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Tone deaf Saints players
at 05:11 16 Apr 2021

On the back of one of the most spineless performances by a Saints team that I can ever remember against West Brom (and there have been numerous candidates for that award this season), why do players think this sort of article helps the cause in any way?

Sometimes I wish our lads would shut the f@ck up heading into a big game, not use the opportunity to grab a few more seconds of publicity. When I read articles like this I don't get the sense the players are at all hurt by the performances they (collectively) put in on Monday. Instead, here Redmond is giving interviews about how he played Bugsy Malone in the school play when he was a kid. Who on earth advises these players?? Tone-deaf springs to mind...

Yes, VAR / referees f#cked us again BUT...
at 01:45 15 Feb 2021

Look at how we gave the ball away leading up to both goals. Shocking performance second half, almost entirely self-inflicted defeat. Wolves came out fired up after half time, as everyone knew they would, and we totally folded.

Everyone gets bad decisions - we have had an awful run of them lately. But the way the players reacted was pretty pathetic. Instead of making us angry and keen to prove a point, we just collapsed. Again.

In my opinion, it's a smokescreen to talk about the var calls as the fact is both goals were preventable. Both times we had the ball and then gave it away, leading to half chances which we failed to deal with properly.

I think we have a real problem now. The players' heads have dropped to a level we haven't seen since Pellegrino / Hughes. You can see the doubt creeping into our game as soon as opposition steps it up a bit. Huge lack of confidence now running right through the team. We look like a relegation team again and it will be very hard to turn this around. I do believe Ralph is the right man to do it and we will finish this season lower mid table.
deja vu
at 03:40 7 Feb 2021

Identical set of circumstances to last season - lose 9-0 and then follow that up with a demoralising defeat next game. Same thing happened with the Everton game after Leicester last season.

Having watched hte game yesterday, I didn't realise how bad our defending was at the time. Just watched the highlights back. All three goals were atrocious, the last one by far the worst. We have an attacking free kick, for some reason Bertrand takes it not JWP, he blasts it horribly over everyone, and we then follow that up by passing it all the way back to mccarthy who decides to give them a third goal.

Mccarthy's keeping yesterday was horrible - aside from giving them the ball, his positioning was then a disaster. Almiron's shot trickled in at his near post, wasn't hit well at all. Most other keepers would have caught it.

Ugh what a horrible day in the end. Bednarek looked all over the place, they targeted out right side where stephens jogged through the entire game, mostly well out of position. Redmond also terrible final ball. Adams hasn't contributed anything in the last few months, he looks completely shot to me. So many more things wrong with that game, and yes Ralph didn't exactly cover hismelf in glory. Dont know why we didnt stretch it more by adding width?

Onwards and upwards I suppose but jeez that was a very depressing watch
[Post edited 7 Feb 3:41]
at 02:29 6 Feb 2021

Anyone else think Ingsy seems to be carrying some slight extra weight? Looking at the training pics he looks to me slightly less lean than previously. Not saying he's out of shape in any way! Just that I remember in the summer before the start of last season there was a lot of talk about the personal fitness regime he had got himself on and how through the season it paid dividends.

I wonder if there might be a lingering covid effect there. Just a thought, could be totally wrong but he has seemed off the pace recently
at 13:21 20 Sep 2020

I think he needs to start looking at himself. Once again off the pace today, really poor performance. Once again racking up the yellow cards and forcing us to sub him off before he gets a red.

Really can be a liability when he has an off day like today.

On another note, I truly hate spurs. 2 touches in our box and two goals?! f@ck off
This season
at 07:15 29 Aug 2020

Can’t deny I’m feeling pretty excited about this season! Feels a lot like the optimism we’d built
Up under pochettino.

I’m also wondering how djenepo will get on. Think he could be a real asset for us next season if we can keep him fit, he’s very much the forgotten man currently
at 21:24 14 Jul 2020

Sky Sports reporting the deal could be getting closer.

Youtube clips are always hit and miss (Steve de Ridder?!) but he does look like a big strong CB, and seems to shrug players off quite easily. Could be very well suited to the prem.

If we land him, I think he will provide a bit of the physicality I feel we lack at CB sometimes. Quite optimistic about him if it goes through
This arsenal team...
at 19:50 25 Jun 2020

Are one of the worst bunch of sh!thouses I can recall. Dives, time wasting, moaning at the ref with every single kick. They really have become an awful dull side.

What a terrible game oh dear, don't even know where to start. A lot of very poor performances across the board today. Looked totally disinterested
[Post edited 25 Jun 2020 19:51]
Some actual football news!
at 04:41 2 Jun 2020


Absolutely delighted with this. I firmly believe we have a top six manager in place and now hopefully have a bit of stability which we have needed for the past few seasons.

Fair play to the club and fair play to Ralph for the reaction since the 9-0 game. Perversely, that result could just be the best thing that happened to our club in the last three or four years.

On a side note, will be interested to see how our home form goes for the rest of the season when play restarts. If we start picking up points at home without anyone in the stadium, would that suggest that Ralph was right to ask the fans for a bit more positivity?
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