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Will Pellegrino start with the same side - that finished at Burnley? 11:45 - Feb 27 with 1678 viewsA_Saint_in_Stoke

It would make a lot of sense? WOULDN'T IT ??? Will Pellegrino take ANY RISK?

ANSWER ..... Not A F'ING HOPE when his thought process comes out in the press as - I think the substitutions make a big impact on the team," said the Saints manager.
"Josh because he is an intelligent guy, running behind and being always close to the strikers and was really close to score.

"Sofiane allow us to have three or four free kicks in the frontal area and Manolo scored the goal.

"It's important when the team has got people from the bench ready mentally because in this type of game when it's really really tough the substitution can be important."

To pinch a quote - UNBELIEVABLE!

Poll: As a Saint's supporter I Feel Southampton F.C. Public Relations Department is -

Will Pellegrino start with the same side - that finished at Burnley? on 07:57 - Mar 2 with 255 viewsKriSaint

Will Pellegrino start with the same side - that finished at Burnley? on 07:27 - Feb 28 by patred

Pellegrino's setup is actually OK for playing away against a very attacking side. It's designed to frustrate and deny posscesion.
But at home, against teams like Stoke who will come here designed to do exactly the same to us.
He has to show some faith in our squad to outplay such teams. He has to sacrifice a DM for a creative player, or a player that will attack them with pace.
The threat to us is they could break on us, but we should have the wherewithall to be aware of a team like Stoke. We all know 75% of their attacks will go through Crouch, with Shaqiri picking up the 2nd ball.
It's the way Lambert sets up his team.
If we are so afraid of that, that it dictates we play defencively, then the manager shouldn't be in the job.
We have to dictate the game, force the pace, not just sit back waiting to see what they can do. The onus is entirely on us to do just that if we want all three points.
Anything less will enforce the idea that Pellegrino is a frightened manager who has transfered his 'fear' to his squad.

Good comment. Rational stuff.
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