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Pellegrino Issues Message To Saints Fans
Tuesday, 13th Mar 2018 14:39

Mauricio Pellegrno has issued a statement to Saints supporters via the club's official website thanking them for their support.

The statement was short and to the point and wished the club and it's supporters all the best, although Saints fans will understandably not be impressed by his spell at the club, hopefully this statement will be taken in the right spirit, Pellegrino has failed to take the club forward, his way did not work, perhaps there were some mitigating circumstances, but ulitmately he is not making excuses just issuing a dignified message, hopefully Saints fans will realise that he tried his best and simply his best was not good enough.

Dear supporters and everyone involved with Southampton Football Club,

As you know, my period in Southampton has finished. From the beginning I tried to do my best every single day, I tried to give back to the club and tried to represent the club with pride.

Some moments we managed this, some moments we couldn’t, but we have been living a difficult season for many reasons. The manager is the face of a lot of decisions and actions, but I always tried to put the club first with my technical staff and the board behind me.

I am really happy with the hospitality of the people of Southampton and the respect you have shown me in every moment during this experience. The fans have been behind us even in difficult games and I am really grateful for your support in those situations.

I have to say thanks to Ralph, to the board, to Les and Ross, all my technical staff and all the Southampton employees. Also to my players, who respected me in every single moment.

I feel so sorry to leave the club in this situation, but when you don’t get results I understand the decision the club has to take.

I wish everyone all the best for the rest of the season, I have enjoyed an amazing experience and I know that Southampton has everything required to move forward.

We March On.



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SonicBoom added 14:44 - Mar 13
Saints fans issue message to Pellegrino.

See ya! Don't let the door hit you up the arse on the way out.

SaintNick added 14:49 - Mar 13
Why the animosity, he was a decent man, just not good enough for the task, I wish him well more than I would some of our ex managers

patred added 14:50 - Mar 13
yep, cherrio

St_Guido added 14:51 - Mar 13
Classy statement tbh, as expected. But glad to see him gone nonetheless.

Consigliere added 14:54 - Mar 13
Oops, clicked the wrong button, I meant to agree not disagree with Nick!

Colburn added 14:55 - Mar 13
He wasn’t the right man for us, out of his depth, but has always come across as a nice guy, maybe too nice and wasn’t attacking enough with his tactics and couldn’t fire up the team. The change should have been made sooner but personally I wish him the very best for the future. Onwards and upwards!

BaselSaint added 15:05 - Mar 13
Any manager who is very conservative with the emphasis on defence and possession rather than attack will never be very popular because quite simply it's boring for the fans - Overall Claude's results weren't that bad but like MP, when at Saints he wouldn't often organise a quick sustained attack without conceding.

aceofthebase added 15:12 - Mar 13
Good man!

SonicBoom added 15:15 - Mar 13
My point Nick was not aggressive. It was more along the lines of indifference. He was only here for 9 months, he got paid multi millions and he failed badly. He wants to leave an emotional message, I was more like "yep, see ya".
He won't be missed will he.

DockersRottingCorpse added 15:17 - Mar 13
He has been stealing a living hence the animosity Nick. Not saying he isnt a nice guy. I do not know his so could not tell you either way.

The animosity should be aimed towards the board as It was obvious at the back end of last year he was out of his depth, and nothing would change. Now like most I fear it is too late.

So whilst I respect his message, which does seem heartfelt as opposed to a pr statement, it changes nothing. We are in the S hit.

BarnetSaint added 15:23 - Mar 13
Decent guy and i hope he finds success elsewhere.
But just too nice and soft for the prem.
That was typified by his meek acceptance of that watford goal, which cost us 2 vital points.
Can you imagine the response to that from mourinho or wenger etc

landsdownsaint added 16:28 - Mar 13
Shame he was t upto it , seems like a proper gent & I wish him all the best , I think the only one excited about Hughsie as our next manager, COYR

Sadoldgit added 16:40 - Mar 13
A very decent man and a very dignified statement despite the abuse he was getting. He clearly cared about the club and did what he thought was right. God help the next guy if he has the same trouble getting this lot to perform!

saintpp added 17:02 - Mar 13
Yes nice guy bye bye enough of your cowardly tqctics you had no excuses
'a difficult season for many reasons" What reason were they ? You didnt have fixture congestion like last year by getting knocked out of the EFl cup first round you had bigger squad and an easy start to the season.
Im glad i never have to read your drivel again.

BoondockSaint added 17:26 - Mar 13
I'm sure a nice guy, and he had to release this under his name so the Saints don't give him a hard time collecting the rest of his contract....maybe when he gets a new job he will explain why the board never got in the players he needed.

However, one question he never addressed, and shockingly, no tv interviewer ever asked him was why he continually benched players who had a good game.. anyway, best of luck to him......and us!

underweststand added 18:17 - Mar 13
Well it's done now..onward and upwards (hopefully)

I think the statement was a good observation of his own (admitted) failure to get results.
Having listened to his tame excuses all season, it's probabaly good that he's gone. I would like to have seen him" get angry" - just once but it's probably not in his nature.

A frank and dignified farewell, and I'm sure (like Puel) he'll do well "somewhere else" .
Very few fond memories to dwell on Mauricio but before you go - just remind Guido that he's our most expensive signing and get to work and show his scoring ability.


codge added 18:53 - Mar 13
See ya wouldn't want to be ya loser.

SaintBrock added 20:26 - Mar 13
Wasted on many fans obviously. The abuse should be levelled at Reed & Kreuger who sat on their hands until it was far too late.

The only good thing to come out of this will be when Kreuger and Reed get their marching orders from Chairman Gao in the close season

KriSaint added 21:30 - Mar 13
Thanks MoPe. All the best. I hope You develop as a manager - game management, tactical flexibility and obvious stuff like that.

SanMarco added 21:34 - Mar 13
I am rather surprised at the animosity coming from some. The guy did his best and the fools in charge of our club did him (and us) no favours by not sacking him sooner. It has been a hard job being managing Saints in the last couple of years and this guy found it too difficult. Good luck to him wherever he goes next.

Jesus_02 added 23:41 - Mar 13
It will be interesting to see how he gets on after saints ...look at Leicester in 8th ?

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