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Given Gao is now gone...
at 17:56 4 Jan 2022

I can safely share some bits i knew about him and the club, some are boring, some are interesting, but they probably put more of the why he bought us into perspective.

It's worth saying the reason i know this is because one of my family worked with him on it, and were even invited to watch games from his box.

So the reason for the initial purchase of Saints by Gao was originally for two reasons, neither of which had anything to do with the football team.

Gao bought us at a time when football was a priority for the Chinese government and his intention was to use our academy model to set up Chinese football academies to help the sport grow in the country, the second was to create "football business programmes" partnering with Southampton University, to train and create an education system and model of revenue based around football.

Both of these key aims collapsed when the chinese government changed their policy towards football, and that was the point when he stopped putting money into the club.

Gao was never going to put billions into Saints, his intentions were to use Saints to create favour in China and to create business connections in Southampton, primarily with the university.

One thing that was never mentioned much was that he was also a devout buddhist and his religion and Katherine's religion were one of the reasons she trusted him as a buyer.

Anyway like i said it's a bit dull maybe, but should give some insight into why he bought us in the first place, and maybe give us an understanding of the things that make us attractive to other buyers.
Premier league approve saints takeover
at 23:26 23 Dec 2021

You heard it here first, should be done by 29th/30th of this month, the club has been sold for £125m
Club taking the p*ss
at 12:56 1 Dec 2021

So Saints have decided to give tickets for a tenner for students? Utter f*cking p*ss take this, given how many folk are priced out of going these days how about they prioritise locals instead of students.

What's gone wrong with our support?
at 14:29 28 Nov 2021

I know the premier league ruins most supports over a period of time but since the restart after covid our support has gone to new levels of embarrassing.

It used to be that we only sung OWTS and/or yellows away from home, that was dull but nothing more, but we seem to have been infested by a new generation of "lads" who seem to think social media/soccer am is the height of wit and have taken it upon themselves to embarrass our city at every opportunity.

Their constant singing of "pompey got battered" in northern accents (why the f*ck is someone from 'Ampshire singing Home like they're from Yorkshire?) they now taking their noddiness to another level.

Yesterday at Liverpool we had people singing possibly the most tin pot embarrassing sh*t i've heard in years "we've won/lost the ball" as if we're some tin pot tiny team supported by yokels who've got all giddy at their first trip out the city (yup the skates sing it).

And then there's this...

Grown f*cking men taking a cardboard cut out of an internet fad to a football game, is there anyway we can get banning orders for these c*nts before they embarrass us further?
at 12:33 11 May 2021

Surprised not to see this on here already but it seems like Bob Mcmurray has passed.

I'm sure most on here will have seen him at games, i personally drank with him a few times in the Spitfire pre game, and shared a pint or a few in Israel with him (as did Pat).

Lovely fella and Saints through and through, can't think of many more loyal than him.

RIP Bob.

The ugly inside fanzine
at 14:25 6 Jul 2020

Nick have you considered doing a one off physical copy of the Ugly for the first game back after the pandemic? I reckon there's loads of folk that'd love it, and a fair few willing to contribute too.

We could even possibly rope back in the cover designer of the infamous "hope you die soon" cover
Kind of hard to argue with this
at 18:32 18 Feb 2020

Feels like i could've written it myself to be honest
Football is broken beyond repair
at 13:02 12 Feb 2020

Nothing new in here really, and i assume most of us probably agree with it all, but it's a good read non the less.
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