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Happy with that!!
at 17:22 26 Aug 2017

Of course playing against 10 me at home you expect to nick the game but when you factor in our defensive problems and injuries I am pretty happy with that point today.

The defenders have had pelters and they have been well deserved, today they need a pat on the back. Big Jim was my man of the match but Rafferty pushed him close. A positive cameo from substitute Brown,during the second half he defended well and put in a very good shift. Matty Done was strangely quiet and man of the match Williams did nothing to deserve that accolade, but Allen, Cannon and Henderson put in decent performances.

Bury are a dismal outfit, bereft of ambition and team spirit. A collection of expensively assembled players who seem to be lacking in desire. I think Hill will be happy tonight, all things considered.Our season is yet to ignite but it will do.
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Changing the Record!!
at 06:35 1 Jul 2017

The start of July and a new season beckons... new players, new fixtures, new adventures and a new DJ. It was a somewhat torturous process with the new lad being caught in the eye of a shitstorm not of his own making, but anyway it's sorted out now.

I expect Eren will have been busy sorting his records out into different piles over the last couple of months, I hope he has. We don't want a clone of Dave Sweetmore do we?? The turgid din of diabolical voices wallowing in self pity, bullets in the gullet...slit your wrists music. Think about the kids Eren, the youngsters, do you honestly think they want to be force fed this doom and gloom? They don't even know who Hector is. Would their parents even be happy?

I mention the kids on purpose because of the new Season Ticket initiative, they will be at the ground in greater numbers and need catering for, not in the foot long hot dog sense, i am talking about music/ entertainment. Eren, I want you to open your eyes to your audience and remember one word 'inclusive' and ask yourself... ' Out of this pile of records in front of me, how can I best mix them all up to cater for ALL of the supporters in the ground'.

Don't listen to your mates because they will get you sacked from your job, you'll be playing crap that nobody is interested in, probably about 'somebody stuck in the gutter in the pouring rain and his Jack Russell has just popped its clogs'. It's old hat, like I said think of the kids, the females, the old farts. Mix it up and i think you will be a roaring success. I'm in the Dale bar before every game if you need any more advice. Good luck with everything.
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Respect for the Football Club!!
at 17:59 27 Aug 2016

Things aren't right are they? Ask yourself a question, do you support Keith Hill or the Football Club, the correct answer is the Football Club. He's been great for us Hilly but after scrutinising his recent recruitment of players, his comment about having the opportunity to move to other Clubs,I am left with the distinct feeling that his time at Rochdale is coming to an end. In a nutshell I reckon he's lost his mojo, his hunger or whatever you want to call it. I think he's gutted that the Bolton and Blackburns didn't come knocking in the Close Season.

The recruitment of Thompson, RNL and no doubt Holness given the chance, is the work of a manager who doesn't have the desire to push the team forward and better what we had only a few months previous, i can't see how anybody can argue that point?.

We have a Chairman and a bunch of Directors, their credentials can't really be questioned because they love the Club even though some of their decisions Have been poor at times and I think it's now the time to sit Hill down and remind him who runs the Club and who pays the wages. Find out what direction Hill wants to go in because it's quite obvious he's treading water at the moment, if he's not happy then a parting of the ways should be sorted out. If he's 100% committed to staying and pushing us onwards then excellent.

The Future of the Football Club is more important than Keith Hills and if he's just plodding along until the next opportunity comes along then it's the Club who will suffer. I don't buy into the theory that he's had his budget slashed that's a non starter but the whole atmosphere around the Club at the moment is downbeat and the recruitment of certain players can only be described as flabbergasting.

I fully expect to get flamed for this post but somebody as got to ask the question.
Woman's Beach Volleyball
at 14:05 7 Aug 2016

.... A fascinating game in progress at the moment on BBC1.
Stadium Manager??
at 10:31 3 Aug 2016

Regarding the dirty toilets, dirty seats, overgrown weeds etc, who is responsible for the day to day upkeep of the Stadium? Do we have a Stadium Manager and if so what would be his job spec? Thanks.
Macc game
at 19:21 26 Jul 2016

0-1. Whittaker

Suspicions Confirmed.......Stockport are a pub team!!
at 17:49 16 Jul 2016

Never seen so many pot bellies on a football Pitch and they were all wearing Stockport shirts. For the older members of the forum try to imagine Charlie Drake lookalikes purporting to be Footballers and you get the picture. They made RNL look like Tom Daley.

We passed around them and played out from the back with no real attemp to score goals, a bit of a stroll really but the players got some miles in their legs. Stockport had one shot on target during the game and none in the second half, we could have played with no goalkeeper. Allen ran the show for us, Theo hit the bar and was denied by the keeper and Andrew converted the penalty.

