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New kits around the league 22/23
at 23:16 17 May 2022

Man City:

Diabolical use of a third colour. Doesn’t even remotely match.


Not bad, but a classic example of how a boring sponsor logo can ruin a kit.
[Post edited 17 May 23:17]
Longest-range goals
at 22:53 2 Apr 2022

I’m just watching MOTD and it noted that Rudiger’s goal was Chelsea’s furthest out since 2007. I don’t imagine distance of goals can be found in the TVOS archives, but what do we think our furthest out are?

Higgy from the halfway line is an obvious one, but other than that Perkins v Darlington stands out as being close to the halfway line.
Favourite Albums
at 19:55 24 Jan 2022

I thought we could have a little distraction from le foot. What are everyone's favourite albums? Mine, in no particular order:

Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American. My favourite album by my favourite band. The perfect harmony of young adulthood, inspiring teen melancholy and dreams for the future in equal measure.

Blink 182 - Blink 182. Loses points for being a self-titled album, but the replayability still being as strong as ever 20 years post-release is something I don't often find with music. Some real bangers in here.

Paramore - Riot. Pop punk at its finest.

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours. I'm not generally a fan of music before 'my era', but Fleetwood Mac are an exception. This album is simply a masterpiece. (Honourable mentions too for Mirage and their self-titled album)
at 22:59 2 Jan 2022

Reading RAFCBLUE’s post on another thread got me thinking about the circumstances around Henderson’s departure from the club. His parting words were:

"To find out my 7 1/2 year association with AFC Rochdale was coming to an end via social media was a shock to say the least.

“I only received an email yesterday morning confirming that the offer the club had previously made to extend my contract was being retracted and I was therefore being released.

“I am not just shocked but unbelievably upset and disappointed to have found this out in this manner.

“It was always my intention to try and stay at Rochdale and make it to my testimonial year and try and become the all time top scorer of the football club.

“I had been in negotiations with the football club, for some time, regarding an extension prior to the covid-19 pandemic but if I am honest the lines of communication were extremely inconsistent to say the least.

“I was not trying to ask for more money than what the club was offering and we ended up at a stand-off over some minor details. The negotiations became protracted and it became clear I was not being told the full truth."


How are people feeling about this now? I do wonder if more shit from underneath Bottomley’s carpet has been found that would substantiate Henderson’s version. If I recall rightly at the time people believed Henderson, then Bottomley released a statement that seemed to tip the balance in his favour. Obviously, much has happened since then to demonstrate how we should treat Bottomley’s words.

Reading Henderson’s statement, it does seem like he had a genuine desire to stay here and that an agreement could have been reached. Can anyone shed any more light?
at 16:40 28 Dec 2021

What are people’s opinions on Corey? Will we ever see him play for us again? Veiled comments from those usually ITK on Twitter suggest that Mansfield won’t loan him out again and want a big fee for him in January, which presumably rules us out.

It makes sense. After how well he’s done here they’re bound to want a big fee for him, and there’s no way they’d allow him to be loaned out again only to leave for free in summer.
Newcastle stoppage
at 17:32 17 Oct 2021

Not nice to see scenes like this at a football match again, but if this and the one in the summer lead to anything, please let it be for you to book yourself on a CPR course. Ideally book an annual refresher too. It can be daunting to jump in if needed but you’ll feel so much more comfortable if you’ve had a refresher in the previous few months.
517 days
at 20:18 6 Aug 2021

That’s how long it’s been since that marvellous victory against Rotherham, the last time a good majority of us stepped foot inside a football stadium to watch a live game.

Let’s be honest, the time since then has been a bit shît, hasn’t it? Relegation, BBM-ball, Bottomley’s tears, all those late goals to deny victory, Charlie Kirk’s dive, and some right odious twäts doing some not so great things behind the scenes at our great club. And that’s just the football! It’s fair to say a lot of people’s mental and physical health have been affected by the past 18 months, and the absence of social events like football matches has been a significant factor in that.

So tomorrow (and next Saturday!), we get some semblance of catharsis. I’m looking forward to finally being able to see some live football, to seeing old friends, even to seeing those faces you see year after year, ones you smile and nod to but probably never speak to! I can’t wait for the moans and groans from the crowd, the ‘down the channels!’, the ‘waaayyyy’ when someone falls over or a sprinkler goes off, and the sheer elation of seeing a goal scored just metres in front of you. I’ve bloody missed this!
Transfer Embargoes
at 16:28 8 Jul 2021

A staggering eight EFL clubs are all under transfer embargoes now, including Swindon, Scunthorpe and Oldham. (They’ve still signed more players than us)
Released list
at 15:05 19 May 2021

Only surprise really is that we’re negotiating with Dooley and Done. Other than that it’s as expected.
at 19:37 18 May 2021

Who are we having then? Blackpool currently in control at Oxford in the L1 playoffs, but in the ones that matter to us we have:

Newport v Forest Green tonight
Tranmere v Morecambe on Thursday

I'd really love Morecambe to do it but I do like our trips there. I think anyone but Tranmere really, purely because their fans have a bit of the ridiculousness about them. Although they'll probably be the strongest of the four next season.

