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Southampton v Liverpool The Preview
Tuesday, 17th May 2022 06:51

Saints take on Liverpool in a game that has no significance for the home side but with Liverpool needing to win and win well to stand any chance of overhauling Manchester City for the title come the season finale on Sunday.

A week or so ago Saints supporters were dreading this game and the doom monger era were out in force on social media, now a full house at St Mary’s can sit back and enjoy the game knowing that come the final whistle, it will just be another result in the record books and will not matter one iota with regard to this season or indeed next.

Of course we would like a victory or even a draw and it goes without saying that we do not want a heavy defeat, but even if we do get a walloping, it doesn’t matter, things are changing in the summer why moan about something that is just a statistic.

Ralph Hasenhuttl needs to put out a good strong side and one that is disciplined, it is not time for fancy formations, but I would still like to see the Austrian looking to the future in terms of an attacking formation, play Adam Armstrong not Borja and Tella not Elyounoussi.

But as I said we now need to look to the future and when this season ends put it firmly in the past, we need to show the clubs owners that they have a strong supporter base and it is behind them in what they are trying to achieve, that means showing that we are behind the team not against it.

This time next week hopefully a new era will be starting to take shape at St Mary,s that is all that matters now.

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WestSussexSaint added 07:12 - May 17
I totally disagree that this match doesn’t matter for this season or next for Saints.of course we won’t be relegated now but the summer will look very different if good performances and potentially results are gained.

Recent results and performances have been poor which has seen a potential top 10 finish evaporate. Two wins from these final two games could still see a potential 3 places gained in the table equating to £6m more in prize money. You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be useful in the predicted summer overhaul.

Even if the results don’t come (and let’s be honest a win against Liverpool will be unlikely) Ralph and the team must look to put in two strong performances. Not only do they owe the fans a positive finish to the season after the dross in recent weeks but I firmly believe a strong end to one season carries momentum going into the next. We saw this at project restart when we pulled clear on any relegation worry in summer 2020 and were top of the league in the autumn of 2021 the following season.

So Ralph and the players do need to care and do need to turn up, regardless of how that impacts the title race.

WestSussexSaint added 07:14 - May 17
Of course I meant we were top in Autumn 2020 not 2021.

highfield49 added 07:46 - May 17
I can only believe that you've chucked out this post to provoke a reaction Nick. Well, if you want to sit/stand through ninety plus minutes of national humiliation, in the course of which we break the home defeat record by losing 11-0 or worse, that's your choice. Every loss hurts for me, the only difference being that some defeats are more acceptable because the opposition were the better of two opponents slugging it out. What I never want to see is the sort of capitulation that we've all seen too much of this season. How can I be expected to have pride in a team that doesn't have pride in it's effort and desire to win?
The game has huge significance for me, if there are players selected for the match who don't put in a shift and compete for every ball then as far as I'm concerned they're not wanted at the club. Just another result in the record books? I don't think so, the shape of next season starts here.

Boris1977 added 07:56 - May 17
Do you have some inside information Nick? Are we signing two top class CBs, a highly rated goal scoring number 9, an incredible creative midfielder and a couple of top notch wingers? And a manager who can motivate a team, play to their strengths, know who his/her best 11 are within a few months and who is also tactically astute? In which case I'll agree the next to games don't really matter as the wholesale changes you must be alluding to will indeed make these last couple of results irrelevant. It would be fitting for Ralph to leave us with his infamous calling card


Farlow added 08:12 - May 17
The first name on the teamsheet should be Lyanco to add steel to the back line.
I totally disagree about omitting Ellyounoussi for me hes been one of our most cosistent performers.I agree we need to give A Armstrong game time.

saintmark1976 added 08:58 - May 17
Frankly Nick, unless as highfield suggests your comments are posted simply to provoke a reaction you really ought to be ashamed of yourself. If made simply to create click bait then fine. However If you now truly believe that our results are effectively meaningless anymore, then I respectfully suggest that you need to give yourself a strong talking to. Perhaps now would be a good time to enlighten us all as to which it is, a reaction or a reflection of what you believe?

wrathoftazz added 09:05 - May 17
What a load of tripe... well apart from the last "new era" bit... hopefully a new manager and new era... totally agree...

Apart from that total horse manure

1) now the excuse is "game doesn't matter??"
Wtf is wrong with people

Let's list the excuses

1) Ralph has no backup
Well he doesn't want it

2) our def is bad
Ralph's def is bad, he picks the teams

3) we need a smaller squad
Well he did that last season

4) we now need a bigger squad
Well he then got that after wanting a smaller one

5) we need a striker
Well he went shopping in the championship

6) tatics didn't go well
That's what happen when you sub horses for donkeys in the 90th minute

7) he needs fan support
Had that till the 2nd 9nil

8) it's the Southampton way
Well it's now 2022...

The list is ENDLESS really. Sickphant supporters claiming Ralph is the best. Obviously have NO PRIDE in Southampton , as if they did, 9+ nil drubbing WOULDNT be acceptable or expected.

Ralph isn't the best, he is just a nice person. He hasn't got a clue how to adapt or what he wants and where. Look at the GK situation... we could have been 9niled several times over if not for Forester and yet, looks like his best bud McCarthy is back next season and F will be gone... McCarthy couldn't catch Covid, even if he was injected with it...