The Stockport fans are now accustomed to this level of Football and seem happy with their lot. They applauded with gusto everything that moved, a simple 3 yard pass, a sponge man, a passing pigeon, performing bloody seals the lot of them. Anyway, leave them to it,they're not causing any harm.
New Faces.
at 06:55 8 Jun 2016

I think Hillys timed this clear out to perfection, the squads been together for a few years now and definitely needed freshening up. Players who have been promising to cement a place in the team but have failed to do so have been dispatched and the youngsters who failed to step up to the next level have been moved on. In my mind Easthams the only real loss.

The manager and coaches must get a little subconsciously stale of working with the same batch of players over a two or three year period, preaching the same messages week in week out. The fact Hilly will now be bringing in probably 5 or 6 new faces will rejuvenate the place and put a extra spark into training and the dressing room, if he gets lucky and they can complement the talent we already have at the Club then who knows what can happen. If we can get 2 or 3 quality players in the right positions ( not easy) i really think with the talent we already have at the Club we could do a Burton. We're not far off being a very good league one side.

I'm looking forward to seeing some new faces next season, I think it also gives the fans a big lift and freshens everything up. With the Tenefire trip less than a month away I hope he can get most of the players in place and over to the Training base, get that team bonding kick started at the earliest opportunity. Our fringe players didn't really do enough to pressurise the regular starters last season and didn't appear to be hurt by sitting on the sidelines (comfort zone),i think Hilly will be looking to change that if he can. Competition for places is always good.
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RIP.......The Greatest!!
at 06:23 4 Jun 2016

The most famous man on the planet has passed away. What a terrible start to the day, the only person I ever hero worshipped. The death of an icon, Ali was as famous as Elvis Presley, both true legends.

Memories of my childhood, sneaking my transistor radio into bed and listening to his fights live from Madison Square Gardens etc at some ungodly hour, usually about 4 AM in the morning.

I had dinner with Ali's trainer Angelo Dundee and Marvin Hagler* twenty years ago in an Italian Restaurant at Hollingworth Lake and have a personalised signed Photograph of Ali, not a bad claim to fame. Angelo just referred to him as 'Champ' all the time. He was very ill, even twenty odd years ago.

* Marvin Hagler lived in Milan at the time and had started a Acting career. He was in the middle of making a Spaghetti Western which he was quite excited about, i don't know if he ever completed it.
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Being pro-active.
at 06:29 3 Jun 2016

The Club are pinning their hopes on Season Ticket sales by targeting the school children so whether we agree with their policies or not what plans are in place to reach out to those people? Does anybody have any ideas that could give the Club a push with the sales?

Maybe the Club could target each area such as Littleborough, Shawclough, Norden etc by taking out the mini bus and parking it up in a prominent area and distributing the tickets from the van by taking a member of staff, drag Desmond Dragon along also. Maybe get permission from local supermarkets to use a parking spot. Advertise the fact you will be there on the day and give away some freebies etc.

A fun day needs organising also to get the kids up to the Club, access all area of the Stadium and pick your free seat for the season. Advertise it extensively as each child under 11 gets a FREE season ticket.

Why not send a Free under 11 season ticket to EACH Goldbond member to distribute to somebody they know ( their own child/ grandchild/ neighbour etc) as a thank you for their loyal custom. That could be maybe 12000 tickets in one stroke. To activate the ST and show intention the recipient needs to contact the Club with a e- mail address. Why does the ST have to be in the form of a book, why can't it just be a cheap laminated card that they show at the turnstiles, the ten quid cost can be abolished then. Obviously distributing 12000 tickets might only result in 10% being utilised , it's a quick way of getting the tickets out there though.

In short, sticking up a few posters isn't going to work, the Club need to get out and be pro- active. Ditch the ten quid fee and give them away at Tesco and Asda with every 50 quid spend if need be. Two Thirds of the ground is empty at most games, so let's get the seats filled.

The ten quid admin fee is a big stumbling block because it then involves administration issues. That means it's difficult to just hand over FREE Season Tickets on the spot in different locations. Like I said.a cheap laminated pass would have done the job. I think the best case scenario anyway is attracting maybe around 1000 extra youngsters to the games so they wouldn't necessarily need their own seat.

The Clubs plan could work but it needs to be taken out to its target audience , you can't expect under 11 kids to make their own way up to the Stadium and start flashing tenners around.
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Who actually OWNS Rochdale Football Club?
at 17:05 21 Apr 2016

Am I right to think that we have no major shareholder?
Pre-season friendlies?
at 09:20 14 Apr 2016

Probably already in the planning stage so time for requests, decent away trips preferred

Colwyn Bay or Rhyl

Carlisle or Barrow

NFR......Do cats suffer dementia?
at 09:04 11 Apr 2016

Felix is 16 years old and he's driving me bloody mad, constantly pestering for things and then changing his mind, i'm up and down like a brides nighty. Is he going mad in his old age?
NFR.....The Sandwich of Kings??
at 19:40 6 Apr 2016

Fed up of discussing Season Tickets,so was wondering which is the best? What really is the king of Sandwiches,you can only pick one.