With a few games still to go there are any number of permutations, but there will be 7 teams fighting for a place in League Two, and they could be any 7 from Sutton, Torquay, Stockport, Hartlepool, Wrexham, Notts Chalky, Chesterfield, Bromley, Halifax and Eastleigh.

It's looking like it'll probably be Sutton coming up automatically, and in the playoffs I'd love it if Halifax could do it but their wheels have come off a bit. Anyone but Stockport. Let their fans suffer a bit more. Wrexham would be nice.
Relegation squads compared
at 01:07 19 Apr 2021

I thought I’d do a bit of a comparison between this squad and the one from last time we were relegated.

So the bulk of our squad this season has been:
Bazunu, Lynch
McLaughlin, Keohane, EOC, Osho, McShane, Roberts, Bola, Done
Morley, Lund, Rathbone, Dooley, Newby, Grant, O’Shaugnessy
Humphrys, Beesley, Baah
Bit-part players: McNulty, Tavares, Ryan, Vale and Brierley

11/12 season:
Kean, Lucas, Kurucz
Darby, Trotman, Balkestein, Holness, Holden, Amankwaah, Long, Jordan, Widdowson
Kennedy, BBM, Tutte, Jones, Adams, Thompson
Grimes, Symes, Akpa-Akpro, Ball
Bit-part players: Bunn, Twaddle, Barnes-Homer, Bogdanovic, Obadeyi, Hackney, M.Edwards, Eccleston, Benali, Bergkamp, McConville, Gray, Ormerod, P.Edwards

The immediately evident difference is the squad size. The latter was bloated with journeymen, City youths or Coleman mates who arrived, did not an awful lot for two or three games, and then disappeared.

Looking at the players though there’s only really Jones, Adams, Long and Kurucz who I’d take from the 11/12 squad and think would make an improvement to the current team. Furthermore, the 11/12 team had quite a few players, namely, Trotman; Balkestein; Barnes-Homer; Bergkamp, who I’d consider for genuine ‘worst ever Dale player’ in their respective positions. There’s no one in the current squad we can even contemplate that about.

Ultimately, this squad is absolutely streets ahead of that one on quality, but the fact that we’re not doing much better than it is all the more frustrating.
at 20:34 8 Apr 2021

If all players were fit what would your preferred XI be for the upcoming tournament? I’d go with something like:


I’d consider swapping Alexander-Arnold for someone more defensively sound against the more offensive teams. And I’d alternate Rashford and Sterling based on form, although the former edges it at present.
at 12:51 8 Apr 2021

Suggestion that Colchester will be entering administration unless they can find a rescue package to pay off their £31million (!) debts. The -12 points will presumably be this season, saving Southend.
at 22:56 6 Apr 2021

Attracting Championship interest apparently. No idea how accurate the sources are but there are a few mentions of it on Twitter.

Hat-trick subs
at 18:57 29 Oct 2020

After Rashford’s brilliant display last night it got me thinking about our substitutes who went on to score hat-tricks.

Chris Dagnall springs to mind, simply for how special it was. A ?9-minute hat-trick, coming on for his first appearance after half a year out injured. Beautiful.

Have we had any other? Did Rene Howe have one?
Salary cap
at 13:31 7 Aug 2020

Voted for by League One and Two clubs. To be introduced next season.

at 22:14 30 Jul 2020

Lockdown to be tightened from midnight tonight in our area.
at 19:24 26 Jun 2020

Lovely message from Luke Matheson here.
at 17:16 9 Jun 2020

Who are we having then?

League Two:
Cheltenham, Exeter, Colchester, Northampton

I think Cheltenham will win, they’re the best of the four and they play some really nice stuff. Although my preference would be Northampton. Always had a soft spot for them.

League One:
Wycombe, Oxford, Fleetwood, Portsmouth

I kind of hope Wycombe do it just to see Peterborough’s chairman explode. It’d be nice to see a small club get promoted too. Although I’ll be glad to see the back of Portsmouth - they always hammer us down there and their fans seem just as deluded as any other big club in the lower leagues.
Match of Their Day
at 00:09 3 May 2020

Is anyone watching this? I’m loving it. There’ve been some absolutely brilliant matches on so far.

One of my highlights so far was Jermaine Jenas’ choice a couple of weeks ago of the Arsenal United match, with Keane and Vieira going at each other in the tunnel. Pure aggression and two warriors at the peak of their power, then going to back it up with some sublime football on the pitch. I bloody miss rivalries like that!
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