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Saints & Spurs Fans Getting Frustrated With Levy's Failure To Close Hojbjerg Deal.
Thursday, 30th Jul 2020 07:58

With Saints calling Tottenham's bluff and agreeing a fee with Everton, the fans of the North London club are getting concerned that their club cannot ever seem to get transfer deal's done without haggling.

Saints fans are frustrated by the fact that having spent 8 month's unsettling Pierre Emile Hojbjerg , that Spur's cannot now just close the deal for the player, even after Everton came in and agreed terms.

This is of course par for the course for our dealings with the club that 20 years ago were dubbed North London Yobbo's by Rupert Lowe for the way they poached Glenn Hoddle and then Dean Richards.

But Spur's fans themselves are growing frustrated by the transfer antics of CEO Daniel Levy and his inability to seemingly do any transfer deal without arguing and haggling about the price.

They are starting to see that it is tarnishing the club's reputation and more to the point they are missing out on targets to their rivals.

Saints have set the asking price by agreeing the price with Everton, but even that hasn't stirred Spurs into action as they try to knock that price down by relying not just on the fact that the player himself would prefer a move to Spurs but that Saints are interested in signing Kyle Walker-Peters.

Ex Spurs defender Aalan Hutton has spoken about the situation and has this to say:

“This has been going on for a long time now, it’s been in the papers forever, it seems.

“It just seems like Tottenham all over, they just always want to get the best deal.

“I know Daniel Levy, he’s very good at what he does, he doesn’t normally back down so it’s a case of that again. It just seems like Spurs have been doing this for years now.

“They do miss out on people because of the way Levy is with the signings.

“If they want him that much they’ll go and get him, it’s an area where Mourinho has chopped and changed and they’ll be looking for someone to go in and play with the likes of Sissoko on a regular basis.

“If they want him, they’ve got to go and get him because there will be other teams more than willing to pay the money for him.”

The message to Levy is clear, for the past few years Spurs have been in the Champions League and a draw to potential signings, this season they have dropped out of the top 4 and are only in the Europa League, for Hojbjerg who has declared his ambition to be playing Champions League football, the attraction to join them is now a lot less and he could be attracted to a club like Everton who have not only ambition but the money to back it up.

For Saints it is a simple situation, they have accepted the player want's to go, they have not put any obstacles in his way, they have agreed a fee with Everton, all they want is Spurs to match that fee and the deal can be done quickly and with ease, but once again Spurs cannot put their money where their mouth is.

We can understand why Levy want's to get the best deal for Spur's, but the bar is set, if Everton will pay up then why won't Spurs, they are lacking one of two thing's, either class or money and having made few friends on their way up to the Top 4, they are making even less on the way down.

Saints have shown that they too can play hard ball and manager Ralph Hasenhuttl was not afraid to remove Hojbjerg from his squad, as a club we will hold out for what the player is worth, but it seems that Spurs will tell him to hold out so they can get a cheaper price.

That should tell Pierre Emile Hojbjerg something, but these days it is perhap's all about money for some club's and some players.

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saintmark1976 added 08:22 - Jul 30
Astonishing to me how the government allows Spurs ( or any club for that matter) to borrow £175 million pounds of taxpayers money because of Covid 19, to then be allowed to use some of it to speculate in the transfer market. What on earth are they thinking about?

underweststand added 08:33 - Jul 30
Ever since Saints (reluctantly) sold Martin Chivers to Spurs in 1967 for £125K (a British record at the time) Spurs have scre*ed Saints at every opportunity in transfer deals.
Even the Chivers deal included an exchange with Frank Saul (for a scandalous £45K) and though a very likeable fellow, Saul did nothing to improve the Saints side and soon left to return to London and left Saints with a big loss on the deal..

Later deals with the North London club did nothing to improve matters for Saints.
The notorious deal that took Gareth Bale to Spurs (for a pittance) saw them unload Tommy Forecast on an unsuspecting Saints with a transfer big fee, a 4 year deal and huge salary which we stuck with forever.
Spurs (allegedly) claimed that Forecast might... one day - play for England . The truth was that in time he couldn't get to play a game ..IN England, as his frightful Reserve team performances might have rated him as (the Goalkeepers Ali Dia) and fans quickly re-named him ..Tommy Fourpast" and at the end of his long tenure, Forecast couldn't even get a regular place in any of the non-League sides who loaned him.

More recently Spurs lured away Alderweireld and Wanyama and we were the losers once again. Now we have another example of a typical Spurs-transfer saga.
I for one hope that we stand out for " a real deal " that we can really benefit from.
Justice is long overdue.


Boris1977 added 08:57 - Jul 30
Surely Saints hold the cards here. Do the deal with Everton and buy/put in the offer for Peters. The only issue is there is the risk that Levy may try and play hardball with his valuation of Peter's but ultimately he's surplus to requirements at spuds and wants to play first team football which he'll get with Saints.

Would Levy be so pig headed to get distracted on the wider transfer market by an unwanted player at the the detriment of his own clubs plans.

IanRC added 10:11 - Jul 30
Boris1977, the answer to that is yes based on past form, a man without scruples it would appear. As SM76 says scandalous that they have not returned the government (our) money if they are buying players.

SaintNick added 11:05 - Jul 30
The problem is Saints don't hold the cards the player does and Spurs now that, we can accept a deal from Everton, he can agree terms with Everton, but we can't force him to go there, he is within his rights to say no thanks Ill stay at St Mary's.

Levy knows that the player wants to go to Spurs so is trying to force our hand, to take the lower offer rather than lose him in January for a lesser fee or for nothing in a year.

We have to show we are willing to do that

Crispinmumbles added 13:35 - Jul 30
Tell PEH that it's Everton or nothing as Spurs won't pay. The price will be that Walker-Peters will probably be withheld from us out of spite. Levy has no class.

SaintPaulVW added 13:35 - Jul 30
I just hope this doesn't drag on all summer. Waste of everyone's time.

It's even counter-productive if you look at it from Spud's perspective - it gives a new player no time to work with their new team.

SanMarco added 14:29 - Jul 30
The good thing is that there is a firm offer. If PEH doesn't want it he can stay. It is perfectly reasonable for us to say that you can go to Spuds as long as they equal the offer. This is not like where we tried to block moves e.g. Spiderman - so if it comes to it PEH will have to put in a good half-season in the sales window and see what happens in January. We are not blocking his move. Yes, next summer he will go for nothing but that's life and quite frankly the Spuds offer is likely to be so low that it will barely be better than nothing anyway.

the_saint added 17:39 - Jul 30
spuds don't put an offer in PEH has a good season and other clubs will come for him have an average season and clubs will come in as he is free maybe a more desirable one .
So spuds could lose him for waiting

the_saint added 17:42 - Jul 30
Come the end of season one of the top 4 could have a free bench warmer.
Hasenhuttl knows this that why he said he would keep him for the season.
So levy has to put up or shut up

A1079 added 17:49 - Jul 30
I agree with Boris and San Marco and Saint Paul.

To some extent we do hold the cards as he is our player.

Like Saint Paul says, we want a decision and do not want this to drag on because potentially Spurs could drag it out until the last day of the transfer. Say to Spurs either come up with a firm offer by such a date and one which is realistic and agree terms with the player or the player accepts the Everton offer or stays! That said, if I was Everton I would probably not be interested now as clearly he does not really want to join them. It is a bit like being in the Dragons Den and Debra Meaden makes an offer and you turn to Peter Jones and say you are the one I really want to work with can you match or better - Debra Meaden will just say, forget it! We need to dictate this.

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