My choice...fresh crispy white baguette stuffed with Salami and a Strong Cheese.
The Stadium and the feel good factor.
at 07:20 26 Mar 2016

It dawned on me as i arrived at the ground on a beautiful day and looked around, the magnitude of finally getting our house back. I can't put my finger on it but the whole place just seemed happier, or maybe it was just my mood. Watching fans buy beer in the bars knowing that the money would funnel it's way back into the Football Club,little things like that.

I would imagine the most relieved people are the Chairman and Directors,they will have really witnessed the flip side and frustration of no longer owning our Stadium and no doubt will have been operating with their hands tied behind their backs for years. I suspect the fans don't know the half of it!!
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Total humiliation??
at 07:22 13 Mar 2016

Yesterday will be forever etched into the memory, a complete embarrassment if you are associated with bury football club. Ninety minutes of pure dominance and a total surrender by the opposition.

They didn't have the stomach and that's one game that will be regurgitated for years to come. It reminded me of our 7-2 demolition of Stockport at Edgley Park a few years ago. Everybody associated with bury should hang their heads in shame, a diabolical performance!!
Please can we have some passion?
at 08:55 7 Mar 2016

Time to play the broken record, put it on continual play for two weeks. Local derbies used to be the ones you really anticipated but under Keith Hill they often turn into miserable, often passionless affairs. Listening to his interviews prior to the games and then watching the majority of our displays forms the base of my opinion, he just doesn't do local derbies.

Last seasons game at Boundary Park is still raw in the memory, Andy Ritchie's views, both before and after the game on commentary showed his dismay at how we didn't seem up for the game (listening to Hills pre- match interview) despite it being a local derby, I agreed with him. As a supporters that game was pretty embarrassing, a terrible performance in a game that had us on the edge of the Play Offs.

Oldham are probably the worst team I have seen this season at Spotland and apart from Alessanders open goal miss we didn't really lay a glove on them. Showing them too much respect when they were there for the taking. God knows why?

Wigan and Bury at home this season,again the manager took the passion out of the fixtures and seemed hesitant to see the importance of the fixture to the supporters,he treated the games as just another fixture and we ended up with two insipid displays lacking in any attacking intent. Very easy games for both Wigan and Bury. In fact that's how Hilly approaches local derbies which results in the opposition seemingly being more up for the game and we play on the back foot as the opposition take the game by the scruff of the neck.

I would hope that now we are more or less safe Hilly could approach the Bury and Oldham games with a degree of enthusiasm and not ones where he is playing against two of his mates. Let's face it the table doesn't lie, bury are no better than us and are in fact pretty crap away from home, attack them and they collapse. We are currently in good form aren't we?

Oldham are fighting for their lives so let's learn from our recent game against Shrewsbury and start the game in the right fashion. No playing these two fixtures down, we are well capable of six points and let's hope we don't have to listen to any drivel about the fans looking at bury with envious eyes etc. If we lose, we lose,but it would nice to know we gave both games a bloody good go.

I don't know if Hilly plays the games down because he feels a bit of pressure competing against Flicker/local bragging rights,whatever the reason it's very rare we produce a good performance so he needs to change his approach. Being up for a local derby and knowing the team will be hell bent on securing the bragging rights should be a given, not even up for discussion... but it isn't. There's no need to play with caution now, let's get stuck into them.
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McCullum....Great timing!!
at 07:29 20 Feb 2016

Fastest ever test century (54 balls) in his final Test Match. What a time to break the record, against quality opposition also A fantastic achievement.
[Post edited 20 Feb 2016 7:32]
The pitch.
at 14:29 13 Feb 2016

Not seen it for a month. It looks a disgrace.
Progression, stagnation or regression?
at 08:32 9 Feb 2016

Trying to make comparisons from one season to the next is obviously dictated by the performance of the players within the squad. Bad luck with injuries and financial constraints also play a part so sometimes the managers hands are tied when it comes to improvement.

This is turning into a pretty weird season and when you start to look through the squad of players how many have improved, stagnated or progressed? You would expect the younger players to improve and the older ones to maybe stagnate or possibly regress.

Would it be negative of me to suggest that the amount of players who have actually progressed isn't very many? Callum Camps springs to mind as a progression but on the flip side Peter Vincenti has shown regression, is that harsh? Jamie Allen seems to have stagnated for instance. Obviously there can be valid reasons like carrying a injury or being played out of position.

I think it's pretty obvious Hillys got a lot of shape shifting to do during the summer months, a lot of squad players are not contributing to the first team.

Which players would fit into each category for this current season?
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