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A Rickie Lambert type ?
at 23:59 13 Feb 2022

Firstly - At the beginning of our 2021/22 season --  If any reasonable Saints Fan were given  .....a  likelihood of a top ten finish therefore being assured of another year in the Premiership after nearly two 3rd's of our season completed - I certainly - along with many others - would have been extremely happy. Well done to Ralph in putting together & fusing a high pressing attractive style TEAM .... the most thing that comes across to me  - is the workrate/DESIREto win. Having said that I still feel that a previous Saints hero of mine - a " Rickie Lambert " type forward - would be a brillient addition!We are good at getting in positive positions - but seem to waste many many chances , that our lads are creating ..... can you imagine what an improvement in our league position , if we could convert another percentage of those chances ?
Can any SAINTS stats person - answer this please ?
at 23:08 26 Sep 2021

How many games/ points have Saints LOST in the 2nd half - when the opposing team are kicking towards THEIR OWN FANS.

And how many times have our match day opposition team NOT ...... kicked toward The Northan away fans end ...... So 2nd half Premiership league performances ONLY, say over the last 5 seasons!

As you are aware another 3 points were squandered today! I think/feel that you would be FLABBIGASED at the results !!!

Our team NEEDS ALL THE HELP IT CAN GET to stay in our top league - and I have been an advocate -- OF MOVING ALL THE AWAY FANS .... TO PORTSMOUTH - Sorry slip of the keyboard lol!....... Seriously Cherries away fans - at the side .... Villa.s away fans - at the side - Newcastle away fans " Are high in the gods - and NEED a telescope to even see the pitch -- IT Annoys me with every home game when the opposing team have corner -- The away fans raise their volumes - AND LIFT THEIR TEAM !!!!!!!!!

Look I know it would not be easy -- be very distrupted ... and avast amount of hard work and organizing. For several years now year on year this subject is brought up in our FF and Every time this is raised at a Fans Forum --- The only answer we get is ----- WE ARE LOOKING INTO IT ?

Our club could be relegated just bynot carrying this through -- the few points of moving the away fans --- PLEASE CONSIDER TO " Organisise moving the away fans - for the start of next season please. or we could be looking back - and thinking " Wish we had done it sooner - now we have dropped to the chamionchip?

OVER to your exspert stats geniuses.

Has anyone seen our chairman Goa ?
at 00:25 24 Aug 2021

Our money laundering chairman being none existent - and with Kat only interested in preserving her families money - I REALLY WANT TO feel excited about our new season - but am finding that our club transfer dealings - really pathetic - and you can not blame Danny for leaving a club - with very little positive vision! I do understand that it is unrealistic to hope our Saints challenging the top 4 places - BUT having said that there does not seem our board or anyone - Have any positive vision of WHAT we are aiming for ,other than trying to preserve our premiership status.
Give credit it does seem that Armstrong will do well for us - but we desperately NEED A STRONG CH LEADER to marshal AND ORGANISE our defence - and do not feel that a Slovenian/Brazilian playing in Italy --- will be our answer to our problem? THIS again smacks of another Corrello ---- a waste of time & expensive - it again seems lets go for a cheap option! £15 Million IN £7.5 Mill as a replacement!
Hopefully Ralph has been consulted - and i will give him his chance and support him to do well for us . COYS

Has anyone seen our chairman Goa ?
at 00:12 24 Aug 2021

Our money laundering chairman being none existent - and with Kat only interested in preserving her families money - I REALLY WANT TO feel excited about our new season - but am finding that our club transfer dealings - really pathetic - and you can not blame Danny for leaving a club - with very little positive vision! I do understand that it is unrealistic to hope our Saints challenging the top 4 places - BUT having said that there does not seem our board or anyone - Have any positive vision of WHAT we are aiming for ,other than trying to preserve our premiership status.
Give credit it does seem that Armstrong will do well for us - but we desperately NEED A STRONG CH LEADER to marshal
Marcus will be turning in his grave!
at 20:46 4 Aug 2021

He will surely be looking down - with despair - I totally understand that Kat has to look after her money - But to then pick a chairman - that is only interest in money laundering what little money that he supposedly have had? ....... what has happened to our court case saints brought against him for none payment of advertising fees?

I am generally positive with regard to Saints - BUT I fear that this time - we need miracles to stay in the PREM ... I would not blame for even Ralph to resign!
J.W.P. to follow Danny ?????
at 19:23 4 Aug 2021

It just makes lots of sense as a Grelish replacement ----- £25 million for Danny a proven PREM Goalscorer who drempt that deal up? and understand that we can't keep our best players so how about how about our board just to give JWP away to villa as aBOG OFFER ?? -- Poor Ralph - poor us, the fans?
Thanks DANNY.
at 18:55 4 Aug 2021

Best of luck and a big THANK YOU For helping us stay in the prem. Let's face it? who would want to stay with a club - with no ambition, but to scrap to stay in the Prem!! with a chairman and board that are ONLY INTERESTED IN MONEY! I really do feel for Ralph?

