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City or Watford?
at 15:30 18 May 2019

I'm swayed towards a city win.

Played some quality football this season and in general their older supporters are a decent bunch that don't expect their team to do things the easy way.
A ray of light on a shyte week
at 09:43 12 May 2019

With the horrendous outcome of the champions league semi-finals and the imminent crowning of either the parasites or NLY as champions of Europe, it was nice to hear the world's greatest supported club had lost their first leg...hopefully the deluded minnows will spend another few years hanging around the basement of professional football.
Mrs i-would will be
at 17:04 9 Mar 2019

So proud of her generous lover....yet again.

JWP is definitely doing the business 😁😁😁😁😁
Looking like i-would Lorenzo Boggs might get his wish
at 14:42 3 Mar 2019

After another superb performance from JWP it looks likely that the ever improving saints midfielder could be on his way to a summer transfer.

I for one would be disappointed to see the lad go (as Mrs Boggs does) and would love to see how far RH can develop his play.
Looking like one from 3 now
at 08:12 27 Feb 2019

Last night's results have pretty much narrowed it down to us,Cardiff and Brighton for the final relegation spot.

And if we manage to get 3 points from tonight it would alleviate a lot of tension from the team and support.

Fingers crossed for a rare home win over fellow strugglers.
This is a library!!
at 22:00 14 Jan 2019

The Etihad is more like a morgue...fantastic football played by an ensemble of amazing players, yet the stadium is soulless and devoid of any atmosphere.

Sorry state of affairs.
The Coma is over
at 15:32 16 Dec 2018

Get in!!!!
Merry Christmas Cardiff
at 16:34 8 Dec 2018

Vestergaard generous with his gift
probably a result that still keeps Hughes in a job
at 17:05 24 Nov 2018

Some decent play and a sense of purpose from the whistle.......but our defence is also Hughes's defence .

A change is definitely required and Hughes and Hoedt are at the top of that list...both completely out of their depth.
At least we can look forward to a proper Derby.
at 08:14 28 Oct 2018

I've seen enough to know that without massive change in the next 12 weeks, we will be travelling down the M27 next season for what will probably be a humiliation.

This club has completely lost focus of what we all want to see.....a decent game of FOOTBALL.....They can stick the ENHANCED match day experience into the fabled black box.

I see nothing to suggest a drop into the championship with the current ensemble of wage robbers (in every department ) is going to echo the return of competitive action.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome....that could also be the definition of SFC.
at 16:04 7 Oct 2018

Why would anyone put 100% effort into their job when the management above you are incompetent and deluded?

How as a player could you set out with a minimum requirement to keep the loss at a minimum?

Unfortunately we've become a feeble shadow of a club that just a few short years ago inspired virtually every team in the English football league?

Poor management at every level is killing our on field endeavour.

The club is suffering from mass incompetence and is slowly but surely heading towards the inevitable drop.

And for some to say we've never had it so good and the fans are dragging the club down .... is pathetic.

I expect the players would be made up with someone coming in and spreading some much missing POSITIVITY!!! AS would the supporters.

Negativity is eroding everything Markus built, and it's extremely sad to see.

[Post edited 7 Oct 2018 16:26]
at 15:24 12 Aug 2018

The final 35 minutes were probably The best we've played in quite some time, the substitutions and formation change transformed us.

Very unlucky to not see all 3 points.
Stay out of the rain
at 07:15 29 Jul 2018

I'm surprised the media haven't told us to barricade ourselves indoors for 48hrs, or until this blustery weather abates.
at 16:49 15 Jul 2018

Looks like a failed children's entertainer placed on the sex offenders register.
Let's hope
at 15:58 15 Jul 2018

The Bug-eyed cheating Croatian coooonts get hammered, and the referee doesn't stand for any of their bullying tactics.

And most importantly, Lovren is the architect of their failure this afternoon.
[Post edited 15 Jul 2018 15:59]
Any other player than Ronaldo!!
at 21:10 25 Jun 2018

Would have been red carded .

And as for the Cedric ...penalty!!!

Two ridiculous decisions completely unacceptable with the advantage of VAR.
Never mind the ban
at 07:19 20 Jun 2018

I see the corrupt president has invited the banned and hideously corrupt Blatter to the finals, blatantly ignoring his 6yr ban from all football.

Pair of absolute tossers.
at 12:16 16 Jun 2018

What's the point when they get it blatantly wrong.

The Aussies must be fuming.
Fixture list
at 07:37 14 Jun 2018

Having been gifted one of the easiest starts in living memory last season, is this year's going to be the complete opposite?

at 09:20 10 Jun 2018

Were you reponsible for the seismic activity in the NORTH this morning?

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