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CRISIS At Germany's Deutsche Bank!
at 14:18 3 Feb 2020

Germany is now in recession and BILLIONS Of Dollars are being LOST As Bank Continues To CRASH: -

I feel that this is the beginning of the end and the E.U. will break up... and will end within 10 years! Thank god we are OUT!

If you picked up over the weekend - the most thing the E.U. is fearing is - that other countries may want to follow the U.K. in getting out!
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A gamechanger - the EU must get real.
at 08:12 3 Jan 2020

The EU - up till the December UK election ....... "Let's face it - with the considerable help of our MP's in our own parliament " the EU have Just pushed the UK around - treating us like Shit and humiliating us on every occasion they could -- BUT In just weeks the EU will lose 10% of its income, 12% of its population, and 13% of its total GDP ......

YES, FOLKS with 26 other countries SUPPOSE to be contributing – THE UK PAYS 13% OF THE WHOLE OF THE EU BILLS, with the unelected bureaucrat increasing the EU's budget YET AGAIN !!!!!!!! - NOW because Britain is leaving ... it's time for them to be realistic about a trade deal!

EU insiders convinced themselves that former Commons Speaker, John Bercow, and his allies would see off Boris Johnson’s premiership, take control of Parliament and push through a second referendum, perhaps aided by the Labour Party. Soon, they said, the Brexit nightmare would be over.

Well, we know how that worked out. They had not taken into account the most immovable obstacle of all: the will of the British people.

So now the EU finds itself in an unprecedented situation, facing a newly elected Prime Minister with a whopping majority and a popular mandate to get the whole business done and dusted as quickly and ruthlessly as possible.

I wonder why they have been resisting - the UK leaving?

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Corbyn's intention to stand down?
at 04:04 13 Dec 2019

My pick for next leader Jess Phillips - A genuine real caring person - who talks common sense - Oh! please not Emily Thornberry - you know her with the bad smell under her nose! and who mocked Dan Ware by her for hanging a St George’s flag on his house and had the audacity to have a white van, on his drive! White van man Dan Ware who was mocked by Emily Thornberry is backing England with a patriotic flag display and said - “She is very good at sneering at other people’s lives or ideas but her own thoughts on moving Britain forward are ludicrous.”

Laugh of the day for me was our dear Diane Abbott, posing for a photo this morning - wearing 2 left shoes! ............ and still thinking of that hilarious radio interview - when she kept digging and digging without getting her sums correct on LBC.

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Thank God - Democracy DOES live on?
at 22:27 12 Dec 2019

Exit poll --- A MASSIVE TORY WIN PROJECTED! How many of you - (like I did ) voted Not for the best candidate - but the best of the others that were left!

WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? ................ THE ANSWER ---- ANGER ! ANGER ! ANGER!

The Anger of the electorate against ALL MP'S IN PARLIAMENT.

Nearly 4 years and BILLIONS OF POUNDS WASTED! ...... By the MP'S -- WHO TOLD US -- THEY KNOW BEST!

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Old Mcdonald has a vision?
at 13:18 4 Dec 2019

So he is going to take away the marriage allowance, so that's MINUS £250 ..... BUT !! we are ALL going to be £6,715 better off per year?

Forgive me - but are we now living " In a fantasy land " as there has NEVER been another party achieve anywhere near that return for any taxpayer - even if EVERYONE fell into their perfect criteria?

Sorry, but this policy is unbelievable! and feel that a lot of others will think that " It's saving boast is completely over-exaggerated "

Hassenhuttl standing with a shock on his face.
at 12:03 2 Dec 2019

Nearing half time and 0-1 down to the bottom of the league club .... I really felt for Ralph - ash faced and unlike other managers in the premiership standing alone totally isolated with no other coaches near to bounce any ideas? and with his team seemingly playing with very little structure or fight and thought to myself no matter how positive I am - I really felt that relegation was a distinct possibility!
Today we find ourselves in a more positive position, and with real possibilities of moving up the table given yesterdays results - I can't help feeling that there is trouble in the boardroom, with Goa the main concern - there must be something going on, they feel the fans don't matter - and as usual, total silence!
So what are you going to do then Jeramy?
at 05:12 30 Nov 2019

Insist that the policeman who shot the evil knifeman on London bridge - who had just ended 2 innocent lives ....... be hauled into court - and charge him with murder?
I wonder what you would have done in the same circumstances, Jeramy?
Try to arrest him and take him alive? .......................... giving the terrorist time to detonate his explosive belt - taking the lives of all nearby?

Evil people have to be eliminated - especially to protect the rest of the innocent general public!
Why weren't the Brum school protesters Arrested - on the grounds of being RACIST
at 00:09 27 Nov 2019

On tonight's tv news - Shakeel Afsar was complaining that the judge is WHITE ............ also the council barristers are WHITE ................. the council's legal team are WHITE - and the protesters - will not accept the court's decision!

Being white myself - I find these words deeply offensive.

Mi Mi ................. Just think - should these words be spoken by a white English person ---- all hell would break loose - and arrests would take place for being racist! ............... all I am after is fairness for all!
Are you aware of what "secondary strikes" mean?
at 21:49 22 Nov 2019

This could spark the mass closure of schools, hospitals, and public transport.
I am all for treating others " FAIRLY " but unfortunately I remember the 'Winter of Discontent' 1970's strike plan that paralyzed Britain:
John McDonnell in an interview for Radio 4's today broadcast says the party will allow union reforms so workers could close down schools and HOSPITALS in sympathy with say rail disputes.
So even with a minor dispute - the unions could call on their union's comrades to literally " CLOSE DOWN " the U.K with EVERYTHING grinding to a standstill as they did in the 1970s..... believe me you will not enjoy it! The prospects in so many areas of labour forming the next government are really frightening!