The supposed bid £25 mill ....... we should have got much more - would you not agree?

And agree that it is in Dan's own interest.........The very best of luck!
[Post edited 4 Aug 2021 19:06]
at 03:23 3 Aug 2021

Nice to see that Mohamed Elyounoussi ---- has brought his brother to St Mary's lol .

A good move to bring in Tino ... Congrates again to Ralph - by attracting an up and coming 18 year old .... instead of buying expensive overrated foreign dross ........ that eventually costs us in money and manpower ---- WELCOME TO SAINTS TINO.
at 01:46 29 Jun 2021

For the people who disagreed with us leaving the E.U --- Can't YOU SEE - and
now get behind and support the idea that we have now left? Just open your mind.... and ajust your views --- Earlier today Ashwani Gupta the chief operating officer for Nissan UK - announced that they have signed off ...... TO BUILD ONE OF THE LARGEST CAR BATTERY FACTORIES IN THE WORLD - IN SUNDERLAND ..... thus protecting THOUSANDS of jobs - One of the reasons given was ---- WE CAN NOW TARGET " THE WHOLE WORLD " without interference from the E.U.
[Post edited 29 Jun 2021 1:47]
Fact or Fiction - What can the E.U. do?
at 23:51 23 May 2021

You are seated on your Ryanair flight - traveling from Greece to LITHUANIA - Both EU countries on an Irish airline .....  No danger you believe !!
Your plane takes off -----  Once entering Belaruse airspace - 2 large fighter planes FORCE ___ your Irish holiday flight plane to LAND !!
Heverly ARMED masked soldiers enter and arrest a Belarus opposition leader and remove him from the plane.
THIS actually took place in the last few days.   It will be interesting to see what action the EU will put in place?
I believe that once the citizens of the EU - realize the EU is just there to provide " jobs for the boys " this Circus will disintegrate within 10 years --
AND THIS is the organization that Scotland is DESPERATE to join.
A very good question!....... any thoughts?
at 18:56 23 May 2021

On experiencing Saint's first-half performance - A sky pundit posed this Question... I wonder if the Southampton Chairman & Board members - have" any Idea " in which direction they are steering the club?

I personally want to be positive - But I feel our club is rudderless - and heading for the rocks?

After Pep's support and admiration at the talents of Redmond, a couple of years ago ..... If it was my decision - I would heavily fine Redmond and make an example - by slapping him on the transfer list -- For his pathetic/lackluster performance against West Ham this afternoon.
Am I being Tooo Optimistic?
at 10:17 24 Mar 2021

Looking toward our semi against Leicester - I REALLY feel we have a good chance ... I think that our main concern is getting Oriol ROMEU back and firing again to take care of Maddison in midfield - how about having a front line of Adams - Ings - Redmond with Takumi MINAMINO just behind ... that should destroy Brendan Rogers plans - whatever happens, we do need that bit of luck! Remember in our last semi Gabbie SHOULD have had his hattrick - HE WAS CLEARLY ON SIDE ....... BUT Ahhh we do have VAR now --- presumably Danny's THUMBNAIL will be dem him offside and could be THE talking point, of the whole match - rather than giving him a fantastic goal to send him off to pastures new ???? WHAT a load of TOSH !!! THEY HAVE TO SORT VAR OUT as if they cannot come up with a definitive plan - THAT IS SIMPLE & THAT EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS.THEN when we get to the final - well anything could happen - even CITY can have a bad day ---- What a Fantastic way to finish a very shit year off! C.O.U.SAINTS.
Have you changed your opinion at all?
at 23:27 21 Mar 2021

I was genuinally empressed with the EU's attitudes - with regard to looking after and protecting of the smaller countries of their EU. - in particular the IRISH situation ! when negotiating leave?BUT ,  When it did not suit them THE EU COMMISSIONERS  - They showed exactly what their all about - by treating to tear up the agreement -by placing of a border BUT, very quickly had to backtrack! 
SO - You don't think the EU's a dictatorship? Think again? 
Other countries TRIED to look after their own citizens - AND QUICKLY GOT JUMPED ON by the commissions higher leaders - AS THEY KNOW BEST!!!!  THEY ARE IN CHARGE!
What an appsutly shanmbolic shambles - they have made of that  ---  ASK yourself !
Do you really feel that we would have been allowed - to achieve in vaccination over half of our adults? in a fews weeks -- if we were still part of the EU s Circus?
Now this dictatorial Organisation is TREATING to stop all vacations being exsported from ALL THE EU's member states - WHAT DOES THAT TELL US? I agree, that leaving has not been exactly smooth YET - The brurocrates in the EU , are not working with us to find better/easier solutions..... But I am confident that we WILL BE far better off eventually - without paying BILLIONS into a none elected - job for the boys - overpaid - spend as much as we like - the citizens of the EU will love to pay for our lavish lifestyles - ATTITUDE! 
Sky sports new match pundits?
at 14:47 31 Jan 2021

My opinion is to bring back the previous ones PLEASE? Some of the new ones - I do have difficulty to understand - what the hell they are saying ??? ....... I had sky on the other evening ..... I was in and out of the kitchen listening - and I was wondering what he's on about -- talking about a GIRL ... ah! on the 4'th time he said GOAL.

