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Employability programme at Dale
at 11:59 18 Jun 2022

Great to see the club hosting this initiative, which very much feeds into our ambitions to become a much more visible community asset to the town

In addition, any of those young people who may not have been inclined to think much about Dale will hopefully start to do so, and spread the word around their mates
It's summer...
at 12:51 17 Jun 2022

So occasionally the sun shines, the temperatures rise past 20C (into the 70sF in old money), and people relax in the warmth and light

Except... the BBC in particular can't stop itself from issuing "warnings" and banging on with article after bloody article, as if something unusual was happening and we all need to feel afraid (again). Not just the BBC of course, but imo it's the height of irresponsibility to keep this constant tirade up, stoking up anxieties for people susceptible to them. Same happens when it rains a bit harder

These are just two of the articles on the BBC news website front page - there's SIX altogther

I'm off for a pint in the sunshine. Enjoy it while it lasts!
at 19:54 8 May 2022

No, not Robbie, David... playing in goal for Wycombe, currently still leading 2-1 on aggregate against MK Dons in the L1 playoff semis

He was also the keeper for Darlington in the famous penalty shootout in May 2008 at Spotland. Wonder if it'll go to penalties?
T' 2022 cricket season
at 11:22 14 Apr 2022

So Lancs finally start against Kent at Canterbury, a game behind most of their rivals (except Yorkshire)

We're back to a post-Covid more traditional two-division setup with more red ball cricket being played mid-summer

No Jimmy Anderson in the line-up
Sanctions bite on Chelsea
at 13:35 10 Mar 2022

Unable to sell match tickets (ST holders still allowed to attend), buy or sell players, no club shop sales, no bookings at Chelsea hotel, etc.

This, as the reigning European and World Club Champions. And tbf, they wouldn't have been anywhere near those trophies without Abramovich's money
T'cricket in t' Caribbean
at 13:39 8 Mar 2022

England win the toss and bat

Our bowling attack, minus Anderson, Broad & Robinson (injured) will need a decent total to defend. A fair bit has changed in the team management since the end of the Ashes, let's see if that shows any signs of translating into more positive results
WARNING: concerted hacking attempts
at 15:15 27 Feb 2022

Some of you may already be aware of hacking taking place, particularly on Facebook (Meta) and Messenger

If you receive unsolicited videos in particular, don't click on them. Or links in emails purporting to be from Facebook

Unsurprising, in a way, given the events in the world right now
at 12:50 5 Feb 2022

Thought i'd have a look at the OS Who's Who section, and now that FF is no longer in the building, who's heading this up?

Didn't we employ someone a few weeks back as a kind of assistant head of marketing? I did wonder if that was to have someone in place to take up the role, given certain circumstances which have since transpired. But why no mention on the OS?

If the club had put out an advert for the role, might be more understandable but even then, every last assistant in every other department at the club is given a mention - and quite rightly, they're all valuable

Has one of the new directors got particular responsibility for this department? Could be we don't need to new Head of Marketing in that case. And tbf, the club are doing a pretty fine job, much improved since last June

For instance, there's now a push factor in getting emails out on matchdays to give potential fans every chance of making their way to the COA instead of doing something else

[Post edited 5 Feb 12:53]
Tony Lloyd support for Fan Led Review
at 16:31 28 Jan 2022

After writing to MP Sir Tony Lloyd, a reply has been received which includes the following:

I have raised the issue of a Fan Led Review of Football Governance in Parliament, which you watch here: I have also co-signed EDM 728 calling on the Government to implement the full recommendations of the report which followed from the Fan-Led Review. My name can be seen here:

Thanks Tony, your support is appreciated. As would be a donation to our crowdfunding appeal!
Africa Cup of Nations
at 14:34 17 Jan 2022

Agree with those who've said it's been disrespected by Europe's top leagues. If you're going to sign top African internationals you know it's part of the deal they'll likely be called up. Plus, it gives squad players more game time at top clubs filling in for them

And its providing entertainment like this:
[Post edited 17 Jan 14:34]
What are you planning to do v Newport
at 15:46 16 Dec 2021

What are you planning to do v Newport

Your Vote:

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T' T20 & th'Ashes
at 13:02 25 Oct 2021

Great to see Ben Stokes will be fit for the Ashes

The touring conditions will be particularly onerous this time round, so hope he's in a good place mentally too

But first up - the T20 World Cup, and a great start against WI, our nemesis in the last Final
Dale and NDAs
at 15:06 14 Oct 2021

James raises an interesting point in the Shocking BBC article thread, but i feel it's one worth considering seperately

How do we feel about NDAs, *going forward* ?

It's particularly pertinent now the Trust have a board member. It's understood that perhaps the Trust board rep won't be party to all Club board activity, and that in some limited instances the Club Board might require engagement in a NDA to further its business in our interests. But should the Trust board itself ever agree to such a constraint? If it were to become privy to information that had a major bearing on the way the club was run or future business proposals, how can a Trust board be said and be seen to be acting in the interests of its members and Dale fans in general if its involved in decisions and actions which only the Trust board are aware of?

I'm simply setting out issues here that i feel might best be aired before such events take place (if they haven't already done so). This way, a policy can be settled by which the Trust can be guided, through its membership.

Regarding the Trust board rep (and this isn't about an individual but the position itself), if he/she were to become aware through their Club board dealings that an NDA was being entered into, what should the policy be about taking that further?

I just feel this is a good time for absolute clarity on this issue, and isn't a reflection on how things may have been done in the past
[Post edited 14 Oct 2021 15:07]
FAO Chalky
at 21:57 5 Oct 2021

Superb capitulation against 10 men, keep it up!
The Andrew Kelly Rochdale AFC Academy
at 18:35 29 Sep 2021

That's three key figures in the recent history of Dale recognised within the past few days, plus Cloughie of course

Good to see
R Emma
at 20:09 11 Sep 2021

Yes, born in Canada of Chinese and Rumanian parents

But in the UK since the age of 2, so she's ours. Went to the same school as Dina Asher-Smith. Parents will be fighting to get their kids in there!

Live on C4, first serve due at 9pm

With EFL on Quest and MOTD both on record, come on R Emma!
Dale at Fair Game launch
at 17:04 9 Sep 2021

Great to see us in the vanguard for this type of initiative; and how timely too

Hope to see some feedback from club representatives in attendance in London
at 20:49 22 Aug 2021

Just checked, and it sounds like an exciting game today, finished 34-34 v Hunslet (a proper traditional RL outfit)

In this time of rapprochement, i think we should be pleased to have our COA-sharing Rochdale outfit putting on a show for their fans

I've no doubt they'd have been sunk had the MH shit-fit succeeded, so perhaps it's time to put old disputes aside with them (on here) as i'm sure there's very good relations with our new board. They're Dale, like we are
Is Archer finished?
at 13:40 5 Aug 2021

Amid the turmoil closer to home, some bad news from the cricketing front (to go with shabby performances, by the Test team at least)

In posing the question about him being finished, i'm thinking in terms of the devastating pace that he began his career with. i honestly don't think we'll see it again after this latest setback
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