Any idea what our foreign aid is spent on?
at 20:18 12 Nov 2019

King of Swaziland is accused of 'showing the middle finger' to country's impoverished population by spending £13million on 19 Rolls-Royces and dozens of BMWs for his 14 wives
Mswati III has bought 19 Rolls-Royces and as many as 120 BMWs, reports say
The average worker in Swaziland would have to toil for 70 years to afford one
An opposition leader accused the monarch of 'spoiling himself and his family'


Swaziland: Overseas Aid: the WrittenMP's question -
asked by Chris Ruane(Vale of Clwyd)[N]Asked on 23 November 2017

Department for International DevelopmentSwaziland: Overseas Aid115380
To ask the Secretary of State for International Development, how much aid she has provided to Swaziland since her Department was established.
answered by: Alistair Burt Answered on 28 November 2017
The total amount of UK Net Official Development Assistance (ODA) spend on Swaziland since 1997, when my Department was established, was £6.8 million. This figure is sourced from the OECD DAC database and Statistics on International Development (DFID).

The UK spends £13.4 billion on overseas aid and rises every year, in line with the 0.7% of GDP target. A good percentage goes straight into criminal's pockets.
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Man on Man or zonal?
at 18:27 9 Nov 2019

I can only deduce from what I see that our Saints defenders prefer zonal ---  coz the number of times opposition players whether it's forwards or defenders - ARE LEFT COMPLETELY UNMARKED to score goals at will - Completly baffles me? how these men are not " picked up " ?
And for the people who are calling to sack R.H. - just ask yourself who "at this stage of the season " do you suggest - will be any better? The problem that Ralph has - is a very weak back-up coaching team and a none existent chairman that gives him little money to improve a premiership squad! and yes! a scarf was a nice gesture of "we march on" but if you look closely in small stitches are the words " Into the championship " and don't get toooo carried away - it was the company who F*ed our shirts up at the beginning of the season - that paid. We have to stick with Ralph and hope that he can find the answers - but you can pick up that at present he is getting very little backing from the board.
Orange bus re-named?
at 06:31 7 Nov 2019

Jo Swinson
Leader of the Liberal Democrats has been asked by 17.4 MILLION voters to re-name their new battle bus --- Jo Swinson's ....... UN DEMOCRATS !!!

Until they learn what democracy really means, and how it should work correctly!
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I wish that she would not just sit on the fence?
at 05:56 29 Oct 2019

Who reportedly told Labour MPs who oppose an early election to 'go f*** themselves' .............................. at a shadow cabinet meeting yesterday as Jeremy Corbyn agreed to block Boris Johnson's plan for a snap poll on December 12....... Yes it was our  Diane A lol
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Worse than children?
at 19:56 28 Oct 2019

If you have not picked up by now - Our parliamentary MPs are acting more like 5 year-olds! We now have the Lib Dems not agreeing and arguing over a 3 days extension for a general election ................ This is the attitude by the majority of all our MP's OF ALL PARTIES! ........ So this is why we pay them over £70,000 plus p. a + expenses and has taken nearly 4 Years to get nowhere NOWHERE!! --- pathetic or what?
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Sacking Ralph - IS NOT THE ANSWER!
at 23:01 25 Oct 2019

For a start who the hell do you replace him with? who better is Southampton going to attract? No doubt Ralph has not done well of late with his team selections and tactics - but he has shown enough that eventually, he will show us that he is the man that is able to make us proud at St Mary's. I have no idea why the board has not thought to address our 4-year problem of not sorting out our none defensive capabilities, in particular, Centre Backs! If anything should be looked at removing is Goa - No input - No money and a ridiculous situation as a shirt sponsor ............ Kat and the board also have to take MUCH responsibility - for the position that we find ourselves in and not totally suporting our manager. The most disappointing part of to-nights game was the attitude of our players with no leadership, no desire, with little fighting capabilities. Ralph will find some answers and play much better against Man City.
Does it not seem strange?
at 14:45 25 Oct 2019

Just reported that a 26-year-old Vietnamese lady who was INSIDE - and was a poor victim of the "Freezer trailer tragedy in Purfleet " ................ Texted her mum saying " We can not breathe? "

Does it not seem strange? that a text can be sent from inside ----------- but there does not seem to exist a reliable way of " Scanning a lorry/trailer " to find and discover human stowaways ?
This is " HOW " the E.U spends - Your money!
at 15:23 23 Oct 2019

An audit of Brussels spending shows the EU Council, headed by Donald Tusk, spent on
Booze, parties, holidays ... this is how Brussels spends your cash: Eurocrats blew £100,000 on restocking their wine cellar and £85,000 on a relaxation armchair, the new audit reveals that he spent more than £100,000 of taxpayers' cash on up to 4,000 bottles of Champagne last year.
The audit also reveals nearly £50,000 was splurged on the end of year party for EU Council staff – renowned in Brussels for its three-course dinner and all-night party with an open bar for up to 3,000 staff.
Further purchases included spending £40,000 on a bonding day at a theme park in Belgium for EU Council staff and their children and £25,000 for 'renting of furniture' from high-end Dutch firm Alvero Kantoormeubelverhuur.

This is what the REAL E.U. Gravy train is all about?............ and YOUR PAYING FOR IT ALL !!

I respectfully suggest that now that the strongest economy in the E.U. ( Germany ) is now officially " IN RECESSION " how do you feel that the other smaller contributors are fairing? and we are better off outside this sinking ship???
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