around - treating us like Shit and humiliating us on every occasion they could -- BUT In just weeks the EU will lose 10% of its income, 12% of its population, and 13% of its total GDP ......

YES, FOLKS with 26 other countries SUPPOSE to be contributing – THE UK PAYS 13% OF THE WHOLE OF THE EU BILLS, with the unelected bureaucrat increasing the EU's budget YET AGAIN !!!!!!!! - NOW because Britain is leaving ... it's time for them to be realistic about a trade deal!

EU insiders convinced themselves that former Commons Speaker, John Bercow, and his allies would see off Boris Johnson’s premiership, take control of Parliament and push through a second referendum, perhaps aided by the Labour Party. Soon, they said, the Brexit nightmare would be over.

Well, we know how that worked out. They had not taken into account the most immovable obstacle of all: the will of the British people.

So now the EU finds itself in an unprecedented situation, facing a newly elected Prime Minister with a whopping majority and a popular mandate to get the whole business done and dusted as quickly and ruthlessly as possible.

I wonder why they have been resisting - the UK leaving?

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