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I would like to congratulate Ralph
at 10:02 18 May 2022

He has done what I never dreamed was possible!

He has made me never want to go to a match again.
Why is Saturday's match only on BBC in Wales? Why not on iPlayer ?
at 06:20 7 Jan 2022

Given the impossibility of attending the FAC match in Wales, it's pretty crap that the match is on BBC, but only in Wales.
at 12:02 5 Jan 2022

Now that we have a Serb owner, please can we get Dušan Tadić back ?
The Football ONLY Board is for FOOTBALL ONLY.
at 11:38 4 Jan 2022

Have your pointless COVID 'debates' elsewhere, maybe the 'Non-football' Board.
P.S. You are wasting your time either way.
Neither 'side' is changing their mind, no matter what you write.
Save getting your computer out and get some exercise; dig a hole in the ground instead and shout your views into that.
It has exactly the same effect.
Should I bring my gloves on Saturday?
at 07:37 6 Dec 2021

I am pushing 60 but was 'ok' in goal as a lad...
Forster has been badly treated; why is McCarthy immune to repercussions ?
at 16:52 22 Nov 2021

Gunn let in 9 goals and was dropped and sold.
McCarthy lets in 9 and nothing happens.
I have FAR more confidence in Forster.

P.S. I will always remember Annti Niemi hitting the bar against Fulham.
What a Goalkeeper!
If we were a goal down near the end of the game and we won a corner, I'd want to see the big man Forster moving up to the edge of their box...

The thing I would most like to see change at Saints...
at 07:24 9 Nov 2021

My wife is hardly a footballing Genius, but every time she watches Saints she asks me the same question:- "Why do Saints defend corners with all of their players in their penalty box?' When they clear the ball, it always goes to the other side who continue their attack and Saints don't get to hit them on the break".
I have no answer for her!
This is a 'Ralph thing' but not just a Ralph thing.
What is it with Saints Managers that they do this FFS?
Makes me feel I am watching school-boy football and does NOTHING for the entertainment value of the game.
Put 2 fast men on halfway; even Villa did that (for a while at least).
Watching proper footbal.
at 19:54 29 Sep 2021

Went to The Valley last night and watched Bolton stuff Charlton after going a goal behind. I hope they don't sack Nigel Adkins, but it looks likely.
A great night out; £23 a seat, decent pies, 5 goals and NO F-ING VAR.
What's not to like?
The coach to London was only a fiver each way.
I won't be going to St Mary's anytime soon.
Bolton are at Fratton next Month which set me thinking...
Can I buy an 'Away' season ticket for Fratton park and support whoever is playing against Pompey?
Staying away
at 07:44 10 Sep 2021

Aside from the ticket prices and being a 'Selling side', why else would people stay away?

Easy:- VAR !!!

VAR has utterly ruined football as a spectator sport.
I'd rather watch Romsey.
Later this month I'm going to The Valley with my mate (Bolton supporter).
Used to love going there with Saints, even my old mum used to come up on the train.

I think I am 'done' with the Premier League, England etc.

French Player Quiz on the Saints Website
at 11:03 12 Jul 2021

In the Quizz, you have to guess the names of Saints 13 French players from their initials.
When you see the list of names revealed, can you find more than TWO that
made a difference to the team?
Now I am not a statistician, but 11 duds from 13 is not a great record, it's not even a good one.
Here's hoping that our latest acquisition does not follow this alarming trend...
Ings has turned down a 4-year deal. He's off...
at 09:57 5 Jul 2021

Danny Ings turns down new 4y contract at Southampton. Deal would’ve made him best-paid player in #SaintsFC history but 28yo wants to test himself at higher level. Club must decide whether to sell this summer or lose for free in 2022
The reason Saints won't go down is the same as usual...
at 13:14 26 Apr 2021

Saints will absolutely stay up, but ONLY because there are 3 basket-case teams who have performed even worse than us.
Nothing new in that situation, it's hardly cause for celebration.
Saints, a Championship team in all but name
at 15:16 14 Mar 2021

I don't need to add to this do I ?
Why was Forster dropped
at 06:33 11 Mar 2021

I wasn''t aware that the Big Man had done a thing wrong in the games that he has played,
So, why the change?
The best thing and the worst thing about yesterday
at 10:48 21 Feb 2021

Best thing:- The game was not ruined by VAR.
Worst thing:- Watching a team, so terrified of losing that they ran the clock down rather than try and win the game.
This does nothing to encourage me to waste the thick end of 100 quid on a pair of tickets when the game re-opens.
Or would 30,000 fans booing have changed what they did?
Saints Hypocracy
at 10:35 20 Feb 2021

I shall not be buying a Saints replica shirt, 1-day discount or not...
Southampton FC pay lip-service to the issue of gambling by 'supporting' an App' while talking sponsorship from the gambling industry and plastering the ground with betting adverts.
Isn''t there enough damn money in the PL without taking blood money from these people ?
I am not having the sponsors name on my chest, or my conscience.
[Post edited 20 Feb 2021 10:37]
The Norwich game is 'Free to Air'. So how do I watch it please ?
at 17:42 17 Jun 2020

Hi all. Our first game is one of the 33 'free' games'.
So, how do I watch it ?
I do not have Sky.
Cheers and UTS!

It's on PICK (Freeview Channel 11).
Many online listings are WRONG (not updated).
My TV program guide shows it on 5pm-8pm.
[Post edited 17 Jun 2020 17:58]
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