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Saints Fans Must Remain Calm Over Manager And Player Announcements
Thursday, 24th May 2018 12:45

Regular contributor Redandwhitesupporter urges Saints fans to remain calm this summer and avoid the meltdowns of the last four years.

The rumour mill is seemingly starting to swirl, with fans still awaiting any communication from the club on both the First team manager and player fronts.

We seemingly live in the modern age where fans, consumers and supporters alike, what to know the latest news or update as soon as it happens whether it be about their favourite football teams, movies or recreational products.

Just because the club are yet to announce the appointment of Mark Hughes, as permanent first team manager of Southampton Football Club doesn't necessarily mean things have stalled or fallen through in anyway.

In fact if we look at what we do know regarding the situation Hughes himself told Adam Blackmore on BBC Radio Solent after the Man City game that he was meeting the club last week before going on holiday from Saturday meaning any delay could simple be just waiting for Hughes to return with both parties comfortable about the situation.

Alongside this a piece in The Daily Telegraph by Jeremy Wilson, stated that Saints were not looking at or speaking to any other candidates for the position.

Two other respected Journalist in Simon Peach and Adam Leitch also commented on the Total Saints Podcast, that it was "all but done" and it was "not if but when" Hughes was appointed on a reported three year deal.

On to the player side of things, it was reported by a number of outlets when the January window slam shut that Saints were eager to get a deal agreed with Spartak Moscow for Quincy Promes to join Saints in this summer.

A lack of time to recruit a replacement for the Dutch Winger, was the reason given to the move falling through this past winter and that the club have already persuaded the player to make the move to the south coast.

I would expect a delay while player and his agent wait to see, if any bigger show an interest this summer but I would not be surprised if we see Promes in a Southampton shirt next season.

Reports of players being linked away are not so far, as frequently appearing as summers gone by although that could be due to the World cup taking place this year.

However the likes of Bertrand and Tadic, who were being touted before the end of the season seemed much happier under Mark Hughes and it could be that they are prepared to stay at least one more year under his management.

During the summer rumours and pieces will no doubt swirl around regarding Saints, however unless it is originated from one of the clubs trusted journalists it is all probably best taken with a pinch of salt.

Just sit back relax and enjoy the summer and who knows, maybe England might surprise us......... although unfortunately I doubt it.

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A_Saint_in_Stoke added 13:41 - May 24
Can you give me ANY LOGICAL REASON WHY??? .
Has Southampton FC suddenly become a secret mafia club now? and are you seriously suggesting that Saints are about to bring in new signings - without a manager being in place?

I understand that the club CANNOT GIVE SENSITIVE DETAILS AWAY IN THE PRESS --- BUT WHY OH! WHY can it not be HONEST and UPFRONT with us Saints supporters? ---- AN OFFICIAL CLUB STATEMENT saying something like " The club is still in discussions with Mark Hughes - and will report when business is concluded " NO INSTEAD THEY HIDE AND YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT THEY SHOULD BE STATING TO TRY AND CALM THE SITUATION, getting YOU to do their dirty work - while they always keep SILENT - SILENT - SILENT is it too difficult for them to see that - it is our club as well!

Colburn added 14:24 - May 24
Arguing over transfer kitty. Hughes wants more to spend than club want to give..

BoondockSaint added 14:32 - May 24
Nic, the reason we are nervous is our past history:

When Koeman left, there was a list of very good candidates.....silence.....and then we get Puel......he gets fired.....OK, maybe now we sign one of the up-and-comers we wanted........more silence.........and then we get Pellegrino (not the good one!).

After the euphoria of survival, any other club would have had a big press conference the next week announcing the signing of the manager who saved us. But not the Saints....

My worry is they don't want Hughes because he is not a yes man. If he had been manager over the last two years, there is no way he would have kept silent about the continual selling of quality players and the refusal to bring in new talent to replace them.

If we don't sign him, watch Les finally speak to the press to put the spin on why Hughes was not the right fit, or his demands were too much. (The press release will be the Fonte one, with "Fonte" crossed out and "Hughes" pencilled in above).

underweststand added 14:32 - May 24
The very fact that there has been no club announcement may well mean that things are still unresolved. Saints have never been the sort of club to make deals through the media and this "delay" is not unusual, unlike the clubs who rely on the media to do their deals .

YES Mark Hughes may well have agreed, but if he is to have his two co-workers with him , they must also have negotiations. Think about it. Go home and tell the wife they must sell the house they have may have just moved into in Stoke and then move the family to the South coast. Take the kids out of school, leave their friends behind.
Sure-NO PROBLEM. .. just the sort of stressful situation that divorces are made of. ...

The same goes for incoming players..moving within your own country/league maybe OK and the Prem. is a great attraction, but what if you have language or two of our more recent signings still gave interviews in their native language(s).

SORRY,... but to some extent I share your frustration in the lack of news, but a lot of what we read if FAKE NEWS. Some kid running a home page from his bedroom with his own opinions , or even worse agent sending our false info. in an attempt to get a disatisfied / talentless player a new home..and collect his % into the bargain.

