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Time For Siege Mentality Against Bournemouth
Thursday, 26th Apr 2018 10:27

Saints fans need to forget about the trials and tribulation of this season and who is to blame and who isn't for 90 minutes on Saturday and concentrate on the important issue of the day, gaining three points.

There has been plenty of comments posted on social media throughout the season pointing the finger of blame at various people involved with Southampton Football Club for it's current predicament, but on Saturday afternoon at 3pm none of this means a thing, all that matters is Saints beating Bournemouth and taking a huge step towards saving themselves from relegation.

Anything less than three points will make it difficult for us to stay up, so why would we as Saints supporters want to do anything that would make it more difficult for our team to win a game of football.

Yes I have heard all the moans throughout the season including the one about these are highly paid players who should not need motivation by the fans, to a degree that is true, but not to 100% otherwise football results would be easy to predict, the highest paid team would win each game.

We need to create a siege mentality that enables the team to perform the way they did against Chelsea for 70 minutes when they blitzed them at St Mary's before bad luck took a grip and turned the game.

When we leave St Mary's at 5.55pm we need to know that whatever the result we as supporters have played our part and that we have backed every player that has pulled on the shirt that afternoon for the full 90 minutes plus injury time

If we lose we can rant on social media to our hearts content for the whole of the next three months, we have plenty of time for that during the summer, so why waste 90 minutes when we can get behind the team and perhaps stop this awful run.

Everyone supports the team in a different way, not everyone can be stood for 90 minutes singing their hearts out, we each have to offer our support in our own way, but it has to be support and not slagging off our pet hated players.

Support is about encouragement and not about using a sentence that is basically "For F*cks sake Redmond/Tadic/Forster/Long" or a few more who at one stage or another have born the brunt of the fans anger.

St Mary's needs to be full, which it should be with only a hundred or so tickets still available at time of writing, we need to show our near neighbours what supporting a football team is all about, we need to inspire our own players and scare theirs to death.

Southampton Football Club truly needs its supporters on Saturday, it needs them loud and proud, it does not need them griping about why they think it's gone wrong this season.

Any football team needs positivity surrounding it, it cannot flourish without it !

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helpineedsomebody added 10:44 - Apr 26
yes play eight at the back

pete_boggs added 11:17 - Apr 26
When Les picks the team maybe he should pick 11 fans at random. They'd probably play with moire passion, guts and loyalty.

darthvader added 11:18 - Apr 26
I'll be leaving earlier than 5-55 mate sorry.

But yes we all must get behind all of the players, encourage and shout our support even if the make a mistake , get behind them and will them on to score.

We must believe- sing, shout, clap and cheer our way to victory .

Comon you saints!!

BaselSaint added 11:55 - Apr 26
I've seen two of our defenders pulling out of 50/50 tackles recently. The minds of the player have already gone in many cases. What possible leverage has Hughes at this late stage that he can force these preening self-interested individuals to play with guts and determination?
I hope he gives them all kinds of s hit with both barrels in these last few days - they deserve it.

SanMarco added 12:21 - Apr 26
I don't attend as many games as the majority of those contributing on here so my opinion is very humble on this. Is it not the case that there are ALWAYS apoplectic fans shouting and screaming? They are ususually standing near me and they would be doing it on the day we won the treble. There is also the difference between an instinctive groan at a bad pass etc and actual prolonged abuse.

Having said all that I fully agree with the article - we will all spend hours pointing fingers once the worst is confirmed (or even if the miracle happens because this is a calamitous season either way). Until then 100% behind the team is the best way to achieve the goal of staying up - which is what (I hope) we all want. Alright, Redmond ain't that good but he might just have a great chance for a winner late on...

saintjf added 12:32 - Apr 26
It has all gone terribly wrong this season but we still have a chance of staying up. I am very nervous but positive.

bstokesaint added 12:55 - Apr 26
Couldn’t agree more Nick. There is no point in getting on the players’ backs if you turn up to ‘support’ them. That said it’s the turning up in the first place that I personally struggle with, especially as these players have questionable loyalty and making heroes of them when they display such lacklustre effort and contempt for the club feels a little undeserved. I think a summer clear-out and new strategy are what the club needs right now. We’ve lost our way and it doesn’t feel like anyone at the club cares too much.

NZsaint added 13:24 - Apr 26
Get stuck in if we win this by a couple we.put the frighners,back in to west ham and the like

Newdawn2014 added 13:47 - Apr 26
Yes !


A1079 added 16:45 - Apr 26
Agree. On Saturday from the 1st minute to the last (unless we are getting thrashed and half our team look like they could not give a jot) we need to encourage, support and get behind the team. But, equally the players have to respond and do their part and too many have not this season. But, if they come out and they try their hardest and do all they can, then that is all we can ask (though we may then ask, why have they left it to now.....but that is for another day).

Hoping, praying for a heartfelt performance and a great positive atmosphere.

Oakdalesaint15_ added 17:40 - Apr 26
Well said Nick,We really need to be the 12th man on Saturday and really get behind the team.With Swansea on the late kick off we could be only a point behind come 5pm if we can get all 3 pts in this must Win game.Swansea won't be to confident after conceding 5 last time out.

DorsetIan added 11:38 - Apr 27
I agree that we should all try to be patient and not shout abuse at individual players, but the idea that we will all cheer and sing rousing songs in the face of dross on the pitch is unrealistic. This isn't North Korea.

Give us something to cheer about Mark Hughes...

SaintPaulVW added 10:14 - Apr 28

That is all.

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