Personally, I rather was a Puel game, instead of being down the pub 20minutes in as we're down 4 already...

Personally, I want to thank the so called fans for their BS and total backing of a dead horse. I managed to get 84/1 on Saints getting a thumping... my bank balance may look a lot better tomorrow, and its thanks to fans like yourselves.

I'd rather NOT be betting on my team to lose but as long as Ralph is here, why would I take a long shot and expect a win.


A1079 added 09:36 - May 17
I don't know if you are on a wind up at the moment Nick or out of touch. I found your post yesterday disingenuous to Saints fans and supporters and this one this morning almost unbelievable.

The match might not matter to you but it matters to me and I assume most Saints fans attending. I am not travelling 240 miles there and back, taking 2 days off work and spending heaven knows what on petrol and other outlay just to watch my team not be bothered and get walloped. So, yes, it does matter to me. The fact you may not be bothered probably mirrors the attitude of the players in recent games because it has looked like things have not mattered to some of them for sometime - not a melt down response a reality.

There is no armageddon melt down of fans and had we gone down we would have continued supporting the team. Most Saints fans have low expectations they just want to see players committed and with the right attitude and a manager that does the sensible and commonsense things and a club that is open and honest about its intentions. If it is skint and has no intention of spending money because it can't then bl**dy well say so.

Last week you criticised me for making a comment that we are surviving because there are worse teams than us - yes, in hindsight that was not a well thought out comment but I would politely suggest you need to think about what you write as well unless you are adopting a journalistic approach of writing something slightly controversial to get the interest and response which if that is the intention then I have just risen to the bait.

So, I am going to this game expecting a thrashing, but hoping for something and I will support the team until the final whistle. I think most fans going will do so and lets hope the players turn up and the manager has a well thought out plan.

IanRC added 09:55 - May 17
Quite apart from anything else I would just love to take points off Liverpool to stop them having another success with our ex-players. The corruption of the FA was never clearer than in the failure to penalise them for illegal approaches under Rodgers or the totally inadequate response to the failed breakaway league. COYS

sidsaint added 10:19 - May 17
We owe it to our integrity , to our fans, to the premier league , and to Man City whom we held to 2 draws in the league to put out our best team and to show everybody the character we have as a team and as a club.

Block8 added 10:42 - May 17
First and foremost, I will never bet against my team - EVER!
Secondly of course this isn't a game of no significance, every game is significant both for the players and fans, as every game is a measure of your spirit and commitment, not to mention confidence. Tonight's game is a test for the players and us fans as we all need to be on our game, keep the faith and give our best. Lets save all the other stuff for the seasons end.
I'm not going to pick or give an opinion on a suggested team or formation, suffice to say whatever side Liverpool put out will, as they always do, attack behind the full backs with long balls. The CB's remain in place and are defended by a strongly defensive three man midfield. The attack isn't too shabby either. That's the challenge for Ralph and the boys and we will all be hoping for a team and performance to send us home proud and happy!
COYR ❤😇😇😇

underweststand added 11:06 - May 17
Seeing the enormous success that Liverpool have had so far this season, it is a last chance for everyone who does play to show up and be seen. You don't need to look at the form book to predict an eventual result, but if we get anything out of this game it will need 110% for 95 minutes from everyone in a Saints shirt as Liverpool need 2 wins to ensure the title and won't give up easily.

Without Stuart Armstrong, Livramento AND Forster means we can't field a full strength side and even the prospect of Liverpool side without Salah or VvD doesn't give us much to celebrate given the depth of their squad.
Whatever strike force (laugh) we put out would seem to matter little as no striker has scored for Saints in the last 10 outings. The key issue may well rest on McCarthy's performance as without the prospect of FF continuing next season, he will be the only goalie on the books come July, and Ralph will need to rebuild from the back.

wessexman added 11:14 - May 17
A1079 is quite correct when he states we are only surviving because there are 3 worse teams than us, For the second season running, we have got ourselves to safety only to go on abysmal runs and were lucky to have escaped the trap door. Alarm bells are ringing very loudly for next season if this is allowed to continue and fester.

Block8 added 11:54 - May 17
Only thing I will add is we need to drop the high press and play them at their own game.
They are not Man City, cannot pass us to death and rely on their full backs providing the width, we need pace to exploit the space they leave and stretch their CB's. We have lots of pace in the squad, which we don't use due to the high press. I would play both Tella & A. Armstrong and keep them wide, drop balls over the defence for them to run on to.
Teams that have done well against Liverpool have been counter attacking sides.
Remember they have to win!

TimSaint added 12:05 - May 17
.....and just a week or so ago, you were saying we could win our next 3 games and finish as high as 9th - but now nothing matters :-)

felly1 added 13:27 - May 17
Clicky Nicky fires up the angry brigade again!
Fingers crossed for tonight Ladies and Gents, we lose badly and the crowd is going to get nasty me thinks.
Put up a fighting performance and things will swing back and the crowd will roar on the team.
God only knows which way it'll go tonight.

SaintPaulVW added 14:30 - May 17
I just want to watch a good game of football with our mercurial Saints team competing against the big money team. Roared on by the great atmosphere there was at St Mary's a few months back.

Too much to ask?


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