To my mind and I'm NOT BEING SEXES - The BBC female commentators are also AWFUL, and don't make any commentary enjoyable - or making it sensible or flow well.

My top choice including ALL THE MEN as well would be Sky's Michelle Owen - she is extremely knowledgeable in her reporting - describes play, so the viewers can visualize and understand .... to my mind she is BRILLIANT! .........

[Post edited 31 Jan 2021 16:13]
So you don't think that the European Union IS A DICTATORSHIP ?
at 23:12 29 Jan 2021

In Nov/Dec 2020 Germany/Hungry/Italy began negotiating with drugs companies with regard to COVID-19 vaccinations for their own citizens. The EU commissioners stepped in and stopped them - and took over all negotiations from their member countries - and slowed down the procurement procedure - and if you have not realized by now in the last few days == The EU have proved that the European Union IS A DICTATORSHIP ?

Can anyone vote out the these EU Commissioners - A president and 27 Commissioners - A Commissioner's basic monthly salary is fixed at 112.5% of the top civil service grade. This works out at €22,367.04 per month. The President is paid at 138% (€27,436.90 per month), Vice-Presidents at 125% (€24,852.26 per month) and the High Representative at 130% (€25,846.35 per month.... AND Who totally control ALL DECISIONS!

The answer is a resounding NO - they are put in these positions by their mates - So no-one can change this situation they have supreme power until 2024 when this procedure happens all over again! YOU HAVE NO WAY OF REMOVING THEM - THEY ARE FIREPROOF.

Subsequently, these commissioners were accused of being Sluggish & Dithering? Weeks going by while they had many meetings without coming to any conclusion - and not ordering or approving these vaccinations ....................... the consequence being , what has been played out in the past few days!

THE whole point to this is the EU CANNOT let the other countries of the EU seeing that the UK IS being successful at anything! as a warning to any other country who maybe thinking - what is the point of being in the EU!

I believe that within 10 years ITALY followed by GREECE then FRANCE hence the collapsing of the EU and I am so glad we are out of this EU circus

[Post edited 29 Jan 2021 23:35]
Sluggish & Dithering? part 2 .
at 07:54 27 Jan 2021

Firstly thank you to all who posted to Part 1 -- it gave me a good laugh - thank you! If you are Hungarian - you could be offered the Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine. Here from Reuters in Brussels - Hungary’s plans to import and possibly use Russia’s touted Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine raise safety concerns and could damage trust in potential shots, the European Commission said, opening a new front in the EU’s fraught relations with Budapest.
Another example of EU acting like a dictatorship. No doubt Hungary is concerned that - they wish to gain a vaccine against COVID-19 to give their people - and are not satisfied how the EU are being so Sluggish & Dithering? - As mentioned in 1 ..... The EU full council has a 3rd meeting on Friday to discuss the other 2 first meetings ?

As and when Scotland wishes to re-join their beloved EU - sorry, but I do not understand HOW they still want to use their Scottish Pound as their currency - as I understand that the EU HAS INDICATED that is possible ? .......... really?

When all new EU members who wish to join the bloc -- as all have agreed -- and is part of the joining agreement as of the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 are legally obliged to adopt the euro once they meet the criteria, since the terms of their accession treaties make the provisions on the euro binding on them.

Do you really think that ALL the other 27 will agree? As with all EU treaties ALL HAVE to agree ,,,,, and how long do you feel that agreement would take?
at 21:00 26 Jan 2021

Have you any opinions on the launch of The Halo Effect?
Just like Ralph?
at 06:48 26 Jan 2021

Just like when fans were calling for Ralph's head, after the Leicester drubbing The whole point to my mind is --- IF there is a manager that the board - given time will improve the team - then maybe!
Chelsea have sacked Frank ( no doubt in their supporters eyes LEGEND? ) Lampard , and replaced by Thomas Tuchel who was sacked a few weeks ago by PSG. So if he can't make a success at the multimillion euro PSG. -- what are his chances at Chelsea?
I suppose if you have an owner who could lose millions and not blink - BY THE WAY DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE OUR OWNER IS ???? What has happened to our court case suing him?

I really feel for their fans though? More money going out of our game - PAYING BLOODY AGENTS FEES!

I can't see this decision makes any sense ? ..... I give him months.

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