However, I still go along with " the Southampton Way "...of doing deals. dot all the "i"s and cross the "t"'s , till the ink is dry on the contract, (OK they may use a biro nowdays)
Get the player registered properly.. What's that about a work permit?..and not played enough internationals ? ..or suddenly the agent wants an extra clause in the deal ...
The Promes deal (that didn't happen) was probably more the Russian clubs fault, than Saints' they couldn't find a replacement in time.

After watching an interview with an agent (on Sky last season) I've decided never to complain about delays again as what seems like "straightforward discussions "can suddenly become a minefield of legalistic mumbo-jumbo and very weird demands.


Cjay80 added 14:50 - May 24
So frustrating that West Ham, Arsenal, Stoke, West Bromwich have all hired a manager, Everton and Swansea will be imminently yet we have silence. What on earth are they waiting for? After the last 2 years change was needed and it looked like it was here finally but this dithering is far too similar to the last 2 summers already. Get on with it!

SaintBrock added 15:05 - May 24
Why is anybody surprised by the antics of this club, its owners and the board anymore?

They regard fans as an evil necessity, thick as **** nobodies who have no rights at all in the running of a private football club except for the (to be payed for) privilege of being allowed in to watch their team try to play football.

The whole set-up stinks to high heaven and exists only to milk money from the Sky and BT TV deals for personal gain.

SaintBrock added 15:07 - May 24
It makes me sick frankly!

Friends please stop doting over the Saints of your dreams, they don't exist anywhere except in your heads.

underweststand added 15:07 - May 24
To Cjay80 ... I guess this is what is so important about getting a manager (and his coaching team) in place who are the right fit.. Whether it's because the manager leaves the club in the sh*t...(the Pochettino and Koeman variety).or the manager doesn't win over the team /fans (Puel / Pellegrino) the solution is the same...and the promises of " high pressure / attacking football can roll of the lips and bring smiles to the interviewer, whereas the reality is often very different.

Half of the Prem. clubs have had at least two managers in the last 2 years, Watford I think have had 4(?) and with Arsene Wenger's departure - Eddie Howe is now the longest serving Prem. manager (at Bournemouth).

I know it's frustrating but managers who rotate between clubs are making a fortune when they are dismissed after 6 months - (or less) .. and have already signed a 3 year contract ...which the club must honour. + the costs of his coaching staff (!).

In shotr No news is good news and a darn site better than FAKE NEWS that gets us angry.


landsdownsaint added 15:18 - May 24
I would’ve thought they would get MH signed up ASAP? I bet MH was thinking that too

IWOZTHERE added 15:31 - May 24
This is important and must be delaying preparations and player negotiations IF any have been identified. Someone do a 'Levy', get off your backside and jump on a plane, contract in hand. This board is always 'behind the game.'

BuyEastleighFC4aBtea added 17:13 - May 24
Have you ever heard of the Southampton Way?
Well your seeing it with your own eyes... Rome wasn't built in a day so chil lax's.

TygerUppercut added 18:52 - May 24
Dear ugly inside thought police thanks for telling us all what to think, do You have any other life advice for us mere peasants oh wise superior internet article producing superior beings

ronniedavies added 19:16 - May 24
Saints board are clearly awaiting the outcome of play off final on Saturday. I’m sure that if Fulham don’t make it the job will be offered to Jokanovic

SanMarco added 19:47 - May 24
Thanks for clearing that up ronniedavies. Does that mean we want Fulham to win or lose I wonder??

I, for one, am very calm. We've hardly any players I would be devastated to lose and well MH or just about anyone else would mean we started next season with a better manager than we did the last. All I want is a properly balanced squad shorn of the dead wood and the duplicates + strengthen where we ALL know we need to. I don't expect top 8 next season but there is no reason why next season can't be a lot better...

DPeps added 20:40 - May 24
It was never going to be a straightforward deal. The board's dream manager seems to be someone compliant and non-demanding, and whatever you think of Hughes he isn't either of those things.
Pell fitted the mold perfectly, which is probably why it took so long for us to sack him

darthvader added 22:08 - May 24
Calm? Fück calm. Hughes should have signed or been announced at full time on the last game of the season to send us home with a good feeling for a Fücking change. It's shït all thus pussy footing around all of the time. How come every other club gets things done? Loada bollix

Hugh_Jarce added 06:30 - May 25
Keeping your powder dry is one thing but after 18 months of utter shit, you might have thought the club might have made some form of communication. So the season ticket renewals letters have gone out and we are expected to sign up at the sixth highest prices in world football without even knowing who the manager is. You couldn't make it uo. Carry On Southampton

NZsaint added 12:01 - May 25
Watch moyes,come in now.i can see it

Colburn added 15:12 - May 25
I also have a feeling we are going to wait to see the outcome of tomorrow’s play off final. Rumours are just rumours but I’ve heard that MH wants some of VVD money plus next years tv revenue for transfers and we’ve said ‘no’.. At least that would make sense as to why the announcement hasn’t been made and may never be.. I wouldn’t mind if Jocanovic got the job but sadly seems we have lost our ambition as a club to try to get near the top 6 again.

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