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Ole's at the wheel
by JaySaint at 19:26 19 Sep 2020

It is slightly weird how a team like Man united continue with a manager so clearly below them.

Most of the premier league have better managers' at their club, let alone out of work coaches (pochettino)

by kingslandstand1 at 12:07 19 Sep 2020

So Wolves have sold Jota to the Scousers for £45m. For a club apparently now in the upper tier of prem football, what dies this tell their fans selling such an asset?
by Sadoldgit at 10:56 19 Sep 2020

Well, Daniel Levy has shown that he can whip the cheque book out and act quickly when he wants to, but is this a master stroke or a blunder? On paper Spurs look formidable up front but still lacking guile in midfield and a less than solid defence. If they can keep him fit it has to be a good move for them, I just hope that he leaves his stupid top-knot hair style in Madrid.
by Bicester_North at 20:39 18 Sep 2020

Any incoming? Anyone on here ITK?
Anyone ITK?
by Bicester_North at 20:37 18 Sep 2020

Any news on signings? We need some asap
Any news on signings?
by Bicester_North at 20:37 18 Sep 2020

Any news?
Return to grounds code of conduct
by Saintsforeverj at 20:28 18 Sep 2020

I received a email today, asking me to confirm my bubble and sign a code of conduct, that you can only access as a pdf document, if you are a ST.

I have to agree to:
-Arriving and leaving the stadium when I am told.
-Being 2 metres apart from any fan outside of my bubble or risk a stadium ban.
- Sanitising hands as we enter.
- Temperature checks
- A one way system
- Must wear a mask whilst queuing and in the concourse.

Imagine the delight of some the "over the top / rude" stewards, saying "Stop!", "Get your mask on", "Get away from that fan, they arnt in your bubble". Imagine this at clubs like Leeds, Millwall, Man U.

As it happens, it's looking unlikely that fans will be allowed back in October, but maybe it is for the best. The code of conduct is more like a prison than enjoying a day at the football.

Is there any news at all?
by saint22 at 20:11 18 Sep 2020

On any signings that we need
Seems a lot of clubs are doing a lot of business apart from us
redmond out
by saint22 at 14:50 18 Sep 2020

Hopefully Armstrong will be back
Boufal or Djenepo for Redmond?
We need a performance Sunday, lets hope Bale doesnt play
Dodgy subject I know
by kingslandstand1 at 09:28 18 Sep 2020

But is anyone getting a bit fed up with all this Sir Tom stuff?

Not sure how I feel and he did fantastically well with the money raised, how he cheered the country up and I'd love to think I'll be as sprightly as him as a centenarian, but now I see he's got an autobiography out now!

I'm assuming there must be a lot of people about out there actually making a few bob out of this or is everyone involved sending ALL of the profits from what he's doing, inc TV companies, to the causes that got him on the front pages?

I say fair play to him and he's no doubt making the most of it all, but I'm finding it a bit overloaded now
by stmichael at 08:53 18 Sep 2020

Unless he is injured it is scandalous that he is not fit to play until October.
Have we signed a professional athlete or not?
Amateur beyond belief...
Pompey Can Now Concentrate On The League
by SaintNick at 21:36 17 Sep 2020

4-0 in someone else's backyard
Spurs make Ings approach
by Saintsforeverj at 20:34 17 Sep 2020


Seems as if Saints have rebuffed the offer but will it u settle Ings?
Is it a coincidence?
by I_would at 17:45 17 Sep 2020

New bumper extended contracts for all. Prowsey (done nothing to deserve it). Stephens (back to his usual liability state). Ingsy (us being frightened of him being enticed away). Long (done absolutely nowt). Vokins /Valery/Smallbone??????????????? All new extensions probably with higher wages and signing on fees.
I seem to remember the team went on a downturn last time Reed got the sweet jar out. This year, bumper contracts, immediately crap. Will we never learn?
New Signings
by SouthSeaSaint at 14:27 17 Sep 2020

Any one think there is the possibility of delaying signings until the last moment hoping that prices will tumble due to the parlous state of some club's finances?
If so it is a risky strategy and one which could end up in a panic buy (or two) reminiscent of our transfer strategy in recent times.
FAO Solent Toffee
by battler at 12:54 17 Sep 2020

Toffs, obviously a lack of fitness and preseason games is affecting Saints at the moment.
As a fan of another prem team what was Everton's preseason like ?
Did you play many friendlies ?
Whats the consensus amongst your fellow fans regarding Everton's fitness levels ?

Just trying to get my head round why we look so unfit.

by Sadoldgit at 08:47 17 Sep 2020

I know it was a strange time this year, but does anyone know why we only had one pre-season friendly? I’m sure other teams had more.
by saint22 at 08:03 17 Sep 2020

I see they are after Tomori, exactly the type we need
Also says they are looking to offload Delph, maybe he would be a fit?
by saint22 at 07:59 17 Sep 2020

What I dont understand is the repeat offences
Why are we so slow to transition. ONCE last night Mccarthy actually released the ball straight away and we almost scored, it didnt happen again
Redmond seemed to have found his reverse gear once again, why does he not run at players, ffs even Pep told him to do that!
Our throw ins are diabolical they take about a minute to happen then we just give the ball away from them 9 times out of ten
And as much as i love JWP and his delivery ability our corners have he same pattern every time, whipped in and cleared
We desperately need a leader to drive us forward in the middle
as for the centre backs well thats like a stuck record
Hopefully this gives us a wake up call and we turn spurs over.................
by Gennaro_Contaldo at 22:46 16 Sep 2020

Apparently a few of the squad came back from the mini break unfit.

That is not acceptable and shows how complacent they were after the VERY strong end of season finish. Looks like they need another head wobble, but why on earth the club only played 1 pre-season friendly is baffling.

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